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Paradise Is A Condition Of Freedom And Presence Of Love

Paradise Is A Condition Of Freedom And Presence Of Love
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, today is an important day because I noticed that there are very many brothers amongst those of you who are listening to me who have thoroughly understood the messages that I dictated over the last few days and as a result of the effort that I put in for you since the beginning, they have chosen from the bottom of their hearts, of their own accord, they have chosen Love in all of its possible manifestations.
Today is an important day my brothers, today Sara Luce, together with many of you, will reap the fruits of their extremely important effort, an effort of Love, for their own brothers.
I am following each one of you and right now I am aware of the many and extremely important situations that you are experiencing, we will talk about this on a separate occasion.
Today I want to dedicate a sweet teaching to all of you, the teaching is still about Love and this teaching stems from my heart and is aimed at your heart and this teaching highlights the Paradise on our loved earth.
My dear ones, Paradise is a condition where Love can express itself freely, everything works according to Love for others and within the respect for every single Soul.
Our entire Paradise is shared, there are no secrets nor conditions where others can not be told what happens to all others; in our Paradise there is no difference at all between Souls, in Paradise everybody has access to everything they need and in Paradise they all consider each other as brothers and they all enrich each other by sharing their experience with others, their reflections, their lessons learnt.
This state of freedom for all of our brothers is reflected in the hearts of everybody and it generates the highest expression of Love of each brother; if you could witness a meeting between two brothers in their body of light, first of their smile, their eyes looking straight into the other's eyes, smiling, inside the eyes, the light lights up, the light of pleasure in meeting others, even if we are talking about a stranger, it does not matter, you are still meeting a brother and the meeting is turning him into someone you know because he/she is equal to me; when the eyes meet they do not express shyness or fear or desire to exploit the meeting to obtain something else, on the contrary, at the time of meeting, in those eyes that you meet, there is the genuine desire to be of help to the other, by sharing everything that is inside without expectation to obtain anything at all from the other brother other than the satisfaction, the pleasure to have been of help. This is what every meeting in Paradise is like and this is what a meeting in our beloved earth can be like.
In your opinion, is the requirement that Love be present a high priority? Go ahead and mobilize your Love and you will activate in the other person the very same Love and with each subsequent meeting, you will see amongst you the same eyes, the same smiles, the same intention that is the norm with us.
Are you up to trying it?
Sometimes the decision to always put Love also needs a little help to answer the first question 'Now what do I do?' The advice on how to answer this quick but important question lies right in what I gave you, if you want Paradise on your and our earth, start by behaving just like we do in our Paradise.
Look at others straight in the eye when you meet them, a smile that expresses your desire to help everybody for the sake of answering your brothers with a smile. This is not difficult at all to try inside your heart and it's really not that difficult to show it to others from your heart.
Today, you can begin right away and with your sweetest smiles you will make an important contribution to the creation of Paradise on earth.
Love builds, your Love builds together with the same Love of your brothers.
A few more days and we will return my brothers to talk about this experimentation, however I am so sure that you will find it so easy that I am certain in my next message I will shower you with compliments for all loved brothers, on your Love that has been built, starting exactly from Love, different methods for meeting brothers, which will satisfy you and make you happy.
I leave you now, go ahead and experiment, why don't you start from right now? Read this message again, activate your Love and go an experiment the construction of Love within relationships.
Now I will go, I must meet a few brothers, I think of my great Love for all of our brothers, and I go to the meeting, I am already very happy, I am going to help a Soul with my advice, with my experience, with my very many gifts, we are all equals my brothers, even the gifts are identical, isn't it extraordinary to all have the same wonderful gifts? Our love is equal, isn't it extraordinary? The only difference is that I am aware of how much Love is capable of building and at this point my brothers you too are convinced and by experimenting it you will experience it first-hand.
A big but not a final kiss for you,
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted to the Sky 7th September 2005
Title Paradise Is A Condition Of Freedom And Presence Of Love
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