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Love From The Sky We Are Present At Your Side

Love From The Sky We Are Present At Your Side
My loved brothers and my loved sisters, why this title? Because my loved brothers, I am tired to hear the pleas that you scream all the way at the Sky when in fact we are right here, in contact with you; brothers I am not referring to the many people who do not go to Church, but also to those who have faith in us. Why do you look far away, when we are very, very close to you? Through these messages I have always reassured you of the effort of Love for all brothers that we always have and we have always had for all of you, but my brothers, if you do not internalize this awareness with all of your great heart, the next time a problem will knock on your door, this Sky will once again feel very distant and unapproachable to you.
We have taught you to listen to your hearts, but how much progress have you made since the time of my teaching? No one, with a very few exceptions, has made any effort to hear the sweet messages that we whisper. Why? If this possibility exists, if this possibility exists, why don't you utilize it?
Today I insist on our teachings because what I taught you can be very useful to you, it takes a lot of effort, I agree, but isn't the goal sufficient to motivate you?
This effort that will allow you to listen to our own voices, our advice dictated personally, isn't it a sweet objective?
I know that life is not always very easy, but why is it that certain people put effort into it and some others do not?
Is it hope that motivates you? Try to ask yourselves this question.
It is truly hope, that feeling that makes us look at the future and notice that through our effort we can change our future.
Millions of situations, guided by hope and with our effort, could really be changed and the change is the consequence of the effort and the hope that we mobilized.
My sweet advice would have moved you and can still move you to have hope that it is possible for you to listen to our own words inside your heart, can you see how your life could be much different and definitely better just like the life of your brothers if you listened to our sweet words inside your heart?
Hope is possible possibility.
Have you ever asked yourselves if a possibility could be possible?
Your own hope is uncertainty, our hope is actual certainty, possible possibility.
Why this difference between you and us inside us?
This question finds the answer in the word Love, we always start from the concept of Love, inside every heart there is your great Love and all of your hearts can really answer to Love and that's how hope lights up as a possible possibility, the effort consists in finding the best possible way to make your Love available first of all to yourselves and then to all of your brothers. This hope knows that the effort is researching the method for lighting up your Love, but hope bases its certainty on the presence of Love in each one of you.
Why is it that Love is a certainty for us but not for you?
In your eyes you identify a brother not only through what he did but also with what he did not do. Your judgment, my brothers, stops here, whereas our own evaluation goes beyond yours and we ask why that brothers did such and such thing without recurring to his Love. Why did that brother do something by using his Love? We look for an answer to these questions, my dear ones, we look for an answer, to help him use his Love the next time around.
You probably noticed that the questions that we ask ourselves, as usual start from the Love that is in you, what do you think about that?
Could the solution to your problem on hope be easily resolved by contemplating the Love that is inside of you?
Brothers, from your answers, I notice that there is one question in the minds of all of you: how can you notice through some questions the Love that is inside all of your sweet brothers?
The answer is very simple, take a brother and ask him 'What is life for you?' and you will notice that affections are all in the first place, you will certainly also notice some fears, some personal limitations that a person believes he has, you will notice the reason why that brother is very afraid to be hurt and you will notice that he himself is afraid that inside the hearts of his other brothers there may not be Love.
Evaluate carefully this important message: compared to earlier on, does that brother seem different to you already?
Congratulations, if you answered yes, then you have truly listened with your heart to what that brother said and you will agree with me that in his heart, just like in yours, there is a great Love that is waiting for an opportunity to manifest itself to all of you.
Inside your hearts you will now feel a certain hope, you will feel the possibility also for that specific heart to express the sweet Love that it contains and your own hope will enrich with this experience and you will find it easier to understand our point of view on all of your hearts, on the Love that exists everywhere and this hope will ponder, starting from your own confidence on the presence of Love and inside every brother, on the real possibility, possible, through your effort, that you proceed reaffirming more and more the Love that is inside your existences and your world will be changed for Love.
Today my brothers I will stop here, giving you time to talk about it a little with your sweetest brothers and to ask them that questions that allow you to acknowledge the Love that is inside every brother and at the same time can help you nourish your own hope of the truth of Love.
As usual I invite you to reflect, as usual I invite you to experiment so that through understanding you may come closer to the truth very rapidly.
A very big kiss my brothers, a kiss given to all of you with all of my heart
Your brother Jesus Christ who is always at your side
Message transmitted form the Sky 05h June 2005
Title Love From The Sky We Are Present At Your Side
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