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Respect As Recognition Of The Value For Everything That Has Been Created

Respect As Recognition Of The Value For Everything That Has Been Created
My adored brothers and my adored sisters, let's continue once again today this very important discussion which focuses on Love and respect.
I noticed that many of you brothers have listened with your heart to the messages that I prepared for your on respect and Love, on their meaning for your entire world and on their meaning for yourselves, to make your Love even more free to express itself to you and to all of your brothers.
I noticed a lot of Love is being applied my brothers, and this is the result of recognizing yourselves within this Universe, as creatures of pure Love.
Today my brothers let's begin to talk about respect as recognition of the Love inside the other person and in all of those manifestations of the Creation that were made to be next to you, to allow you to survive and especially to allow you, through your exchange, to share knowledge, Love, affection and many many more emotions that can bring joy into your lives, also Love and reciprocal respect and the recognition of the Spirit of Love of all of you my brothers.
In order for the Creation to respect its own Creator we all have to begin, my brothers, to think in terms of respect toward the entire Creation.
But what is respect?
It's to think that it's absolutely necessary, there is no living creature or stone or rock that does not have its own meaning within the all. Everything was created for a reason, a meaning, an importance for you brothers, this is respect, the recognition of the value of every individual thing that has been created.
That rock from which you go fishing or you dive off of, or the pleasure you get on your skin when you lie in the sun in the summer, could you imagine if that rock did not exist, if those flowers that illuminate your eyes with their colours, their perfume that inebriates your senses, that opportunity that allows you to put all of your affection into them and donate them to a loved person; for this reason, my brothers, it's necessary to have respect for everything that has been created, because everything, and I mean everything, was created to allow you to use it to send Love.
An animal of yours sends Love, a rock allows an experience of Love, everything can be used to send Love.
A dessert, a carefully prepared sandwich sends Love, an effort at work made with Love toward the other brothers, it sends Love; just like everything in the Creation sends Love, you, who are made of Love, send out the immense Love of which you are made to other people.
My brothers this is respect for all of us and in Paradise this is the Love that we utilize toward everything that has been created.
Nevertheless, if you think it's easy to see through your eyes everything surrounding you in terms of Creation, let's go ahead and face with the same eyes the sight of our brothers who gravitate around us, familiar people and strangers.
Brothers, respect toward your brothers is essentially the recognition of the same Love that gives you and the other person life; it's the recognition of the same spiritual nature, recognition that you belong to the same creation of Love and as creatures, the recognition is in the possibility to put everything, everybody, our immense Love toward others.
How can I help you with this recognition? My eyes are already eyes of recognition, but I must help you put this recognition in your eyes.
Let's begin.
When your physical eyes look at another person, what do they see? The physical body, the clothing, the movement of the eyes, of the body, that brother is moving within his own body and is giving out information about him.
Brothers, even at first sight, you see the expression of a Soul inside a body.
Brothers who pass you by, brothers who meet you, each one of them is essentially a brother, with his own Soul, his own project, his own affections, his own experience that he matured up until then.
Then there are brothers who just briefly meet you, countless times, but what's important to understand amongst the many or few words is the expression of their Love.
Everyone talks of his own Love and everyone talks from his level of Love, but what you can always, always discern is that they talk form their own Love. In their gestures, in the choice of words, in all of those occasions where you meet, all of you send your level of Love from your heart; this is the important point for your eyes, the recognition that Love always speaks through you and it's speaking to your brothers using methodologies of transmission that reflect the level they had reached in their own awareness of being a creature of Love.
Everyone is a creature of Love, to respect their level of expression of Love, is the recognition of their own being made just like you, made of Love.
Right now my dear ones we can talk about the different levels of awareness of being Love but within the recognition of being Love is where respect lies. These levels can evolve just like your level of evolution, I believe that all of you have descended on earth with your project, you have put a lot of effort to evolve toward greater awareness, your brothers need help to fulfill their progress in increasing, themselves, their own awareness.
There are brothers whom you are helping, very well, this is the truly important road to help everybody decide to set aside their selfishness, which belongs to the bottom steps of the evolution, to rediscover more and more the awareness of being, my brothers, being creatures of pure Love.
Respect is also the recognition that the path that takes you to awareness is not so easy, there are mistakes and experiences, lessons, these are as necessary as they are inevitable, but what is important is the help to reach, existence after existence, an always greater level of awareness of being Love.
Start looking at your brothers around you through these sweet eyes, today I will stop at your eyes, tomorrow we will talk of the recognition in your heart.
I hug you as always, by inundating you with the Love that I feel for all of you my brothers, my brothers, my loved ones, I always send you many words to help you, but inside my heart, if only your eyes could see it, they would see the colours of all feelings that I have for you and it's beautiful seeing everyone full of colour while we are giving Love, thank you for this experience, experimenting yourselves as Love is such an important experience for all of us.
A kiss and another warm embrace
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 21st September 2005
Title Respect As Recognition Of The Value For Everything That Has Been Created
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