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Jesus Christ Coherence Between His Acts And His Teachings

Jesus Christ Coherence Between His Acts And His Teachings
My dear and loved children, once again today your Mother is here with you, may hope accompany you always, always. We know that nowadays you are being bombarded, bombarded by negative information that reduces the hope in your beautiful hearts; murders, tragedies of terrible and inexplicable severity, these are news always available to you, but who speaks about Love? Of hope, of transformation, who talks about it? Who talks to you about the Love of the Father? Who talks to you about the many brothers who always help with much Love?
Now with this message my Son will talk to you and on behalf of all of us, my son will talk to you about Love, he will talk of hope, he will talk of the many brothers who provide help, he will talk of our sweet Father who is present in the life of his children.
Let me kiss my son, here he is, my son is with us, let's start my adored children.
My dear and sweet brothers and my dear and sweet sisters, life on your planet continues, there are no tragedies that prohibited life from continuing on earth, despite this your earth is increasingly paralyzed, powerlessness as a feeling inside your hearts, discouraged, in difficulty and now I will tell you that we too are in difficulty, it's been a long time since I came and my brothers who listened to me have spread my words, with time my words have been broadcast everywhere in your world however these many words stay inside your hearts but do not develop into illumination of your world, why is that? Let's ask ourselves why.
The reason comes from a question, from something we noticed that we do not understand, it comes from the development of an event that we know should produce a different outcome, why is it? Why? When we ask why, our need to understand pushes us to research motivations, investigate thoroughly to answer our questions.
Why do these words continue to remain inside the hearts? Doesn't this mean that these words are not believed? Possible. Doesn't this mean that over time, thanks to the intervention of many human beings, these words were changed and now they are very different from those words pronounced a long time ago? This too is possible. Is it possible that the solitude experienced over time, divisions between my brothers, may have caused to stop sharing, both in life and in thoughts, what I had taught you? This answer is also possible. But first of all the most important question, do you believe or don't you believe that I existed? As a question, all of you answered yes, but how many of my teachings do you actually follow? Over time my words have been separated from my own acts, sweetest brothers, what I taught you in my life, I believe I always put into my life, I believe I always behaved as per the teachings that I imparted you, I believe I have always aligned what I did versus what I taught you. Brothers, the reason why on earth there is a growing confusion, the loss of orientation is that very many of speak of being convinced of my messages, of every teaching and also with the words amongst yourselves you speak of believing in my messages, but your selfishness, not checked by your heart, does not allow those words inside your hearts to reach your daily lives, in other words to reach your awareness in your daily actions.
Why? If you think about it, many brothers are convinced that this manifestation of violence is not inside your world, it's not a natural part of your being human, this violence is brought about by desperation, by conflicts, by exploitation, by injustice of men against other men, it's is not an inevitable part of your world, but it is a part of selfishness that is applied by certain men to other men.
Why does eliminating selfishness seem such an impossible enterprise to you?
Think back to your own existences, every time selfishness seized your thoughts you always chose between selfishness or Love; selfishness is a choice just like using Love; my brothers this already tells us that selfishness as a choice can also become a non-choice; selfishness as a possibility that can be avoided as opposed to unavoidable, selfishness as a choice, Love as a choice, selfishness as a choice for Love does not exist.
Selfishness is to think without ever considering the feelings for other brothers, this is selfishness, that's all it is; on the contrary Love is to first of all take into consideration yourselves, the emotions of your heart and at the same time, in unison, the emotions of all brothers involved at different levels.
Selfishness is avoidable, Love is your reality, Love and selfishness are choices, but using your Love is a natural choice, instinctive to all of you, putting selfishness is a choice dictated only by fear of not being Love.
What makes me sad is to see people who are experimenting their lives right now on earth, experimenting their Love but not believing in being carriers of Love. I see all of your hearts my brothers, they are beautiful, resplendent, brimming with Love and at the same time I see your minds convinced that they are not carrying Love, only a physical body from one side to the other side of your lives.
My brothers, let's start all over again to think of ourselves as carriers of affection every time we move from one place to the next, let's start again to feel ourselves as bearers of Love every time we move one fraction of an inch in our lives and we will discover how easy it is to be pure Love when we recognize in our minds that we are pure affection, pure Love.
Experiment, experiment, at every meeting you will be your Love that walks, that expresses itself, that reaches out for others, known people or strangers; observe how other people walk, how they move, their smile when they meet others, familiar people, observe the reaction on their faces, that is Love that is expressing itself; observe those gloomy expressions, that heavy moving, fatigued, tiring, that person is carrying his or her body from point a to point b of the planet, he is not expressing his sweet Love, does not feel himself as Love, does not feel himself at all, a brick could virtually be removed from his heart if only this person stopped for a second to ask himself; 'What is life?'
We will take up this subject again in a few days, now I will say goodbye and leave you time to reflect and experiment with your heart as soon as you have in your minds the certainty of being bearers of light and not darkness, bearers of affection and not selfishness, bearers of Love and not of bodies.
We will leave you experimenting our Love toward you, we in the holy Spirit are always bearers of affection and Love, but when we were bodies we were Spirit aided by a physical body, but still and always as Spirit, always Love.
Our Spirit is the manifestation of the level of our awareness of being pure Love that is reached inside our heart.
The Spirit of the Father is holy and aware of being only pure Love.
Let's stop here for today.
When I hug you, I hug your hearts when I hug you physically, when I speak it's to your heart that I speak, when we are in contact with you it's your Love that is in contact with my Love and it's my Love that is in contact with your Love, just like right now.
I leave you with a big, big kiss donated to my son for all of you, may it bring the Love of that kiss to all of you. This is another tasks that your mother assigns for you today.
The Virgin Mother Mary and Jesus Christ
Message transmitted form the Sky 8th June 2005
Title Jesus Christ Coherence Between His Acts And His Teachings
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