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Daily Hell And Lifestyle To Find Happiness Message

Daily Hell And Lifestyle To Find Happiness Message
My loved and sweetest brothers, my loved and sweetest sisters, today I am noticing that it's a new day, the sun has come out over you and it's a nice morning to hold each other by the hand and take you, together with me, to your brothers.
This confusion, cars that fly by on the roads, at the traffic lights your car windows are almost completely shut, you are in such a hurry to reach your work place. Your eyes look at the road, the lights of the traffic lights, other cars, but what do your eyes see?
In the midst of all this confusion of cars and people, your eyes only see obstacles that come between you and your work place.
We have arrived, even here there are many people, they are running, some of them flustered, they run, they climb, they descend, looking for their famous desk or work post, or work table. So finally the work has commenced and depending on your job you spend many hours seated or busy with the things that you do; finally the end of the work day has arrived, again many cars and many people returning home, you too do the same, you are returning home and again you are looking at cars and people and you check the lights of the traffic lights.
Here, you have returned home, the light of this splendid day has now extinguished, you can finally rest.
The night is over and the sweet morning finds you wrapped up in your blankets but the light means a new day, the alarm goes off. Everything starts all over again, the same.
This is your hell.
You even manage to live, isn't it incredible, how you even manage to live?
In my eyes, my brothers, this is the first great miracle that I watch you make, somehow you even find time for Love.
If you watch your lives through my eyes, you can not help but asking yourselves, how do these wonderful brothers of mine manage to even find time for Love?
They are tired, there are many, very many thoughts about work, in their eyes there are cars and people, all constantly strangers but somehow they often find time to build up a relationship of Love, often a family, they manage to have children, and raise them, help them to become independent, isn't is amazing with such little available time?
My dear brothers I have known that many of you would like to change this famous lifestyle, this daily grind, this daily hell, but you need money to survive and until you are exhausted you will seek money and money and money and you think that money is what will deliver you to paradise from hell.
I am sorry but here in Paradise we do not have money, we would not know what to do with it, in Paradise everything is shared and every need is taken care of by asking, and this is not all, because in Paradise, our efforts can not go beyond the threshold of the knowledge of the Love and of the experimentation of Love. It's difficult to believe, isn't it my brothers, but where Love rules, respect is first, and by respect I mean the respect of every single Soul who is busy learning and experimenting his own Love.
Very well my brothers, let's return to your earth.
Money is important, it's true my brothers, until the day where you will all share, money will continue to be important to provide you with what you need.
Why don't you, however, begin to ask yourselves, why do I need three phones if one is all I need; why do I need to own a second home in the countryside if I never have the time to enjoy it often, just a weekend to then battle with traffic again, the traffic jams, and then arrive really late and begin the week again without allowing myself to live this Love; and then, the children, why all of this money without a reason, children are expensive if you buy everything they ask you, which is what they see on the television and which fools the eye by promising happiness that never, never, never, no object will ever be able to give them, because objects only bring happiness if this happiness is inside your heart, this is true happiness, not the happiness of the moment when that object is in your hands; but let's continue, the make of the car, the clothing item, that jewel, that furniture, that famous extra weight you need to get rid of, those meetings at the restaurant that are reserved to
VIP's, my brothers this is not happiness, this is not how you find it and you know it very well, because every morning, when you wake up and you feel as if you have no existence, it's still you that feels useless to yourselves, feeling that your Love is only fueled because your have money, a lot of money, and this adventure which could have been life by now has become a problem, an unsustainable weight.
My sweetest brothers, take me by the hand, I am here to help you, to tell all of you that happiness is Love, happiness is joy, happiness is hope to love and be loved without any condition.
My brothers this does not mean that you have made one whole big mistake with your lives, existing was a choice, the illusion my brothers was to think that money would bring you happiness and this experience has taught you that money only serves to bring your days down to half an hour of actual life.
Brothers, reclaim your days back, take your lives back, it's in Love that you can find happiness, only within Love. Remember how long ago it was the last time you felt so alive, so happy, so satisfied, do you remember the last time you felt Love?
It's not necessary to burden yourselves with many responsibilities which you define as things to do, if you then forbid your heart from living and this Paradise is full of Souls who are only waiting for the moment to be able to incarnate into a physical body to be able to experiment, beyond Paradise, their value in the newly conquered Love, because in Paradise my brothers, almost everybody learns from the mistakes that were made on earth, direct mistakes and indirect ones, and the Souls are eager to be able to descend again to experiment themselves in all of the progress that their Love has made; brothers, you too back then were pushing to be able to be born right away, right away, brothers now you are on earth, take advantage of the beautiful experience to experiment yourselves as Love, let go of the money, experiment yourselves in the greatest treasure that there is, your immense Love.
In conclusion my brothers, brothers and sisters, is it possible to start again by putting all of your effort in the search for happiness?
It's a wish, my best wish for you my brothers and this is why I always want to follow you my brothers; it is possible to reach happiness on earth if you are willing to look for it and to teach other brothers regardless of how much time you have left, it should be used to search for happiness and not a little or lot of money that take away your happiness.
My brothers, this discussion is important for everybody, and do you think that all of your children, don't you think that they too have the right, just like you, to live in a world that seeks happiness?
This is what, on the other hand, is the desire that all of you have in your heart, a desire that is achievable for all of you if all of you begin to give money only its due importance, but to the heart, to Love, you give the absolute importance for you, Souls of this Paradise.
A big, huge kiss
Your brother Jesus Christ who only has inside his heart the desire to help you conquer your happiness
Message transmitted form the Sky 28th September 2005
Title Daily Hell And Lifestyle To Find Happiness Message
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