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Behaviour Toward Other And All Creatures Understanding

Behaviour Toward Other And All Creatures Understanding
My sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, let's continue once again today to talk of Love and respect.
My brothers, today let's talk about a new understanding that is necessary to guide you in your journey of growth on the path of Love because understanding is the necessary step, together with your reflection, to change your behaviour toward other brothers and all creatures; this understanding is what allows you to change your attitude and change your world by making it just like our Paradise here today, where I am speaking from.
Let's therefore tackle the subject of Love and respect amongst us brothers.
My dear ones, today I will surprise you by telling you first of all that every single brother is able to help you.
Are you surprised my brothers? This is the truth.
Have you noticed that whenever you have a problem, large or small that it may be, if you talk about it with another brother, more often than you realize that brother offers you an optimal solution to solve your problem? Very often, my brothers, these contacts take place through us, paths that cross to help you, did you notice though that very often these brothers are answering your invitation by communicating their thoughts to you, but after that they stop, and wait for you to do what is necessary. There is nothing wrong with that my brothers, maybe, my brothers, in those occasions, wouldn't you want more help? Think back on all those situations you lived in the past, isn't it true maybe that you would have preferred greater help for you and for your solutions? My brothers, sometimes all that might have been necessary was just this suggestion, putting you in a position to face and solve that specific problem, but some other times, in fact most of the times, it would have been sufficient to work on the problem together and that problem would have been solved more quickly.
My brothers, now think of the many other times when on your paths, you have met some other brothers who asked for your help with a problem and you had the solution, think back on how many times, instead of placing yourselves next to them, you have given your opinion only, leaving those brothers to move toward a solution by themselves at their own pace.
Is this Love? Reflect on it
The impression is that of Love, but just how much Love was really given to that brother?
A very little Love, how is that possible?
You carry infinite Love inside you, yet you donated to very little of it?
It seems impossible but this is the reality, you are carriers of great Love, which you give out crumb by crumb, and so is your satisfaction for it, just crumbs.
Is this right?
Are you maybe aware of satisfaction from Love shared when donating little crumbs of it?
It's not possible to feel it, to experiment it inside your big heart, that leap of joy, that satisfaction, that explosion of Love that is possible precisely by donating to others the infinite love that is kept inside the heart.
It's time to reap these sweet fruits that Love, just like an enormous plant, makes available to you. Don't you think that after having learnt so much about Love the time has come for you to experiment the Paradise in your hearts? These are choices my brothers, you have to put all of your Love available to your other brothers so you may taste the sweet sugar that is produced by your Love,
Is there maybe satisfaction in helping other brothers? Helping them with words but also with actions? Building the answers side by side, solutions to your brother's problems? Carrying a brother in your arms and helping him with your wonderful Love?
There is no greater joy than that and we wish you could see the pride here in Paradise, the satisfaction to have helped all of you from up here today and the satisfaction, my brothers, to have helped other brothers when you were alive inside your physical body.
Let's reflect now on the reason why we help other people not only with words but also with facts.
Brothers, we are all brothers amongst us, it's not blood that defines us as brothers, we are brothers in the Spirit when we are born, created from the same Father, the Father of us all, Love.
This condition of having all been created by He who created everything through His great Love makes us brothers, brothers within Love and within that Love is our exchange, in the Love is our recognition, within Love is our only purpose, within Love is the All and the All is Love. Brothers, reflect, the Paradise is awareness of being different but united by the likeness with our Father, we are all Love and Love is our Father.
Brothers, right now, as a Spirit, up here we all recognize each other as brothers, in the Spirit, our affection and Love.... Is it possible that this knowledge is lost right at the time of contact with the dimension of earth, that it ends right at the beginning of the adventure inside the physical body?
It is possible because Love demands unconditional recognition of its own being Love, there are no necessary conditions to this recognition, because we have always been infinite Love, but our existence means a continuous rediscovery of this infinite Love, Love that talks to you today, that today is being listened to, that we are and that all of you are.
My brothers, why are you listening right now? The love in your hearts is identical to that of my heart, why are you paying so much attention, with so much affection, with all of your Love?
Impossibility, desperation, avalanches of problems, insecurities, tensions between brothers, maybe you listen to me to find an answer to this question: 'If I am Love and other people are Love, how is it possible to see so much tragedy around me?'
This is what pushes you today, much more than yesterday, to ask all this to yourselves; your awareness has increased and it seems more and more impossible to perceive yourselves as carriers of immense Love, but my brothers, try to set aside those questions and begin to feel and behave in sink with the infinite Love that you keep inside, my brothers I beg you, free your immense Love and succeed in existing in your experience in your physical body on earth, just like you are all here in this Paradise, you are constantly aware of being Love, loving because you are Love, right because you are Love, always available because you are Love, always available to any request because you are your infinite love.
I will leave you for today my brothers, the love of your brother Jesus has given you all that his heart has suggested and you have my help, always, and I mean always, because your brother Jesus inundates you with this Love, not leaving even a crumb inside his own heart and this satisfaction is exactly what I feel inside my heart, aware that I have given completely to all of you.
Your brother Jesus who is aware of being infinite Love, just like you.
Message transmitted from the Sky 18th September 2005
Title Behaviour Toward Other And All Creatures Understanding
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