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Free Will Freedom Of Free Will And Freedom Of Love

Free Will Freedom Of Free Will And Freedom Of Love
My loved brothers, a few days ago the Father dictated a message on the Guardian Angels, on why they were created and why your physical eyes can not see the luminous presence of your Angels right next to you, right by your side.
The father spoke of your freedom's choice to continue to grow within the Love, without letting this luminous presence become an obvious, perceivable stimulant.
This freedom was His choice and for this reason our Father donated you freedom, and He asked me to speak to you one more time on free will because He notices that often you confuse freedom of free will with freedom of Love.
Remember, free will is the freedom to make your own choices completely independently.
Free will, freedom, of Love is the freedom to express all of your Love and the complete freedom to express our own Love toward you, if requested.
These concepts are different but they both go back to the Love of our Father.
As children we are all free to make choices autonomously and even to ask for help from the Love that our Father authorizes to send out, or every manifestation of his Love for all of you.
This freedom to allow the Father to help you is also your own free choice.
Do not confuse freedom of the Father to answer a request for help from you, with what the Father can do in His autonomy.
When the Father moves independently the result is a manifestation of His Love that involves all of his children, for example He can allow for us to become visible to all of you my brothers with the purpose of guiding you to gain increasing awareness of your being a Spirit; these independent sightings from the Father put you in a situation where you can reflect on the existence not only of the physical reality that surrounds you, but also on the existence of a spiritual reality that at the same time is surrounding you.
This is how the Father's free will shows up, free will always moved by the Father for the Love of all of his children. This is the Father's autonomy, this is His way within His autonomy to help all of you my brothers and my sisters.
Every other manifestation that arrives from the Sky is in answer to the freedom of your free will to ask for help.
This is why, my brothers, in many situations you believe that the Father is sending upon you something that is not Love, if you add to your confusion between your free will and the free will of the Father, of the Love, confusion is all that there will be.
Your Father asked me to explain this confusion to you to make you conscious that your Father, as Love, only gives Love to all of you and then, in a second stage, makes you aware that the help from our entire Sky comes always as Love, in answer to your own questions, however only those requests from the heart.
Again a lot of confusion also on this aspect of your requests for help.
Let's look at this aspect also, with Love.
Let's clarify it so you will always be able to experiment the truth within your complete free will.
There are requests from the mind and requests from the heart and as opposed to the requests from the mind, of which you are aware, more or less aware, my dear ones those requests from your mind sometimes do not coincide with the requests of your heart, of your Love.
There is free will but there is also, at the same time, the project of life, your project of growth that you had planned with us, in this Paradise, to explore during your incarnated life to experiment what you have learnt within the Love in this Sky and to allow you to specialize more and more, to recognize yourselves as Love.
These projects, all of your projects, are kept inside your heart and even though your heart is always open to continue to experiment yourselves as Love, the project, your own project can not be modified during the course of your own life unless you insert with your own Love a variation that can stem from realizing that a part of the project is no longer key to your growth.
These conditions are possible because when you lay the foundations of your path, sometimes while on you are on earth you realize you are not going to be able to achieve it because of the fact that your brothers changed, through their own free will, the original structure upon which you had based your own project of growth.
These conditions are then modified and it's impossible for you to complete the original project and with our help, as per your request, we create a new project, which always corresponds to Love and to your experimentation.
So, my brothers, reflect very carefully on what I told you today, your reflections and therefore your new knowledge, keep them in your hearts and let yourselves be guided by this new knowledge of the truth.
Right now I am aware of my own free will and of the free will of the Father, of the Love, and starting from today I will finally let myself be guided to this truth, to this clarity, in this journey of growth.
Truth is awareness inside your heart, this is the truth, the recognition in your heart of the true words of the Father.
Now finally I can hug you and show your all of you my great Love and the Father can finally hug you in the Light of His immense, beautiful, enormous Love.
Your Father, who welcomes all of his children, happy to donate all of His children His Love, only His wonderful and great Love.
And just like you, also His child Jesus, is welcomed into His Light, thank you Father, please bless all of them.
My adored children, may my blessing descend upon you and bring your Love to show itself more to the world. I bless you in the name of the Father, my son Jesus, in the name of the Virgin Mother Mary and of the Holy Spirit.
May my Peace descend upon all of you children, the Love of your Father will accompany you forever.
Lastly, bless Father this child of yours, called Jesus, bless me Father with all of your Love
May your Love and that of your brothers sail like a ship in a storm and may it find the Peace in the storm.
Message transmitted from the Sky 5th October 2005
Title Free Will Freedom Of Free Will And Freedom Of Love
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