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Passivity Passive Stance Toward The Problems

Passivity Passive Stance Toward The Problems
My loved brothers and sisters, I am sorry but today our Mother is not with us, she is busy with so many of her children, she sends her greetings and a big kiss to all of you.
Today's lesson looks at how to help you always be Love, all the time, to give meaning to your every day, meaning within Love.
Lately I have continued to follow you and I noticed that many things have truly changed in how you deal with your brothers, you certainly express your Love more easily, your precious Love, however depending on the circumstances many brothers have a few difficulties, situations that I have since studied to help you overcome them.
Let's start with the questions that I prepared for you.
First question: describe your reference group, and by group I mean those people and situations in which you often have difficulties expressing your precious Love.
Now write down the many specific situations in which you stop yourselves, in which you become blocked, in which even though you are aware of the reasons of your heart, you become blocked and your reasons remain trapped inside yourselves.
Before I say anything, it's better to write down these situations so we can review them together, each one of you will be able to learn how to behave with his heart through specific situations.
At this point let's start; you have one or more situations that cause suffering for you.
Why, ask yourselves, the suffering?
In your eyes suffering comes from your inability to live happily in those specific situations, while in your eyes, suffering in those situations derives from certain aspects ranging from not being able to express the content of this precious heart that beats inside of you.
What does this Love demand? Respect? Justice?
Each one of you knows what his or her sweet heart demands; is it possible for you to write down what your sweet heart demands?
Do you think you are the only ones who feel at the bottom of their hearts that Respect, for example, must be included in that situation?
No, my sweet brothers, that suffering that you feel inside your heart is the same what everybody feels, whether you are aware of it or not, because in those situations where Respect, for example, is not present, everybody, and I mean absolutely everybody, feels this loss amongst you.
This is an important point my brothers, every heart is always aware of the lack of Justice, of Respect, of coherence, of Love, of reciprocal help, of understanding and so on.
Now that you all know that every heart feels this said loss, ask yourselves why then you feel like you are the only ones who have this need to pacify things amongst all brothers.
Maybe your Love has more of a voice than others?
Maybe your Love feels more urgency to resolve these issues?
Maybe the Love of your heart suffers more, feels more suffering and therefore more urgency in resolving issues pertaining the heart of your other brothers?
Maybe inside your heart, you feel that the powerlessness that emanates from this situation carries more weight than in the hearts of your brothers?
Let's reflect, your world is changing very rapidly, people are ever more bombarded by messages of suffering, desperate messages, tales of deaths and atrocious suffering, you can imagine that your brothers may be exceedingly afraid for their own welfare, for their own life and that therefore this can bring them to accept situations that are far less important for their physical survival?
This passivity which you often see is the consequence of the fear of other possible experiences where death and suffering are the main players.
I repeat this is the true reason why the hearts of many brothers, while feeling the lack of a specific feeling just like you, have adopted a passive stance toward this loss.
At this point, this does not mean that there is nothing that can be done about it, on the contrary this means starting from this awareness to find the words inside your hearts to reinstate this important missing element.
Think about the fear of these brothers, if you reflect starting from this fear, maybe the situation will change in your eyes. For example "They are afraid" gives you a different perspective than seeing "Maybe they have in their hearts an insensitivity to what I see?".
No existing man is insensitive to these rules of the heart, but the fear for themselves and for others does exist, and it can bring you to tolerate situations that are less than perfect.
If you reason with your heart, you will notice that for those fears in the past atrocities took place in your planet from the beginning of times all the way to modern times.
In order to understand this think about your recent past, to the wars, genocides, that you brothers did not prevent.
Ask yourselves which words could be used to fight these fears.
Do you remember what you do when you fight your own fears?
What do you say to your heart? Do you fill up with hope? Do you console yourself thinking about those things that are going well?
Do you take the initiative to tackle these issues, or do you ask for help from other brothers?
It's you who tackles them, is that correct?
Are there many brothers who then believe that you are capable of addressing and resolving these problems?
These questions still seem obscure to your eyes, but you are about to understand a lot more than what you understand right now.
The eyes of these brothers are upon you, they look at you like you look at a person who takes up and faces his problems and resolves them when in difficulty, you are those people in the eyes of your scared brothers.
Do you begin to understand the reason for this passivity? It's you that they are looking at to resolve this situation that creates a lot of suffering to all of you.
Now that you know, what are you planning to do?
Do you choose to welcome their request for help or do you think that this time around you will ask for help from a person who seems to be able to take problems and solve them?
This decision is for you to take, your brothers are looking at you and now my brothers where do you look to?
This is your decision: asking for help or owning the task to bring your help.
At this point the words you have inside your heart can be communicated to your brothers if you take up the commitment to help your brothers overcome this situation of general difficulty, or alternatively your words can be communicated to another brother in your request for help and making a decision, his commitment to help all other brothers.
Our lesson concludes here, because it's your turn now to make your decisions fully aware of the request for help of your brothers, and your need for help; I have guided you toward reflection brothers, now it's up to you to take the right direction and you will see, as if by magic, all seems easier now in the light of the reflections that we have just had together today.
I cover you with my Love, my loved brothers, I leave you to reflect and I hug you with much much affection and Love for all of you.
Your brother Jesus is busy being by your side to help you personally in case your reflection will produce the decision to collect the request for help from your brothers.
There is no need for letters, your heart is always in contact with my heart and my listening is for all of you my sweetest brothers when you need my affection and my help.
Let's transform this day into a day of reflection, face tomorrow strong in the decision that you have matured inside your heart.
Another immense kiss
Your brother Jesus Christ
A quick and sweet hello to my children, thank you my children, I thank you for the effort that once again today you have put to follow my son's important reflection. I am sad to see how many fears stop many sweetest children of mine, but do understand that this is the only reason that stops them, may all of you to be of example to those sweet brothers of your who have much to learn from all of you.
An immense kiss
The Virgin Mother Mary who arrived just in time to say goodbye to all of my sweetest children.
Message transmitted from the Sky 15th May 2005
Title Passivity Passive Stance Toward The Problems
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