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Joy Teaching On Happiness Of The Heart

Joy Teaching On Happiness Of The Heart
My dear and loved children, today I will dictate this message for you, you are my children and inside my heart the name of each one of you beats ceaselessly.
It's been a long time since I last introduced my son to all of you, do you remember back at the beginning of this experience that we have been living for the last two years? It was me who followed the first few steps of Sara Luce, the possibility for us to speak from the Sky through this daughter of mine gave me a wonderful feeling, it gave me joy to think that all of you would be accepting the millions of words and those teachings that my Son was preparing for you.
A long time has passed since then and my joy is overflowing, I am happy, very happy, I listen to each one of you my children and I communicate directly with many of you and my son does the same and the joy for those children of mine is immense especially when I listen to your progress, when I see you reflecting, experimenting, my loved ones the joy reflects the joy that I watched growing in your hearts, it's your joy that shines illuminating my own joy.
This is what I want to tell you today my children, I am very happy, I always brought you help and now I bring it together with a large feeling of joy for you my children, my adored children.
However now I will pass you my son, my dear ones the subject of my joy is open and now my sweet son will continue, I am listening to you, together with all of these beautiful brothers I am listening to you; my children the Mother will rest now and will listen with you.
My loved brothers and my loved sisters, our Mother is beautiful, there are no words for it and even the word 'beautiful' does not quite give the idea of her heart, of the Love in her heart, of her sweetness, of her effort for all of us.
But now let's move on to today's teaching, teaching on happiness of the heart.
My mother told you of the great happiness that she feels inside her heart, so many feelings she has experimented and during the last period her joy completely possessed her, and her great heart, why?
Try to think about it, why is that?
To accept the Love that you experiment in your heart is not an easy task, brothers, Love beats but accepting it is not as simple as it seems.
Think again about your own feelings.
How many times did you notice that while you experimented joy you were surprised to catch yourself thinking other thoughts that do not have anything to do with joy? Fears
For this reason today I decided to talk to you specifically about joy.
Did you remember? Did you write on your note pad your moments of joy and the many thoughts and many fears that moved inside you when you came in contact with experimenting with joy?
Very well, if you wrote that down we can begin to talk about it.
Many of you noticed the sudden change when you experimented joy and then when you noticed that some thoughts went in a completely different direction.
Fears, fear of joy, fear that joy may mean a very negative change in your life, fear also of the punishment for having experimented joy, fear that us here in the Sky would send you desperation in answer to your joy. It's incredible my brothers but these are only a few of the fears that move inside you when in contact with your Love and your joy.
Let's reflect and learn.
Joy is a feeling that is experimented when our Love is directed to someone and it is accepted by this person. This is joy, feeling that your own Love is welcomed.
First of all reflect on this brothers, my brothers you will notice once you reflected that this is exactly what produces the feeling of joy in your hearts.
Accepting your Love means recognizing it for what it is, our gift, all of the Love that we have donated to you, then returns to us enriched with the original meaning; the Love donated by you to us for Love is accepted and returned, therefore this means that your Love arrived and it activated Love on the other side, and all of the preciousness of your Love is bounced back to you through this acknowledgment.
This is your Love, precious and able to bring hope when donated, able to bring comfort, relief, complicity, affection, sharing, help, well all of the attributes that you put into that contact with that brother.
By accepting these contents of Love of your heart, you recognize them and they are made visible to all of you through the acceptance.
So why is it that at this point your fears move to a different direction?
When you were born, with every single smile of yours there was much rejoicing of your parents, their eyes would lit up with Love for you, their hearts would illuminate because in your smile they read the recognition of the plentiful Love, of the many attentions donated to you children since the last care that was given to you since the last few moments when you crossed the doors of the physical body.
Then what happens?
It's a shame not to be able to witness in person this change, because the reason for the arrival of these fears is right there.
The eyes of your parents move away from you because witnessing the growth of their children is tiring, the magic moment of their recognition gives way to a feeling of tiredness, of heaviness, of sleepless nights, cleaning the baby, washing him and tending to all of his needs, and this tiredness prevents them from discerning a smile, a Loving gesture, a word of Love and every recognition of how much the child is experimenting as your Love and your attention.
Right now there are many of you who have small children, and who are asking themselves if maybe they are behaving this way with their own children. Brothers, your reflection on this point is very important, reflect, reflecting is extremely right, do not be in a hurry to continue reading today's message that I am dictating to you; it will be here for when you want to read it, but do stop and reflect, it's very very important.
For all other people let's continue, let's leave our brothers to reflect, they will catch up later with greater awareness.
You have seen what my eyes see happening in your families, there is distraction, affection does not bring affection, recognition does not bring in turn recognition of the Love expressed from your hearts and being really small prevents you from seeing all of this and you begin to think that your Love does not bring joy, that it does not bring that content that you would expect and slowly but surely you begin to think that the Love of your hearts is not so precious.
At this point begin to ask yourselves why.
Why doesn't your Love bring the recognition of your on same feeling of Love?
The explanation that almost all of you find in this search for an answer is that your parents expect from you a lot more than what you express and in your thoughts you believe that they are right, that they must be right and just like as if you were under a spell you wonder how hurt your parents must be from your ungrateful behaviour, from your lack of gratitude and immediately the terror of abandonment rears its head and the usual fears of traumatic experiences that you would face without your parents.
This is the reason why every one of you as you experiment joy you also experiments these thoughts of abandonment, fears of a disaster befalling you.
Are you very shaken by this my dear ones? We tell you what our eyes see all the time and we tell you what our hearts feel all the time and we tell you of the many thoughts that we see forming all the time.
Let's continue sweet Mother to help these sweet brothers of mine to understand.
So now that you have understood what happens in reality, let's look beyond it.
Over time your eyes look at us, with time your religious education will begin to have an influence and your eyes see us, this is how they taught you, as Perfection and your eyes confront themselves with our Perfection, the eyes of the heart know that our Perfection is born exclusively from our Love, but the eyes of the mind think that Perfection will suffer much more than what your terrestrial parents can suffer and if they could be disappointed from your behaviour, you can imagine how inadequate you would appear in the eyes of Perfection itself, how unworthy, and here is your latest creation, a product of your minds, the expectation of a very severe punishment from us, instead of appreciation!, punishment, punishment, you only expect punishment and in truth your punishment actually does take place, it's self-inflicted because with your mind you kill the feeling of joy that you could feel beating inside as a form of punishment.
All this is false, your concept of punishment is false, waiting for punishment is false, your expectation from us that we do not recognize your Love in all of its preciousness is false and finally it is false to think that because of what happened when you were children your heart should not open up to the recognition of its beauty, of its value, of its being Perfect within Love.
I deliberately omitted referring to the religious teachings that sustain your idea of guilt, of inadequacy, and I did this for a specific reason, because when you will reflect inside your hearts, every false content that was transmitted to you will be automatically rejected, thrown away, from your heart and from your mind. Reflection has this important power: rejecting false notions and welcoming the truth.
Like my mother said at the beginning of this message, her joy is the recognition of what she gives you with her Love and her joy and her satisfaction are the recognition of her same Love and of your same Love, this is the truth, the recognition also within the help from your same Love, the beautiful Love that often is expressed with a 'Thank you Mother' but that carries in its heart all of your Love concentrated in that 'Thank you Mother'.
This is the truth my brothers, truth for my mother, for me and for all of us, up here in the splendid Home of the Father.
With this emotion in my heart we say goodbye to you today, Love accompanies you all the time, our Love and your own Love, let it shine every second of your lives and our Love will shine together with your Love.
A very very big kiss to you my children, take advantage of this day to carry inside your heart the Love of your Mother for all of you.
A very very big kiss to my Sara Luce, forever also together with you my much loved daughter. This sweet song that I sing is for you, for you my loved daughter, it's for you my loved Sara Luce.
Thank you to all of you brothers, right now I am very happy and I leave you now, mad with joy for the recognition of your great affection for all of us.
Your brother Jesus Christ completely gone mad with joy.
Message transmitted from the sky 8th May 2005
Title Joy Teaching On Happiness Of The Heart
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