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Declaration Of Love Signed Jesus Truth Amongst The Many Truths

Declaration Of Love Signed Jesus Truth Amongst The Many Truths
My loved and sweetest brothers, and, by our same Love my loved and sweetest sisters, I have returned once again, this contact has taken place to allow me to help you with my great affection for all of you my brothers, to help you with my great Love in conquering Paradise on your earth.
It's not been long since the last time I came to talk to all of you, it was not a long time but it's been an extremely important time gap.
Often in your hearts I read the desire to hear from me as soon as possible while in your minds I read questions that you would have wanted to ask me and I have therefore returned to continue our great effort.
My much loved brothers and my just as much loved sisters, this effort, I am reminding you, is born from the heart, it's an effort of Love, it's a commitment born from the desire to help you shatter your fears and accept our existence, the existence of what you call Paradise, the existence of the Love of the Father always upon you.
You have already taken many steps, many extremely important steps, in your path you have mobilized increasing amounts of your affection and your Love and with each step you have left behind some very important seeds, brothers now it's the time to reap these sweetest fruits, born from the seeds of your actions and for this reason, my brothers, today I tell you 'feel loved and reap with all of your heart every manifestation of Love that will come your way and with each manifestation you will experience how much Love you will have managed to give in your luminous passage.
You are light because when Love lights up in your bosom, the outcome is the luminous trail that accompanies you and that you scatter on the streets of earth.
Over the last few days I have seen many luminous trails left on your streets and this transforms the earth into billions of trails that are made luminous and accessible to your brothers.
Continue to walk your roads with the intention of illuminating every road you tread upon, leave traces of your Love, traces of your generosity, traces of your kindness, traces of your availability, traces of your heart's passage along that road.
This is what I have seen over the last few days and I know that I will be seeing ever more of it.
This sweet and important effort from me and from the entire Sky allowed you to pave roads with footprints of Love, now let's continue with our happy contact and let's try to pave every road in the world with sweet footprints of Love.
To my eyes, my brothers, you seem so luminous because to my eyes your Love has been made evident and this is what my eyes see when they look at you, Love in action, your Love my brothers.
Right now if you could see your luminous hearts, you are all stars and my eyes are resplendent from your light and when I look at you with my eyes I have no choice but to pour copious amounts of Love on to you.
My sweet brothers, sweetest brothers, sweet sisters, sweetest sisters, this is my declaration of Love for you, this is my commitment of effort for you, making this declaration of Love to you today is important to me so that you may light up again within your awareness that your brother Jesus Loves you, and this declaration carries His signature, a declaration of Love signed Jesus especially for each one of the brothers and sisters that are listening to us.
My brothers and my sisters, accept my declaration of Love today, today your task I to accept this declaration 'I Love you', today concentrate on this declaration of Love, the voice is strong, it's very sweet but it's strong, I want you to understand this Love declaration sent to all of you, as the most important Truth amongst the many Truths.
I leave you to listen to my voice
Brother, sisters, I LOVE YOU
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 28th August 2005
Title Declaration Of Love Signed Jesus Truth Amongst The Many Truths
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