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The Establishment Of The Justice Of God Love And Transformation

The Establishment Of The Justice Of God Love And Transformation
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, last Wednesday while I was dictating my message to you I observed your reaction to the words that I was slowly dictating.
I noticed and I am saddened by the fact that our sweet Sara along with many other brothers who were listening to my words, reacted with fear because they thought that I was so disappointed in you and that I would leave you without my help.
Now I will dictate the answer of my heart:
Sweet brothers, just like I told you many times before, can our Love forsake you? Of course not, Love never forsakes, there are no situations that are impossible for our affection for all of you my sweetest brothers; even in those situations where many of you think that it's impossible for you to put forth your own Love, our greatest Love takes care of helping you in every circumstance.
For this reason I started today's message with this reassurance, I remain with you, I have always remained with you and I will remain with your forever.
However my brothers, these important words that I am dictating to you right now, it's important that they reach our loved brothers of your world.
The commitment that we undertook to help you through our very important words, is not only a commitment toward you as single individual brothers who are listening, but it's a very important commitment, my brothers, that we undertook for the entire humanity across the earth.
Do you understand why it is then that sometimes I may chide you? The transformation of your earth, the elimination of selfishness from earth, the establishment of the Justice of God, of Love, the transformation starting from the acknowledgment of the value of the dignity of the existence of every single brother on earth, can take place provided that our important words reach those brothers who are very far and not only in physical terms, I am referring to those men of power who have important responsibilities towards you sweet brothers.
The power that often conceals a personal interest, a selfish interest, brothers, must be used for the goodness of your shared community, power exists in all worlds, even beyond your earth, but the power on your earth is selfishness, the power in other stellar organizations is geared completely toward serving the brothers in those worlds.
Sometimes your attitude of taking for granted that there is only one earth and one solar system is not exactly a perfect vision, there are other inhabited worlds, very far away from earth where their evolution allowed them to evolve closer and closer toward Love and those brothers who in your movies tell you tales of selfishness in other worlds, do so because they know absolutely nothing about other worlds, my brothers you would have so much to learn from these brothers, a lot I can assure you, isn't it wonderful to think that in other worlds there are many many other brothers who are living and utilizing power for the goodness of the entire collectivity and who also overcame their internal selfish choices and now operate in harmony with the Love of their great hearts?
Now it's the turn for all of you, to take the necessary steps to overcome the selfishness of your world and it's exactly your turn, brothers on earth, to reaffirm more and more the Love of your hearts.
My message today was not prepared, I am speaking spontaneously and it's well received, but the important thing is that you know that every word that comes from me is always the absolute truth.
Let's continue my brothers with our discussion, on earth there are billions of associations that operate projects specifically aimed at helping your brothers in the world and at conquering the true justice, the true self-determination of their precious existences, there are many options to participate to these associations; dear brothers, could it be possible that starting from today your help may reach those brothers thanks to your effort?
Think with your heart 'What can I do to help my brothers?' this is the solution, help them by increasing your efforts to help those brothers who are able to put their effort for Love toward the many social groups, familiar groups, ethnic, national groups; individual organizations often deal with a specific piece of your world, that little piece that is inside your heart and that corresponds to each individual suffering; you can start right from here, by uniting your effort to the efforts that are already under way by other brothers, by bringing personally the example that the situation can change, little by little, in your world and do encourage every brother, and every sister of yours to donate in turn their effort for all of those brothers in the world. Your financial contributions are no longer sufficient, your effort is the most precious help for your brothers, all of you have some experience of the efforts of your associations, can you imagine what a change it would bring if these organizations could rely on the effort of very many of your brothers who have Love and not selfishness in their hearts?
This is something that can be done immediately, look for those brothers amongst you who support the same effort as the one that you would possibly support for your brothers, to truly help them make them independent from other people and from your help, help with your effort these associations who have this Love to increase their activities, help them and by helping them this transformation will be more and more visible by everybody.
This is an answer to those of you who asked me, while they were reading on how to start, this is the beginning, the effort is always the beginning of the transformation.
I say goodbye to you for today my dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, I will leave you carrying in my heart the hope that starting immediately, each one of you my brothers will commit himself to look for the solution right away and for bringing hope that starting from next Monday this effort will become a national effort.
A very big kiss to all of you from this Sky
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 29th May 2005
Title The Establishment Of The Justice Of God Love And Transformation
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