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Emotion Of Love For Other And Thinking Negatively

Emotion Of Love For Other And Thinking Negatively
My loved and dear brothers and my loved and dear sisters, you have all read my last message where I defined Paradise as a condition between brothers that allows them to express all of their Love that is kept inside their hearts.
Inside a body of light Love is visible, it's the little flame that lights up and illuminates the hearts, but to us this is equally visible when looking at your hearts, you can not see it, but your heart can feel it through specific emotions; when your little light shines bright you feel an emotion of Love for other brothers, an emotion of sharing and very often the little light comes on when you feel an emotion of excitement.
At the same time when you are feeling these emotions, your little light brightens up; it does not take much to put it out, it's sufficient for you to start thinking negatively and your light is out, leaving you with feelings of pain, of failure and even of disappointment.
Your condition does not allow you to remain in a state of neutrality because it's a need that you have to constantly judge, to put labels, to interpret, every single moment of your lives.
Now that you are aware of what I just told you, why don't' you try first of all to stop immediately evaluating every situation that you are living right now? Let your little light shine, your understanding of Love, and only evaluate the results over a period of time. Sometimes it's necessary for a little time to go by, can you wait until then before drawing conclusions?
For example, today is 11th of September, does it seem to you that the war is over or that there is a total involvement of the planet over that specific conflict? Of course the war unfortunately is still going on, but the experiment of trying to draw every single country into this conflict has failed; many oppositions helped prevent the realization of this project and now there is an increasing desire to leave to others the desire to conquer and take possession of the rights that belong to those populations.
Did you imagine that all this would have happened back on 11th September four years ago, when the twin towers were hit and many North American men and women died in that attack?
This very important example teaches you that even with these important events the words of peace uttered from your always-lit up hearts allowed to change a large number of emotions in the hearts of many brothers and those words of peace derive directly from your Love; these words of peace express from within the heart a desire of peace and true justice and by applying these words on other brothers they are allowing an almost fair ending, 'almost fair', my brothers, because no war should have even started to begin with. However you have a lot of ground to cover to completely embrace the contents of your hearts and now let's continue with our subject of you as individual Souls.
Emotions, as I told you, can be expressed to understand if your light is activated or if it's out, if you are acting following your Love or if you are following selfishness, or if for many other reasons you are preventing yourselves from accessing your own Love by activating your sweet little light inside that represents the contact with our Love, with the Love that we all represent and that surrounds you at all times.
Loved brothers, loved sisters, sometimes in order to change situations it's necessary to have all the commitment from your heart, the endurance to put all of your sweetest Love, these are important situations in your opinion so do put all of your sweet Love at all times, stop evaluating and believe in the great power of your heart, your extremely important Love, the power to write scripts that are very different form the ones that appear sometimes in your lives.
My brothers, go ahead and experiment, it's beautiful being able to watch you, your effort, your sweet achievements, the increasing expression of your feelings of Love, it's beautiful my brothers, beautiful to watch you and beautiful to help you; if those of you who arrived on earth will stop the judging at once it will be increasingly easy to get in touch with your Love.
An extremely long kiss my brothers, a very sweet and long kiss my sisters, the answer will come by itself, only upon the completion of the process of transformation of your Love, for this reason my brothers, donate all of your Love, give, give and feel your hearts and rejoice in the awareness that you are donating your Love.
Your brothers Jesus
Message received from the Sky 11th September 2005
Title Emotion Of Love For Other And Thinking Negatively
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