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Love In A Couple Needs Fears Conditions

Love In A Couple Needs Fears Conditions
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, so many situations bring suffering inside your hearts.
Brothers, our great Love for you accompanies you also during those moments, it's a pity you are not able to feel all of those kisses that especially in moments like these arrive in great numbers from all of us to you, it's a pity you are not able to feel all the embraces of Love that we constantly give you brothers, it's a pity you do not hear the sweet words that we whisper to your hearts to comfort you, to put the right thoughts and the reflections that are necessary to overcome these painful feelings.
Today however I want to help you with my own heart to understand many situations that involve your brothers and shadow your heart with sadness; I can not speak for every one of these instances, or every one of these feelings, but I will choose a few that are important now for many of you brothers who are reading our messages at the moment.
I want to give you my help to understand certain situations that are dominated by the endless fears of your brothers and which cause in you my brothers feelings of pain, of powerlessness, of waiting for your brothers and folding up onto yourselves.
Love, today it's difficult to live Love just like it's always been difficult since the beginning of time.
Today certain subjects especially with regard to the subject of respect between two partners are being addressed more than in the past, subjects linked to couple relationship counseling are increasingly addressed, issues with responsibility between the partners and their children are increasingly addressed, just like problems of brothers within the family environment are addressed as united as a team as opposed to in the past where people, even though they are partners, had their respect dominated by fears, respect dominated by the power of one partner over the other, sharing motivated by fear as opposed to true, authentic respect.
Brothers many things have changes, you have changed many things over the course of times, but there is one thing that needs to change in the heart and time does not seem to have brought on that change yet.
What is Love? Ask your own hearts brothers, what is Love in a couple for you?
Write down all your annotations, do not think about what I told you about the couple relationship, be spontaneous, be truly spontaneous, listen to your thoughts on the concept of a couple and listen to your hearts on the experiences that it has had and write your answers.
At the end of your answers, then you can continue to read today's message.
Let's reflect brothers.
Did you notice that your selfishness manifested itself immediately, to this question you answered immediately with your needs, with what you think is useful to you to live happily, or so you think; did you notice that almost all of you put yourselves in first place your needs which are the consequence of your fears; some have written 'feeling loved', why is that? Isn't 'feeling loved' a consequence of Love?
While you reflect, think again of all the answers that you wrote down and ask yourselves 'why did I write this?'
Did you notice my dear brothers that these are your fears, your fixed points in your relationships with the other person and with the people that you loved in the past.
Reflect, did you understand thoroughly my brothers that your fears have conditioned you, how much they conditioned you and now reflect that others, in turn, have their lists of fears and they too are conditioned from their own fears, they brought fears into the relationship and have been conditioned, and many of them still are conditioned, by their own fears.
My brothers and my loved sisters, but what are these great fears that condition you? All of you experienced the act of separation from all of us; this is your very first fear, the fear of not finding us again, isn't it absurd? Not really, if you look at a child he has the same fear when he realizes that his parents are far away from where he can see them, he gets very scared and he looks for them with the anguish of not being able to find them again, then he always finds them, but the anguish remains a sign of the immense fear that he felt; now let's face another one of your fears, this abandoning means the feeling of not existing anymore for the other person, this too is a fear that you express toward us, you are afraid that your moving away from us will mean that our eyes will focus on something else other than you, this is also just an insecurity of yours because this never happens; brothers let's look at another fear, you think that our Love will stop just because you imagine yourselves alone, abandoned on earth, you think our eyes as being far away from you, what Love could keep contact with nothingness? On the other hand, our Love is always with you, every single moment we send you the light of our affection specifically for you and the light of our Love for all of you together.
Those times when you managed to understand that you are not alone, those are the only times in which you were aware of it, but you were not aware of all those times when we helped you, supported you, cuddled you, loved you.
My brothers these are some of your fears that all of you carry inside your hearts when you deliberately choose to carry out your project on earth; you are the ones who abandon us, to be exact, you are the ones my loved brothers and my loved sisters who look at all of us distractedly, so busy with your own lives, it's always you, loved ones, who think that your Love must only go toward your brothers and not toward this Sky, is the situation clear to you now my brothers?
When we talk of our Love, we talk of our constant attention, of our loving eyes on you, of the help that we always always send you, of the direct help to your hearts, of our constant support and of our constant Love that is always always always with you.
Complicated situations would be resolved very quickly, others would never even arise, if all of you had this awareness that today I sent you and then your answer on your piece of paper in answer to the question 'what is Love' many more brothers would be 'Love is to begin to love like they have always been loving us from the Sky'.
My sweet brothers this is the correct answer to that famous question.
Once again for today, with all of my respect that I have for you, I have taught you to open your hearts more and more to welcome our sweet and great Love to help you progress in your experimentation with all of your brothers of the beauty of Love which is patrimony of your Soul, inside your hearts you have our same Love, helping you become aware of it and open it up even in the context of the difficult earthly life is my help to all of you.
My brothers I send you a big big kiss and I know that this time, even more so than before, you will be aware of all of my great and constant Love for you brothers of the entire world.
Such a big kiss you have never received yet, it's just that your eyes right now are looking at us who send you these kisses from the Sky.
For all of us, your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 1st May 2005
Title Love In A Couple Needs Fears Conditions
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