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Hope And Awareness The Evolutionary Task On The Earth

Hope And Awareness The Evolutionary Task On The Earth
Loved and sweet brothers and loved and sweet sisters, I remain with you with all of my heart because it's impossible to separate from you my loved ones.
Separate, separation is impossible, is it possible to separate a plant from its flowers? Is it possible to separate a stream from its banks?
This is how we are, plant and flower, stream and its banks; the plant feeds and allows the flowers to bloom with all of their beauty, the stream is guided, channeled, lovingly controlled by its banks.
We put all of our Love to help you, my flowers, to guide you, my streams, Love, always and only Love and even if sometimes you can not hear us, your awareness of our Love always being with you begins to differentiate itself from the hope of our Love that accompanies you.
Today my brothers and my sisters we will once again talk about awareness.
Just like we are aware that on earth there are good people, loving, charitable, that go to extremes to help other brothers at the same time there are people whose selfishness damages sometimes a few people and sometimes very many people, at the same time my sweetest brothers and sisters, you are invited to be aware of the fact that in Paradise, in our dimension, all that exists is Love, always and only Love exists.
Take care, it is very important that this knowledge becomes, just like it's always been this way inside your hearts, awareness, that involves even your mind, that in our dimension Love is all that exists.
Let go of thoughts of punishment because Love does not know punishment; let go of thoughts of redemption because Love does not know the difference; let go of thoughts of thankfulness because Love needs all of its children; let go of memories of past mistakes because Love already forgave you.
My brothers and my sweet sisters, you have an evolutionary task in front of your eyes and this task consists in growing, do continue to grow by mobilizing even more the great Love that is inside you, this is your task, everybody's task, your extremely important task, and this is why you exist on earth right now, to learn to mobilize ever more your Love by helping your brothers grow, just like you are doing.
This is the task, and Love positions itself always at your side, every moment, in every situation, the impression of loneliness, which seems to be so important to all of you, my brothers and my sisters, is indeed just an illusion, it's all it is.
Important message, I urge you to escape from this illusion, my brothers our eyes are always upon you, the great Love of your loved ones, their eyes, they are always upon you, your Angels and their great Love, they are always upon you, do you call this loneliness? No, it's only unawareness, it's only a fear, it's only a detail that your eyes can not perceive, but it's a detail that has a purpose, freedom, your complete freedom from influence, freedom to take any road, to choose just like as if you were on your own, but this is not true, it never was true and never will be.
Your eyes can not see this but inside your hearts you can perceive the truth, so many emotions talk to you about our closeness, in your hearts sensations speak of this closeness, even in your thoughts sometimes there are comments and ideas that speak of our constant presence. Listen to these emotions of yours, extract, if you need to, your own proofs, get used to listening to us while we speak to you through you, from your heart, from your sensations, from your emotions.
Just like a stream flows to the sea carrying with it what it experienced along the way and when it's in the sea it finds itself equal to all other rivers and streams, this is your existence and our sea will be enriched by the Love conquests of each stream.
May you be as a bank, together with us, for your brothers and may you be a stream that is experimenting how much Love it is carrying inside.
Awareness is like being a bank, awareness is being a stream, awareness is being all creatures of Love always surrounded and helped by Love.
Today's message concludes here my loved and sweetest brothers, sweetest and loved sisters, experiment inside of you, in your heart, your being a flower, your being a stream, and open up to your search for the Love that you carry inside of you and that you carry with you, it's us, our Love and that of those brothers that have loved you so much.
I hug you with all of the affection that I have for you,
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 31th August 2005
Title Hope And Awareness The Evolutionary Task On The Earth
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