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Message From God The Father In Occasion Of The Festivity Of The Guardian Angels

Message From God The Father In Occasion Of The Festivity Of The Guardian Angels
My dear ones, the Angels, the Guardians of your journeys, are coming to you to talk about the Festivity of the Guardian Angels, on 2th of October you celebrate all Guardian Angels, who are the Guardian Angels?
When I created you, first of all I thought about placing next to you an Angel from this Paradise with the intent of sustaining you, helping you and guiding you just like I would do, as your Father.
When I thought of your Guardian Angel I asked myself what impression it would have made to always have at your side a wonderful creature, almost like you, to walk together with, this is what I asked myself and I decided that it would be better if your eyes did not see their luminous presence, the purpose of this was to put you in a position to decide for yourselves to always put more and more of your wonderful Love, in all its freedom, and this is why your Angels are invisible to you, just like this Father of yours is invisible to your eyes.
However over time you have learnt that invisibility does not mean absence, but freedom and many of you have actually met by yourselves, without any outside help, with your Guardian Angels and you tell your experiences to some people to share the joy of the discovery that this Father, as always, has nurtured a great Love for each one of his children, for every creature, an enormous Love that has seen the creation of both you and another beautiful creature, the Guardian Angel, always available to help you.
The Angels are listening to these words and the joy that I see in all of my Angels is such that right now I seem to hear a deep voice saying 'Thank you My Lord to have entrusted us with such an important task for us, taking care of your children, your creatures, these wonderful hearts that beat with Love for you.
This feeling of Love is so great in your Guardian Angels, the same feeling of Love that over time all of you can experiment toward this Father, whom, with infinite Love, conceived you, with infinite Love has cradled you and with infinite Love has allowed you to live far away from Him, with infinite Love has allowed you to not remember Him, not to recognize Him and even to offend Him, with infinite Love He has always helped you, though, to express your Love, He has helped you, rescued you, cuddled you, protected you, assisted you and He has done everything to help you as far as you have allowed him to do.
Now, my delightful children, even the Father returns in silence, but I will never tire of telling you that I Love you, I Love you, I Love you with all of my heart, I Love you, I Love you, I will wait for you to grow up and be happy with your Love that I created in the same image and likeness of the same Love as mine.
My sweetest children, allow me to tell you that I am really proud of all of you because you are walking a path with my son Jesus and it's wonderful to see how much effort my son and all of you are putting into it. Sweet hearts are opening up more and more to the truth and to the sweetest Love of yours and as your Father I am so proud of your journey that I ask you to allow me to always help you more and more, I ask your permission to help you even more by making myself available always, and always more.
Erase selfishness from your manifestations, this great Love of yours must always be nurtured and fed with Love and as your Father I want to give you all of the Love that I have for you, my enormous Love for all of you.
Your Father from the Sky
Message transmitted from the Sky 1st October 2005
Title Message From God The Father In Occasion Of The Festivity Of The Guardian Angels
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