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Reaffirming Love And The Common Good Selfishness And Fear Of Death

Reaffirming Love And The Common Good Selfishness And Fear Of Death
For you this Love of mine, forever, forever my Love for you, my loved and sweet brothers and my loved and sweet sisters, today we will begin a new journey to put ever more Love into your lives; the path that we are walking brought you to reflect often on your difficulties in mobilizing your great Love from your heart.
Brothers, I am aware of the many difficulties that you face in your daily interaction with your many brothers who are walking that road but are walking it from the other way around, by this I mean that instead of making progress in reaffirming their Love that they too have inside their hearts more and more, they seem more selfish than they were before, more distanced to the call from Love, increasingly focused on themselves, on their own selfish interests as opposed to concentrating on their brothers and on the common good.
So many questions you ask yourselves to explain these situations which bring so much pain to you and your brothers.
Let's try to understand the reason for all this.
My aim is to help you, by giving you an explanation, by putting those feelings in the right order inside your hearts which cause you pain and in helping you, through these reflections, to do something useful for your brothers by helping them, as much as possible to take up once again the road to the reaffirmation of their own Love.
Let's start then.
You have all been old in your previous lives, however many of you continued to grow in the Love even when they were old. Why is that?
Answer that. Why does one elderly person grow and another does not?
If you think you have an explanation, write it down.
Let's reflect.
The path of life of each individual is sprinkled with many difficulties, with losses of loved ones, with many moments of confusion, of discouragement, of physical problems, every life has these moments, every life; could these events bring a brother to fold up on to himself and onto selfishness for himself?
No, this is definitely not the point.
Death, and this is the real point, the fear of death brings these brothers of yours to fold up onto on to themselves and to give up on the Love that they can experiment when they receive it and when they give it.
Inside those minds my dear brothers and my dear sisters is a concept of a complete loss through death and this causes a stiffening, just like when death arrives, but this time it's inside the heart of your brothers.
You my brothers and sisters have learnt that life on earth continues with the life in our dimension and life in our dimension continues with a new life on earth and all this is to experiment your Love in all its manifestations.
For those brothers, death means the end, there is no after, there is no concept of earlier, there is only the moment that is lived on earth.
Can you can imagine what it must feel like to believe that there is nothing after life, void, only destruction of all that was created, all that was build and done, even the damaged affections because soon enough even memories will no longer exist?
Reflect brothers, how can that heart be feeling?
Alone, abandoned, meaningless, dust only dust that will be new earth for other people's lives who will remember nothing about him or her, desolation is what they feel inside their beautiful hearts, desolation, impotence, feeling useless.
Once you understand this my brothers you understand the reason for a path that repudiates affections and looks toward selfish interest in the attempt to enjoy for a little while what is here for certain and that is today.
When you meet an elderly person and you notice his selfishness, think of their hearts that feel close to the end, a little step away from nothing.
Resigned, they proceed toward the end with the only awareness that there will be the end and nothing else.
Approach them brothers, if possible try to approach this subject, brothers death is a recurring thought in these brothers, this is why I tell you that when you will take up this subject the attention will be focused on you, on all that you can say, on all that you have learnt from the Sky, about our presence and especially of the Love that governs here in our Sky and in the love that will welcome you and will help you when you are busy experimenting yourselves on earth. I am sure, my brothers and my sisters, that you will be shocked in experiencing such attention about what you will say, you will be shocked and by helping them you will gain experience from the words and reflections that I dictated to you today.
It's not just old people, however, who are afraid of death, many very young people are obsessed with this same opportunity to build and then watch everything being destroyed. There are many behaviours that bring your young men to challenge death, in plain view of everybody, these are the challenges, the driving speed, the substances that bring strong sensations of estrangement from yourself, certain sports that you call extreme, 'death does not exist' this is what they seek to declare by continuously scaring themselves but realizing that they are still alive, existing. So many parents are in mourning due to these behaviours, during the summer they are even more numerous, it's hard to accept that a child may die before his or her parent, I see all the time in these parents so much despair for a child who challenged death just because of the great fear of death itself, of death as the end of everything.
Brothers, we have other difficult situations, think of how many people take their own lives just because they are afraid that life will abandon them without their agreement.
Brothers these are very difficult situations because there are no clear signs of the end of life, there is no illness, or suffering, the parents are not called for the last goodbye, many times it is impossible to foresee what is about to happen and only later, a little note, a few words written on a diary or a piece of paper, allow you to understand what was inside this sad heart.
Brothers, you talk of death, you talk of life, you talk of transformation, you talk of the meaning of death and you talk of the meaning of life, this is the solution of many many deaths, of many and many lives interrupted before the accomplishment of their project, you talk of death and you talk of the Paradise that awaits you and helps you, we are always united, this is the truth, we are always together, sometimes there may be occasions to talk about death and life, but sometimes you may be the ones creating the conditions to talk to others about death and life and it would be even better if you cancelled the word death from your vocabulary and replaced it with life on earth and life in the Home of our Father.
Today I will conclude my teaching here, by wishing you many experiences in which while you talk to your brothers and sisters you will also talk of the life lived on earth and of the life lived in this Home of the Father where only Love rules. It's been a great pleasure being able to relax here with you and talk of the life that you are living and of the life that awaits you next to us here at Home; it's been important for me talking to you of these situations that many of your brothers go through, helping you is my life's purpose and I think I helped you understand that selfishness often, many times, is only born out of fear of death, of fear of the end of everything.
My brothers with this I now send you a big kiss, a kiss that now is only in words, even if I am really giving it to you, but there will be a day when I will fill you with real kisses and you will feel each one of them, it will be a waterfall of kisses because the Love that I have for you today once again is immense.
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 27th April 2005
Title Reaffirming Love And The Common Good Selfishness And Fear Of Death
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