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Need And Difficulty In Accepting The Truth

Need And Difficulty In Accepting The Truth Messages To Humanity
Need And Difficulty In Accepting The Truth : my loved children, your Mother is here with you today, today and always, always, always; sweet children, we have waited a long time to find a person who would be available to accept our messages and this person, Sara Luce, is always very busy with us in the Sky and with you children on earth; what makes me sad is that sometimes my daughter may have a meeting with brothers who are unaware of our sweet words and only expect condemnations and absolutions from sins from us; in these moments I really feel bad because the path that Sara began is hard, following our advice to broadcast our important words to our children and your sweet brothers and sisters; in these moments, I can only embrace her and infuse her heart with the hope that that child may understand, perhaps not immediately, but over time.
We have spent so much time already and every day we are together, since we started this sweet effort millions of words have been dictated to all of you to help you understand our Sky and to help you understand that the purpose of life on earth, my children, is exactly that of experimenting yourselves in the great Love that each one of you has inside his wonderful heart.
Today my son decided, given the situation, to reply to a question from our Sara.
Sara Luce asked us the reason for the contemporary messages that I send to my children in the many Sanctuaries on earth, I myself speak of sin and not only of sin but also of repentance, of redemption and Sara asked me “Are you sure that perhaps those messages may fuel the specific concept of a vindictive God?”. This is the question that our Sara asked, and I know that for all our children this question is very important and we will now answer it.
You are absolutely correct Sara, we ask ourselves the same question, we did so much in the past to modify over time our messages, to give you the contact with the Love of your Father, and not with the idea of hell, of sin, of repentance, of and above all we noticed that our contacts had naturally met with great resistance to change, to let go inside of a message of repentance and absolution, I regret to notice that you are all very linked to the idea of sin and many of our people we contact think of sin so profoundly as to doubt their own perceptions of the truth of our messages if we do not make more than one explicit reference, dictations exactly on these sins of yours.
Sweet Sara is understanding that she too would have difficulties if we started to dictate messages that speak of faults, messages that speak of hells, and this understanding from Sara Luce I feel is the understanding for all of you my children.
Another difficulty we encounter with these children is that it’s difficult to place your hearts in contact with our hearts, Love with our Love, if these sweet children belong to religious groups, because they constantly feel they are being judged by their superiors who claim that evil could always enter into the transmission of the message, therefore you all understand very well that it would be very difficult for those brothers if we explicitly told them that hell does not exist and that the demon is only a creation of your fears and the fruit of your terrifying fantasy that it could actually exist, how would your brother react in front of the truth?
He would be singled out by people who are important to him who would say “Look, here we are, this is the demon”, and do you think that my child could comfortably establish a contact with the Sky?
It’s absurd, you need the truth desperately, but then you have specific difficulties to accept the truth.
In other situations we find that even just one word transmitted could give the idea of a devil, your miraculous expectations almost always refer to our manifestation, and not the words “I am here”. It could be sufficient, and it’s true, if associated to our image you would place the concept of Love and the many words that we dictated in these sweet messages, sweet messages because it’s Love that speaks to you, we send Love because we are Love and our messages express what the Father, and then me, and then my child have always been, we are Love, and Paradise, my sweetest children, is a place of Love; and sins, my children, it’s always good to repeat it, will all be forgiven, the errors, your sins only come from your willingness to have decided on those occasions not to place all of your great Love, but by making mistakes you learn the consequences and the journey that you take, to place always more and more your Love into your experiences, how could it progress if the consequences did not bring you to reflect,
if what happened can depend from your Love or from your non-Love?
We help you, but often you make decisions that are different from our suggestions and it is your responsibility to assume your own responsibility and change by placing your Love, and progress, in turns, is the result of your chose to give Love.
But let’s go back once again to those difficulties we encounter with many of your brothers.
Sometimes the mention of sin serves to gain the attention of your brothers and focus it on certain acts that can be erased and can bring you to our Paradise; well, the sins for these brothers represent the opportunity to confront themselves with their own Love, not all of you my children are so careful with your Love and so ready to take on your responsibilities, and the forgiveness for these brothers represents first of all the possibility to reconnect your Love to our own Love and in the forgiveness these brothers once again find our Love and their own peace.
In conclusion, I promise, my dear Sara Luce, to bring to all of your brothers the words of Love, the same words of Love that we all dictate to you and for all of you, you commit to the effort, however, to respect my timing and to respect especially the timing of all of my loved children.
The words that we dictate to you correspond to the truth, you sought the truth and you found the truth, many people, your brothers, seek absolution and will find absolution.
The problem Sara Luce is the time that is necessary for this change to take place, and your life in your own body will most certainly not be sufficient, however the many people that will follow our own messages dictated to you, my dear, if they will help others reflect and accept our truth of Love, will manage to bring more rapidly the words of Love to the entire world.
The next time that in your journey you will meet another brother who needs words of sin and absolution, send him to the words that I am sending from the many Sanctuaries, so all together, always together, we will work together to help your brothers.
One of these places is Medjugorje, over there they listen to me and then I will put you in contact with other Sanctuaries where you can send the attention of the many brothers.
With this, my children, I will say goodbye today once again, take care of your Love, you are all luminous right now, my beautiful children, I embrace you and I send you the great Love that I feel inside my heart for all of you.
The Virgin Holy Mother Mary
Message to Humanity 22th May 2005
Need And Difficulty In Accepting The Truth Messages To Humanity
Need And Difficulty In Accepting The Truth
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