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Love And Respect Non-Love And Non-Respect Needs Other People

Love And Respect Non-Love And Non-Respect Needs Other People
My loved brothers and my loved sisters, today I will continue on a topic that we began some time ago, on Love and on respect.
My brothers, in the world, and this is in everybody's plain view, there are situations where Love and respect are not present. For example, over the last few weeks you are unfortunately witnessing many episodes of infanticide. Where is the Love and respect in infanticide? Where is the Love and respect in the death of many desperate people who cross your seas in search of a way to survive? Where is the Love and respect in the killing of many creatures that are at war today? Where is the Love and respect in the daily meetings with your brothers?
There are many things I could tell you on these subjects, but at the source of it all there is a discussion on Love and respect, because behind these and many other manifestations there is precisely a non-understanding of Love and respect and it's for this reason my brothers that I decided to base my entire discussion on Love and respect.
There are complex situations, my brothers, complicated especially by the condition of non-Love and non-respect of many of your brothers, this complicates things, otherwise, like it happens here in our Paradise, everything would flow calmly, without injustices, without exploitations, without any type of war, from personal wars to those between nations on your planet earth.
My brothers, the difference draws its roots on the difference between Love and non-Love and between respect and non-respect.
Let's begin by talking about Love.
Is there maybe a Love that can be witnessed without another other person?
Of course there is Love for yourselves, although I am not talking about selfishness, I am talking of Love for your own selves as an acknowledgement of your limitations, an appreciation of your own worth, self-support in difficult moments, expression of your own thoughts, desires, convictions as an expression of yourselves, I am talking of desires as an expression of your own objectives for growth, I am talking of that part of you, the Spirit, in all of its wonderful manifestations and all of the riches that make your brothers so in love with themselves, of what they are, of what they express. This is Love for yourselves, this joy to be yourselves, this is a manifestation of Love.
Let's continue in the light of this definition of Love for yourselves; my brothers, even Love for yourselves, as you can see, always needs other people, how could you appreciate yourselves without other people? How can you experiment yourselves without other people? How can you share without other people? How can you understand without other people? How can you resolve without other people? How can you live without other people?
This is the question, nobody, none of us can live without other people.
The recognition of this great truth allows the understanding that Love always has other brothers as a base.
There are no situations where Love can exist without others.
Once you understand this concept, you have enlarged your vision of the existence of all dimensions, and just in the same way it works over there for you it's also here in Paradise, Love can only express itself in the presence of others.
In those situations that I mentioned earlier, other people are not seen as someone who is necessary, but only as a problem to get rid of.
Dear brothers, isn't there Love within that person that commits infanticide or who kills in a war or who is indifferent to the death of illegal immigrants? Love is always there, but it's the recognition of the indispensability of the other person who is lacking, it was not transmitted or it was cancelled from one's existence because of some problems, but your Love is always there.
My brothers, why don't all of you begin to take up again this great truth of the indispensability of others, of everything that is other, from nature, to people, to the existence of all that is created, of all this being indispensable to yourselves to express, to be Love.
Brothers reflect carefully because this is the greatest stumbling block for you humans, accepting this truth to its fullest, every one of you needs others.
Let's stop here for today and we will continue this subject in the future.
My brothers, I know that it's difficult to conceive yourselves and being so needy of other people, but once you have overcome this block, you will see your Love will express itself in all of its wonderful beauty.
We will say goodbye now, I hug you with lots of affection, I too need all of my brothers and sweet sisters, how could I exist, how could I possibly even feel alone without one of my brothers who have been sweetly created with Love from my Father? I would feel like an orphan of Love because my brothers, all brothers, carry with them the same great feeling of Love that is in me.
I am not leaving you, on the contrary, this recognition brings me to love you even more because without you I myself would not exist. Love needs others and for this reason, my sweetest brothers and sisters, I need all of you.
Your brother Jesus
Message transmitted from the Sky 14th September 2005
Title Love And Respect Non-Love And Non-Respect Needs Other People
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