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Angels Of Light Guardian Angels Continuous Love For All Of You

Angels Of Light Guardian Angels Continuous Love For All Of You
We Guardian Angels have come to talk to you about our great Love for our protected ones, and yes, protected, because your Love protects you, it surrounds you, it illuminates every sweetest moment of our lives together.
We are Angels of Light and our Love, our advice, the sweet reflections and the feeling, the sweet cuddles, the embraces, the impression of being protected, are born from our continuous Love for all of you.
Many Angels are listening right now, they are sitting next to you, the sweet words that I am dictating and the sweet reactions of your wonderful heart; other Angels on the other hand are here with me to allow me to transmit these sweet words to Sara Luce so that she can then send them to all of you; Sara Luce's Angel, just like many of your Angels, is right next to her and is listening to her and also listening is her wonderful and busy heart. However all Angels are feeling Love, our Love, that which is kept inside our hearts; it's through this Love that we take care of all of you, with the eyes, we give you the right advice with our heart full of Love, with our heart brimming with Love we can forgive you every mistake because by looking through the eyes of Love mistakes do not exist, they are only necessary experiences to comprehend, to understand, to reflect, to change, to be even more, in your future, Love, this Love that makes you stand out in the Spirit and not in the physical body. This is what bodies are for, to live spiritual experiences even if sometimes you seem to have forgotten this truth.
We are your Angels and as Angels we have a specific task, we must help you grow, do you think that it would be possible to grow without our infinite Love? To be honest many of you on earth do not believe in Angels because they are convinced that they are all that they need, as if Angels did not have the power to help them, but in your reality you are used to thinking of yourselves as alone, having to provide for your every need in solitude, on earth this is actually possible because by not receiving the luminous presences next to you, that illusion could be pushed, but all of you, protected ones, you are children of the Father, you are Spirit, you are children of this Paradise and here, in the Love, nobody is ever left to himself, and you as children of this Father are actually constantly helped from the immense Sky.
Understanding that Love can never abandon you, is like understanding the presence of us Angels next to you; understanding that Love needs all of your Love, is understanding the presence of your Angel next to each one of you; understanding that you are a Spirit in constant evolution, is understanding the presence of us Angels next to you; understanding Love is understanding Angels and all of our Love.
Understanding all of this is growth and you, who are aware of our existence, are aware that ours and your dimension is the Father, as Love we belong to the infinite Light of the Love of the Father; as children, you and us, creatures born in the hope and within Love, our recognition is precisely in the hope and in the Love.
Let's continue to follow you and your hearts respond to our call toward hope and true Love because your hope and True Love have this recognition in our same hope and great Love.
Dear protected ones, hope is necessary to the recognition of the ultimate Love; for us hope means learning constantly from the Love in its multiple manifestations, hope is constantly learning from the Love in you and outside of you and it's for this reason that hope leads you through all of these manifestations of Love to the recognition of the ultimate Love of our sweetest Creator.
To you, protected ones, the Light of our immense Love that always accompanies you, to you, protected ones, the sweet protection that is born from Love, to you protected ones, our knowledge that comes from our Love, to you protected ones, the Light of the joy that always accompanies the manifestations of Love.
We Angels say goodbye to you, happy to have assisted you until today and happy to be with you with all of our sweet effort of Love to help you grow.
The Angel Giulio spoke to you on behalf of the Guardian Angels.
Message transmitted from the Sky 2nd October 2005
Title Angels Of Light Guardian Angels Continuous Love For All Of You
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