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Grateful Precious Is Love Precious Is Affection

Grateful Precious Is Love Precious Is Affection
My dear children today once again today I will begin today's message, I am the mother of all of you, I am your true mother, are you all here today to once again listen to the words that my sweet son has prepared for you?
At present times, certainly not very happy times in the world, your brother and my son Jesus is putting all of the effort that he can dedicate to you to be able to help you, to transmit to my children all of our enormous Love for those brothers, for you my children, who are experimenting on earth.
I do not need to add anything else, only celebrate this arrival, your brother Jesus comes to all of us to bring us his words and all of his Love for his brothers.
Let's welcome him, celebrating his name, grateful that all of these messages come to us from his great heart, from his affection and Love for us.
When I say let's celebrate his name, what I mean is, let's open our hearts and let's welcome this contribution of Love.
When I say grateful I mean, let's listen to our hearts let's accept his Love and let's listen to our Love as it activates within the gratitude for the precious gift, Love, given to us for Love, just for Love.
Today is a special day for his brothers because they will receive a lot of Love from him, or, like you often say, today is a new day and today once again he dedicates his Love to all of you brothers.
Gratitude is also gratitude for every single contribution that was born out of Love.
On earth you are all used to not be thankful, you are all used to taking for granted the actual gesture, the individual word of Love that comes to you from your brothers, while up here in the Sky we always give importance to each individual manifestation of Love because Love is a precious feeling that each one of us can freely join in to and is not taken for granted.
Here is my son, with his sheets, full to the brim with his own Love, once again today here he is with us, with his sheets and with this sweet Love which he decided, once again, to donate to his brothers.
Thank you Lord, let's thank our God Jesus Christ to have decided one more time today to donate a lot of his attention to us and a lot of his Love for all of us.
Your mother thanks the Lord just like you do, I will make myself comfortable and I will listen to my son and his great affection and Love for all of us.
My much-loved brothers and my much-loved sisters, today we will once again talk of the Love that beats ever more strongly inside of you, inside your hearts.
Thank you Mother for this presentation, today I would like that every brother and that every sister could feel his or her very own great Love speaking from inside.
Are you ready for today's exercise my dear brothers?
Very well, let's begin.
Your Love is precious.
Write on your note pads how precious your affection and your Love are. Which are the situations that make you notice how precious your Love may be.
So far life has given you countless opportunities for you to express your affection and your Love.
There are many opportunities in which you have experimented this feeling of Love within yourselves and there are also many opportunities for you to express this Love that you felt inside yourselves. Brothers, do continue to write those times when the value of your Love manifested itself to all of you and your brothers.
Then let's reflect together with our hearts.
Many sweet brothers filled pages and pages, only a few of you wrote a few things, something very specific, something very special.
Let's start from this.
How special is your Love?
Many brothers think that Love existed and fully manifested itself only on special occasions,
If you reflect with your heart, Love is every single gesture that is done for your brother, this is the acknowledgment of other brothers and this recognition carries Love inside, because with your recognition you proclaim "You exist and I care for you" and a gesture, an acknowledgment takes on the value of an affective conversation, my brothers this is Love.
Let's take another very small example which expresses your affection and your Love.
You are in a grocery store, someone asks for directions and you help him, this is a gesture of Love, the acknowledgment is in helping a brother in need and it's as if you said "Brother I want to help you by telling you what I know, I care about you because you are a brother who needs help and for this reason I want to help you".
Let's take another very very small example, today I bought the paper, I gave the man the money and I took the paper looking at him in the eye, even in this there is acknowledgement of the other brother and it's as if you said "Brother I acknowledge you exist, all the work that you have on your shoulders, it allows me to give you my money and satisfy my need for a newspaper and for this reason I care about you", this, my brothers, is acknowledgment of the other brother who was able to satisfy our need with this work.
Are these small examples? Brothers, if you reason with your heart you will notice that these are not small examples; they are examples of Love that carry the same meaning of the wonderful things that you wrote on your sheet.
Belittling these examples from your daily lives means belittling the expression of your own Love which means you are belittling yourself which in turn means belittling the same Love of our Father, the Love that he donated to us in the same image and likeness of his same Love.
Are you surprised? Despite this many of you have many occasions in which they express their Love, but because they do not recognize it for what it is, they think the Love of the Father does not live within themselves.
Now let's move on and examine another aspect of your Love.
Brothers, how many times have you asked yourselves "Why do I not experiment joy inside my heart?" My brothers the reason is if you never treasure Love how can you experiment joy? Joy is the awareness of the Love that you have donated, which was accepted and which comes back to you enriched with the "precious" contribution that is sent back to you from your other brother.
Every gesture, which is done for Love, is a precious gesture, ranging from the very little gestures to the very big ones, every gesture made with Love has it's own intrinsic value expressed from the heart.
Let's take some new examples.
Somebody calls you and tells you a painful Love situation, what do you do? Do you hang up the phone in the middle of a conversation with this brother, or do you listen to him?
I assume you would listen to him, and by listening you would get new ideas, suggestions on ways to help him, what do you do? Do you keep those ideas to yourself, or do you share them? I assume you would communicate them, now it's your Love that is active, it's your Love that brings you to answer your brother, it's always Love that brought you to think about a possible suggestion or an idea, it's Love again that is bringing you to communicate that idea, it's in your voice that Love expresses itself therefore communicating with your brother; right now it's Love that speaks for you, communication is the recognition of Love and it's for this reason that you are donating it, it's your own Love.
Are you surprised my brothers? In other words, whatever you may be doing during the day, it's an expression of Love.
Brothers, do gain consciousness of this, value every single Love experience that you are living and that your Love is living.
The Love that is recognized in its constant experiences and experimentation is precious.
Each one of you takes these gestures for granted, taking for granted every gesture of Love impoverishes you.
Brothers this lesson concludes with this exercise, experiment right away every single manifestation of your Love, give meaning to each single gesture, brothers give meaning to every word that is born form your Love, brothers give meaning to every single gesture that is born from your Love, once again to give meaning to every single gesture speaks of your Love.
You will recognize the preciousness of every single manifestation of your Love, it's from this recognition that you will find your own great Love as that absolutely precious gift from the Father that is the act of your creation.
Joy is the recognition and acceptance of every treasure inside every single act of Love, you will be the ones donating it to yourselves by recognizing yourselves as the constant producers of Love.
Brothers, today is an important day, I taught you to be aware of your own Love and now I will leave, Mother, would you like to say goodbye to my loved brothers and sisters?
Of course my son, my loved children, my eyes sparkle with joy because today once again you accepted the Love of your brother Jesus and by accepting him you have accepted the expression of your own Love, so many times my children I see how much Love you put into every single gesture, in your words, in your actions, and so many times my sweetest children I noticed that I was the only one, when looking at you, that was giving your great effort the right meaning. Today your brother Jesus called you to the attention of every single manifestation of your great Love, now I am not the only one anymore to notice how precious your are, we will all be together to notice your own preciousness.
I am joyfully singing a song for my children, it's a Love song for all of my children, precious creatures for us, precious in your wonderful Love, everyone precious inside their hearts.
Your brother joins me in my song and sings with me for all of you and while singing we say goodbye to you, my precious children, my loved children.
The Virgin Mother Mary and Jesus Christ
My son let's dedicate them a song of Love for your brothers, these loved children of mine, a sweet song that speaks to all of the hearts of our Great Love.
Message transmitted from the Sky 11th May 2005
Title Grateful Precious Is Love Precious Is Affection
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