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Election Of Pope Benedict XVI Restore The Faith

Election Of Pope Benedict XVI Restore The Faith
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, I was very happy with the election of the new Pope; the Pontiff will have a very important task, restore the Faith in this multitude of people who as you noticed are really looking for the light of the Faith in their hearts. This is the objective that Benedict XVI is beginning to work on and our precious help will always be at his side. Furthermore this will be the most important task that he intends to do and if you reflect you will understand that this is a very, very difficult job and in reality my message today invites you to light up in turn the Faith in your hearts.
Brothers, you have had the opportunity to read many of my messages over the last two years. We have touched seriously on many problems and we have answered a vast amount of questions while reconfirming our usual positions and sometimes changing our own positions, just like thoughts have evolved over the last 2000 years, in the same way as our thoughts have changed in reply to the changes within your societies.
There is no doubt that many positions remained unchanged because Love is the same as always and it interprets your daily lives in the same identical way, but it's understandable that within Love some issues have a very different valuation today than they did yesterday because your daily life conditions have changed so profoundly.
The experience that you are living now and without doubt the contact that we have opened between all of us and you, while being available to everybody in the whole world, is now received by one very numerous group of people, but it's still only just one group.
This contact which for us is reason for our support to your own Faith, the recognition of Love and of the Father, is missing to your brothers.
For this reason many hearts are still looking for Faith, right now they want a Pope that can light up inside their hearts those certainties that sustain your walk on the road to change in the name of affection and Love.
Our sweet Miracles have always sustained your Faith, despite the scarce official recognition, but for those brothers involved in the Miracles those were enough to realize that Faith is truth in the existence of the Father and in a universe of Love that exists and that is available to help many brothers who are suffering on your planet.
With the exception of Miracles, the Faith of very many brothers in the world has the Pontiff as the reference point of the sacred contact with all of us. The attention toward the Pontiff, from his words to his behaviour, is highest to the point where it could represent, it could represent the Love of the Father on earth.
For those brothers the image of a benevolent Pontiff who is available, who believes in the Love of the Father and acts in full respect of the teachings of Love is important because his identification with the Father-Pontiff will lit up his own Faith and illuminate you in the identification of your path toward Love.
Brothers, today you are being taught by our Love directly, for these many other brothers it's the example of the Pontiff that teaches Love; and right now it's important, actually very important that the Pontiff puts Faith first in his list of priorities, this is the time to put Faith in the first step of the staircase that will be built over time.
This is why I told you, reflect my brothers and my sisters, do not only judge form your own point of view, whether or not this Pontiff is modern or not, observe proactively to the new path that the Faith will take in the hearts of many people through our help to Benedict XVI.
Do not expect great changes in your daily lives, but observe what will happen in the hearts of many of your brothers.
At this point brothers, it's very important that you yourselves will transform into messengers of Peace, of Hope and Faith; take on the responsibility of helping the hearts of many of your brothers to find the road to Love and their Faith, the faith in the immense Love of the Father will explode with joy inside their own hearts.
Now I will say goodbye, I have another project to discuss with Sara, a new help to all of you brothers, important to rekindle the Faith and the Love in many, very many hearts.
I love you with all of my heart
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 20th April 2005
Title Election Of Pope Benedict XVI Restore The Faith
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