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Hope The Hopes And The Methods For Interacting Between You

Hope The Hopes And The Methods For Interacting Between You
My sweetest and loved brothers and my sweetest and loved sisters, this discussion on respect and Love continues with me at your side. We will start by walking together, the two of us, my brothers, and we will notice how your brothers communicate their being Love.
In our journey we will meet many brothers, many different levels of Love, with our eyes full of respect, we will recognize the Love in each one of them.
All embraced together let's begin this long journey that, thanks to you, will be very rich of experiences.
We will begin by noticing the multitude of people around us, my eyes see Souls, your eyes see their physical body. My eyes see Souls in movement, experiences made, their own story, all of those brothers have suffered for Love, maybe their parents gave them very little Love and their heart is looking for something more, maybe achieving a personal project that will see its own Love returned, lots of people who are suffering and are desperately looking for the Paradise on your earth, many brothers convinced themselves that the Paradise will never be on your earth and are accepting this resigned but this does not build happiness inside their hearts, masses of people are looking for Love, many of them have hope and are looking to surround themselves with as many brothers as possible whom they can trust to at least build a little Paradise in their own existence, many brothers who are moving around us, in many of them this hope brings them to make an effort, giving their Love, by distributing their own Love they think that, my brothers, one day they will be able to build this wonderful Paradise on earth.
While my eyes observe all this, you are still concentrating on the physical body, what does the physical body tell you that is more important than the eyes of Love?
Clothing is important, the attitude of a certain movement, the stuff the person carries with him, the sexuality of that body, what kinds of information can you extract from looking at a physical body? You like that brother or that sister from the physical body? Are you looking to meet their hopes, or sex?
You realize by yourselves that certain kinds of information are not sent by your body but by your hopes, they are very important because it's through the hopes that the methods for interacting between you are built, again it's through your hopes that Paradise can or can not be built.
Your hopes, my brothers, can determine your every meeting.
Let's say for example that we stop one of these brothers in his tracks, with what kind of hope are we stopping him? A request for help? A desire of knowledge? Sharing? Offer to help? And your brothers who are being stopped, do they expect from you agreement or help or an authentic desire to know them or are they expecting a request for a favor?
We see very many brothers, we ask them to stop with us now so we can realize that we are all brothers amongst us.
Here, the brother is raising his arm as if to make a request, let's see what happens.
Another brother continues to walk, he does not interpret that gesture as an invitation, he is busy, he has lots to do, so many things to do that if a brother asked to meet with him, but this request would make him lose a lot of this time and his time is little as it is; what do you think my brothers, do you think that the brother who raised his arm is a nuisance or that he needs a lot of help?
Let's try again, here is a smile, an approach, we can then talk, 'I don't know' says the brother right away, that brother is expecting a question and even before he heard it, he already answers that he is not available, so why that smile, that brother appears to be available, but in reality he is not, what does all this mean my brothers? It means that the brother is open to a request to meet, but he is certainly not open to a request for help; that brother donated his availability many times to his brothers and those brothers only gave him headaches and then they disappeared; how can one be available toward his brothers and at the same time also be respected? This brother asks himself this question all the time and his behaviour is reflecting this question that he is asking himself.
But, here is another brother. He smiles, but he does not move, let's try to go to him 'I am sorry but I am not available, I thought you were friends of my son', with this answer we become frozen, how can we even communicate if this brother already told us that he no longer recognizes us, how can we speak if this brother considers us strangers and does not want to enter into contact with us. We say goodbye and we try again.
Ah, here we are, two brothers walking together, with our sign they stop and they listen to our words 'In the name of knowledge, we are all brothers and we would like to know you, brothers', in their eyes you see a smile ' You are crazy' they tell us, 'Why do you say that we are crazy? We are really all brothers and we would really like to know all of you, we have so many things to share with you, we could all enrich ourselves from the contact between us with our experiences and your experiences; not only we are not crazy, but we are an example of a possible new relationship between us on earth'. The two brothers in this case are listening and then they sit down and they ask us to begin with the sharing.
What does this new meeting mean then? Those two brothers are willing and have hope in their hearts that there may be extremely important changes between human beings and even despite their reluctance, they agree to open us, to discover new things and important methods, they live them and then they will evaluate them on the basis of this experience, in addition we have met two friends who can become two new friends to us.
But let's continue with our experiment, here is another person, this person gets closer and smiles, 'Tell me', he says right away, 'How can I help you?', there is not hurry, his availability is complete, he listens to my words and even before I say it, he proposes ' Let's sit down, so we can talk more comfortably'; here it is, we have met a brother who is open to any event, because in this brother's opinion, sharing is a very important experience to grow up and if he feels that the exchange can enrich him, then he puts all of his availability in aid of his learning and at the same time he will donate his experience to enrich us in turn. Right now the Paradise on earth is being represented by this meeting. Reciprocally enriched, we say goodbye and while we are still embraced, I ask you 'Would looking at a physical body have allowed you to meet those brothers?'
Didn't you get to know the hearts, the feeling of Love of your brothers by embracing them with the eyes of Love? I can tell you that those brothers whom you met, were met by you just as they are, your brothers, the Paradise is built by looking at your brothers just like your own brothers.
We remain embraced while we reflect, another experiment awaits us, but first let's reflect on our first contact today.
Brothers, with the eyes of Love I have always met you, I have met your needs, I have met your fears, but brothers what I have especially met your immense Love.
Your brother Jesus who has always met the Love of his brothers. A very big kiss as always my dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters.
Message transmitted from the Sky 25th September 2005
Title Hope The Hopes And The Methods For Interacting Between You
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