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Life Your Life Constant Experience Of Choice Of Direction

Life Your Life Constant Experience Of Choice Of Direction
My sweetest brothers and my sweetest sisters, this title offers you a choice because in our existence, choosing means orienting your life in one direction or in another.
Your life is a constant experience of choice of direction to impart to your own existence; often you think you are not choosing but it's impossible not to choose in your lives; every moment you are choosing how to be with respect to yourselves and with respect to other brothers next to you. It's a continuous choice and there is a need for your complete awareness to always choose the attitude, the right way to interact with your brothers and interact with your numerous and varied commitments.
In every single moment of your life you can choose whether to put Love or not into your commitment, toward yourselves, toward your own brothers, toward meetings either unexpected or already arranged.
This is what you are brothers, creatures who constantly make choices on whether to mobilize or not mobilize the Love that is kept safe inside of you.
Now I would like to teach you how to use your heart with awareness every minute of your lives, every moment, to help you, starting from today, to be aware of the great value of the opportunity that all of you are experimenting: the opportunity to continue growing experimenting your Love.
Stop for one second while reading this message that I am dictating to all of you, for you my brother, for you my sister, stop and ask yourself: what am I experimenting in my heart right now?
Write down all of your emotions on your note pad.
Is it maybe difficult to listen to your own heart, its feelings, its expectations, your reasoning?
You almost always listen to your own thoughts, from today start listening to your own hearts.
We are together, how does that feel?
I am talking to you, how does that feel?
I am listening to you, how does that feel?
Your wonderful eyes are lighting up with Love, how does it feel to be Love?
Let's continue, my brothers today I get the impression that you are finally in contact with your great Love, let's continue this way.
How do you feel right now knowing that today once again our eyes are upon you from up here in the Sky?
How does it feel to sense the loving eyes of the Father upon you?
How does it feel to sense our affection for you, the kind of affection that had been made clear to you a long time ago through these words that I have dictated to you?
How does it feel right now to sense our Love in contact with your own Love?
Our Love is completely inside your love every moment of your life, how do you feel thinking that we are constantly at your side?
How does it feel to sense our Love inside your heart at all times, helping you and giving you advice, helping you to reflect and to make your own decision with respect to yourselves and with respect to all of your brothers?
This is what we do daily with each one of you, now that you feel inside your hearts the emotion of our affection, do you still manage to feel alone, far away, at the mercy of events, abandoned amongst commitments and meetings?
This is your first great awareness, you are experimenting it inside your heart, how does it feel to feel united with the Sky as you now know you are?
Notice how your hope has grown, almost all of you are feeding your hope, I say almost all of you brothers because some brothers, despite my effort, are still focused on hearing with their minds and not with their hearts.
Let your minds go brothers, the heart has a possibility to comprehend, to understand, to grasp a 360 degrees view of the expression of reality and my brothers it can do many functions which are very limited in your minds, so busy with the thousands of information given to you by your culture, your religion, the teachings from your parents, your fears and your presupposed limitations. How can a mind that is not completely free understand the numerous experiences that you are experimenting with your free heart?
Actually it's only the lack of practice in listening to your hearts, but brothers you too can slowly change your attitude by listening with your heart to every experience that presents itself in front of you every moment.
Let's continue with this experience.
Your hearts are full of hope and your Love is feeding from the same hope. Can you feel the many possibilities that you are consider with the heart to make your own Love more ubiquitous?
Now what is inside your heart is the condition that has always existed in you, this awareness that today makes you stronger has always been at hand since forever; my brothers, how does that make you feel?
Today let's look at the future, my brothers many lost opportunities are lost forever but now that you assimilated this awareness today, how do you feel today, from today on, your own life?
To wait or not to wait, to wait to live or to actually live, to wait to always listen with the heart or to listen to it forever, to wait to accept our help or accept it in happiness, to wait for occasions to express your Love that is inside of you or to accept it and experiment it at every opportunity that presents itself and those opportunities that you will also be able to create yourselves in order to experiment the strength, the beauty of your Love?
Your heart is answering these questions, listen to it, what sensations are you feeling?
It's very difficult to remain indifferent when you reach this awareness, isn't it, my brothers?
In your heart you feel a big push, it's your Love that is pushing to illuminate your world, it's your own Love that orders you to set it free to express itself because we are always inside your heart anyway, we are together and we are truly proceeding together with each experience, moment after moment, declaration of Love after declaration of Love.
Brothers, this is the Paradise in your heart, you bring Paradise in your heart and now that you know about it, by bringing Love on earth, the Paradise of the heart will become the Paradise in your reality of earth.
I shall conclude this message here by bringing you the joy of this project, the Paradise that can be built on earth, the Paradise is in your hearts and Love is the performer of it's realization.
I hug you with much, much, very much Love, listen to your hearts, the light that envelopes you is the manifestation of my words of Love, what you feel right now is the affection of your brothers, it's the affection of a brother that taught you to get in touch with your Paradise, today and forever.
At your side, in your heart
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 12th June 2005
Title Life Your Life Constant Experience Of Choice Of Direction
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