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Path Toward The Truth Changes Reflection Awareness

Path Toward The Truth Changes Reflection Awareness
My loved little brothers and my loved little sisters, I noticed that today you are particularly anxious to read and reflect on the new message that I am about to give you.
This is very important to all of us because helping you is our great purpose and this feeling of expectation gives us the feeling that you are very ready to take a further important step forward toward the truth in your path.
Let's continue happily.
During our last time you painfully realized that many truths in reality were only elements of truth but not the absolute truth; you realized through the eyes of Love that the concept of brothers being all brothers amongst us is a truth inside your precious Soul but it's very difficult to put it into practice in your world because of certain teachings that you received that made you erect defense mechanisms from your brothers.
At the last time you began a path toward the truth that will bring you to proclaim the principle, the truth, which is that we are all brothers amongst us, in your existences.
Brothers I saw you changing your perception of all other brothers, familiar to you or not, loved or not, within the family, the work places, the entire world and I am happy for this change of yours within the truth.
Now let's set a new step for you.
Are you conscious of your own change?
Very well, your being conscious of your own changes is very important for us because your changes are the product of who you are, of the internal change in your minds that corresponds to the confirmation of the important concepts within your wonderful Soul. Your changing is a choice dictated by yourselves, a reflection that took place upon an important solicitation from us.
You are aware that your principle of Peace is more important and also more present in your lives than it was a few days ago.
Let's proceed in the path to the truth.
I am your brother.
Do you accept this truth?
Brothers, just like you I was created by our Father, wonderful Father, time ago and just like you I too have in my heart the infinite Love that the Father donated to me, the same infinite Love that the Father donated to each one of you my brothers and my sisters.
Do you accept this truth?
The difference that exists between us, is not in the Love that is contained in your hearts, it's not even the time span meaning that I was created much earlier than you brothers, it's not in the Spirituality, intended as the spiritual research, the expression of our difference is certainly not in the different task that I chose in my life compared to the tasks that you chose for your own lives, it's certainly not in the difference of assignments for all of you that I chose where the difference is or has been, it's certainly not in the persecution from a number of our brothers that distinguishes you from me, the great difference that exists between us is only the level of awareness that I have reached and that you are in the progress of reaching; this is the only truth: I am a lot more aware than you are my loved brothers and my loved sisters.
The path that I took, the billion times that I reflected, the clashes with false truths, listening to the truth of my heart and proclaiming in my life only the many truths of my soul, made me grow in full awareness of the truths contained in my heart. Now with my awareness I can better help you in your path to conquer for yourselves the truths of your heart and to help you put these truths of your heart inside your lives.
Brothers this is the only truth on the difference between us, but brothers this difference is destined to disappear as you increase your own awareness. How nice it will be that day, brothers when you will all be grown and full aware of finally equal in the heart, in the actions, in the thoughts and help will no longer be necessary, because everyone and I mean everyone will have reached full awareness.
Awareness of what?
Of being all children of the Father, of being all made from his immense Love, being made from a heart that has known the truth since forever, aware in turn of the Love that the Father donated to us and that i's exactly his same great Love, aware ourselves of the power that our Love has over our own Father intended as the ultimate awareness in evolution with his children, this is the last step in the path that we are taking, participating in the growth of the ultimate awareness, that of the Father.
Brothers, do you realize that our awareness also has the power to transform, to increase the awareness of the Father?
This is why I said at the beginning of the message that your awareness has an enormous importance for all of us, because greater awareness promotes even greater awareness in all of us children and in the awareness of our Father.
Brothers, awareness is important for all of us and by all of us I really mean everybody, including our Father.
If you reflect on this message that I just dictated, the growth of your awareness will gain in value, in meaning, additional importance to increase awareness with every moment.
My brothers, today's message that I dictated to you has this purpose: today may you be aware that your progress toward awareness is progress of Everything toward awareness.
My brothers, this is my goodbye, accept in full awareness my Love, this affection for each one of you, brother be aware of the same Love of our Father who guides you in the necessary path to turn your existences into a path toward the awareness of the ultimate Love.
I do not want to leave without complimenting all of you, your level of attention, I noticed, was very high and this allows me to tell you that we will all reach all brothers together the ultimate awareness in a lot less time.
One last kiss for today
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 17th April 2005
Title Path Toward The Truth Changes Reflection Awareness
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