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Selfishness And Responsibility Toward The World Messages

Selfishness And Responsibility Toward The World Messages
My loved and sweet companions on the road to Love, I have just returned from my many commitments with your many brothers who are suffering right now on your earth. I am sorry to see your brothers enduring so much suffering due to selfishness between brothers.
I tell you I have arrived, but inside my heart I feel pain when I see how many of those things could actually change but your selfishness makes you only look at the suffering related to your own lives and not those of your brothers.
What makes me sad is to see how the development of so much selfishness in you my brothers, when by resorting to Love, resorting to the effort of Love and also to the sacrifice in favor of your brothers, injustices could be made right, as well as vile acts and suffering, and instead I see all of you constantly busy with your specific interests while leaving many brothers to their sad and unchanged destinies.
My brothers, you are all responsible for what is happening in your world, I am not venting here, just like you are used to do, I am recalling you to your precise responsibility toward the world in which you live, people, brothers are people, people who are suffering now and who need your help. What do you do? Are you still there thinking? Every minute in your world sees the death from starvation of a sweet creature, every minute exploitation kills one of your brothers, every minute a brother is killed by violence and every moment when those brothers think "I too should be doing something about it", "They need money, I will make a money transfer, "They need peace, I will make my home available to them", "They need warmth, now I will take my blanket and I will give it to them", those are the billions of thoughts that I hear all the time, but are these the real solutions?
At the beginning of our path within Love, I told you that from that day on, each one of you my brothers, would have had to take care of those people who were in their own life spheres, helping when there was a need for it by putting Love in the first place and not giving a monetary contribution; I had asked you to spread out words of hope between your brothers, I had asked you to speak up every time the selfishness of one of your brothers was causing many negative situations and invite him to look at the consequences of his actions and to ultimately put his sweet Love out to the world. How far did you go my brothers into changing the conditions of your environments?
Little, very little, the words that I dictated to you lingered for a long time in your hearts and were not shared with your brothers, the sweet words of hope, they too remained inside your hearts but they did not bring hope to those brothers in your environments. I need you brothers, we are always busy here in the Sky, but brothers when you descended on earth you decided to take a path that would always contemplate your project, which was also a project of help for the brothers in your world.
Brothers, what happened to this aspect of your project?
I follow you and I would like to see you active also toward all of your brothers.
Each one of you has inside their hearts the pain for a specific situation. Have you ever asked yourselves why? Why is that certain situation giving you a pain so intense? Why that situation and not a different one? There are many problems, so why do you suffer because of that specific problem? This is the point of your collective project, comparing yourselves with your brothers, you will see our point of view, you will observe that inside the problems of the world, each one of you chooses to look at one little piece of it and all little pieces put together make the puzzle of the problems of the world.
If you start from your suffering, you will activate yourselves through the principle that we are all brothers amongst us, and you will also activate the Love that is in your heart.
Brothers, let's stop thinking "The situation has deteriorated", "Look, what a disaster", "Poor him", you see, my brothers these are hollow thoughts if action from your heart does not immediately follow them, or the intervention of Love for all brothers.
I am sad to scold you brothers, some people, some brothers and some sisters amongst you did listen with all of their hearts to the messages that I dictate and they translated them into actions, into effort and they are inundating their brothers with hope, these people, these brothers, they know that I am not talking about them, but these very same brothers, you will all be very surprised to hear, are asking themselves what else they can do about it; these are your brothers, this is a brother for us, this brother is a guide, and an example for the brothers of the world, follow his luminous example and my brothers you will become luminous examples in turn for all of your brothers in the world.
I shall conclude today's message with an important reflection for each one of the brothers who are listening: your own Love together with the Love of other brothers creates transformation, change, it creates justice, it creates respect, it promotes joy for a positive change for all brothers of the world who exist in this moment and who will arrive in the future, this is your task, do not forget that this is also your task, to bring joy to the suffering, to contribute to the destruction of the many injustices by bringing respect, contributing to affording all brothers a dignified existence and helping them produce themselves what they need for their own subsistence, help the many persecuted populations, replace their wars with actions focused on giving them freedom to share the resources that they collectively own with their group in order to sell those resources and thus provide for their many necessities.
A big kiss, even if the tone of this message is not exactly very loving, however I have come amongst you with suffering inside my heart, and many people, and you are part of those many people, need to be stimulated to do their part to erase selfishness forever from the face of the earth; there is Love in your hearts, there is no selfishness, light up your Love and go in my name, my brothers do change and bring your change to the world.
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 25th May 2005
Title Selfishness And Responsibility Toward The World Messages
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