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Do Good Deeds To Make Available Gifts And Talents

Do Good Deeds To Make Available Gifts And Talents
My sweetest and loved brothers and my sweetest and loved sisters, why good deeds?
You have been taught over the years, through your teachers, your parents, your professors at the school, in your teachings from the many adults that you have met, a synchronized chorus that taught you 'Do good deeds', but why? Have you ever asked yourselves why?
It's very important to ask yourselves this question, it's very important; in view of the latest events, the latest tragedies in our Iraq, in the latest tragedies in America, there is a common denominator, the absence of Love and your sacrifice, on a general human level, can not be overlooked.
The Shiites can be part of a religious group but they are part of everybody and at the same time the Americans of New Orleans are citizens of a large town, but they are also a part of all of you.
Brothers, I will recap a great Truth: there is no separation between any of us, we are in the dimension, you are busy in projects of growth on earth, but you and us are all, we are individuality and at the same time we are all brothers.
Now what do you think? Are others so far away, different, something else other than you or are we all brothers?
From your heart it seems like we can already hear a chorus of voices answer this question 'Brothers, my Jesus, we are all brothers, near or far, familiar or strangers, rich or destitute, skin of any colour, brothers, we are all brothers', and then my dear ones, if to your physical eye the distance is a reality, to your hearts distance is just an illusion, a non-reality.
Close your eyes and imagine right now that you were extremely small, very close, so close as to be attached one with another; at one point some of you, a small group, would disappear in front of your eyes, what would happen? Can you imagine what it would be like?
Correct, every one of you would feel the absence, you would feel as if you were missing an important part of you, you would miss those brothers for the sake of equilibrium for everybody else, maybe you would miss what that group had achieved, because absence my brothers is not just physical, it's also the lack of Love that every little group brings with it, in the art just like in the knowledge, in your discoveries, in inventions, my brothers everything speaks of what Love builds, from emotional attachments to scientific discoveries, everything is born from Love and in a way this is exactly what is making you feel their absence.
My brothers, my sweet sisters, you need to remember though that every brother always brings Love with him and we all carry the same Love, Love for everybody, in the same way as others carry affection and Love to all of us.
Why do you cry when a loved one leaves you to come to our Home? It's their affection that you miss, it's their Heart that today is no longer there and you are aware that your loss comes exactly from the absence of the other person's Love who is no longer there; brothers, in the same way, the loss of specific people who are known for their Love from many many people generate real swathes of people in tears, even people who pass because of natural causes, and by natural I mean in this discussion natural catastrophes, or if they die because of catastrophes created by mankind's violence, they leave the group of people who are left anguished or impoverished from the Love that they carried, including all of us,
Reflection is very important to understand why they taught you to do your best, to donate your precious Love to all brothers, to make your gifts, your talents, available to your brothers, because your Love may always enrich others and contribute with your own Love from inside the event that you are experiencing, to the well-being of all brothers.
This is the advice, the teachings that you are carrying inside, this is our teaching, but brothers it's your choice that can carry either your Love, or on the contrary carry your selfishness in the world for all of us.
Now ask yourselves, is it selfishness that I am carrying to the world, or is it Love that I am carrying to my world?
Is it selfishness that contributes positively to my brothers, or is it maybe through Love that I can carry my gifts to all of my brothers, my intelligence, my sensitivity, my openness, my skills, my availability and all of the wonderful traits that I am carrying inside of me?
My brothers, many of you are examples of unconditional Love toward all brothers, many of you could be examples of unconditional Love for all brothers, every brother can be an example of Love for everybody, but it's necessary for you to choose to do so, it's your decision.
What happened to those Shiite brothers and the American brothers? They are only examples of selfishness of brothers who think that 'far away' means non-value and 'far away' is what a brother feels when he does not recognize himself as a brother, and this is the question, because my brothers if every one of you thought that the other person is first of all a brother, many choices would be made clearly and rightly different.
Now reflect, for you, for your lives, do you want to bring Love or selfishness to your brothers?
Brothers, selfishness is always extremely strong in your world, but it is possible to change from the choice of your heart that you are about to make. With my hope to have helped you reflect and choose for yourselves and for your brothers, we say goodbye with all of our affection and Love for each one of you, loved and sweetest brothers, loved and sweetest sisters.
Your love is the product of your choice, we will wait for the sweet choice of Love to be made from your sweetest hearts in full awareness.
Your Jesus Christ is always with you
Message transmitted from the Sky 4th September 2005
Title Do Good Deeds To Make Available Gifts And Talents
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