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Messages Of Teaching Waiting Passivity And Real Possibilities Of Change

Messages Of Teaching Waiting Passivity And Real Possibilities Of Change
My sweetest brothers and my sweetest sisters, with today's message we conclude our meetings; Sara Luce is going on her well deserved holiday and, even if only for a few days, you will not hear our words that have been accompanying you for a long time now, however, despite this interruption, the eyes of our Love will accompany you anyway, as they always have and always will.
Over time these dictations have brought the truth to light for you and have accompanied you in making you discover by yourself the many schemes that have proved to be ineffective in the expression of your affection and Love.
While reading our sacred messages many of you have abandoned these many schemes and have experimented our advice and our teachings.
Today I have a new teaching to give you and it pertains to the concept of waiting.
Many of you wait, wait for a future that is much more favorable even to express their sweet Love; many brothers wait for other brothers to change in order for themselves to bring their own contribution to change; many brothers wait for other brothers to resolve situations because they are convinced that they do not have sufficient strength or focus; many brothers await for a miracle to overhaul the situation before they take a right step; many brothers wait for something from the Father in a passive waiting state.
Brothers these are very common situations and my brothers this is also why today I decided to talk about waiting.
In my eyes, waiting means not only a little bit of time, but it means passivity; this is the main point that is included in waiting.
Let's reflect together, let's compare our thoughts and our ideas and let's try to find out how we learnt to enrich our own thoughts with the thoughts from other people to really understand the motive and consequently to embrace much more complex thoughts that are the product of the interchange between us.
Why don't you go ahead and tell me your thoughts or your views on passivity and on the concept of waiting? We will listen to you with a wish to be enriched with your sweet thought.
I received so many thoughts, I consulted your hearts and they told me the thoughts of your minds. It's also interesting to notice that while your hearts replied promptly, your thoughts said nothing else other than that they are waiting for my own words of clarification that I am about to dictate for you.
Interesting, don't you think? Waiting is your passive listening attitude as if your own thoughts are worth less than our own thoughts.
Let's reflect, like I told you in other occasions, our heart is the keeper of all truths just like your own heart, this difference between you and I only refers to one aspect: the awareness that we have developed of the precious truths that is kept inside our hearts.
This is the only real difference between us, the level of awareness of the truths kept inside the heart.
Let's continue with our teaching.
My brothers the truths contained in the heart are available to literally everybody, it's in the listening to the truths of the heart, then, my brothers, that the difference lies.
Let's listen to our hearts and let's ask our question again, why is it that waiting is often portrayed as passive waiting?
Let's try to ask our own hearts.
Perfect, we have a lot more thoughts that tap exactly from the heart, their explanations come from their affection.
Let's start by saying that sometimes waiting evolves into passive waiting exactly because the solution is not in the mind but it's at the heart level, waiting is an emotion that finds an answer in the affection and therefore in the heart.
The inability of the mind to express is the indication that the possible answer is in the heart.
And it's inside the heart that we will not turn our attention to.
The inability to act comes from the feeling of inability to make a change.
Where does this sensation of inability to make a change come from?
My sweetest brothers and sisters, it comes from non-listening; when you experienced certain problems maybe your non-listening prevented you from experimenting a change; or your non-listening infiltrated the idea in you that your parents or adults did not value very much you or the situations that were giving you problems; alternatively over time the non-listening from your many brothers made you believe that your valid problems could not be solved if not as a consequence of the answers to your brother's previous problems; or you thought that your problems did not depend from non-listening but that they were extremely important problems, needs that were impossible to meet and you accepted this motivation instead of thinking that the real problem was the non-listening.
My brothers and my sweet sisters, what impression do you get when discovering that in all of these situations we talked about non-listening? Almost all of you are noticing this and are feeling an aggressive emotion toward those people who should have listened to you and instead what you are not able to forgive to yourselves is that you too have been one of those who did not listen to yourselves.
Are you surprised my brothers? In your heart it's certainly not anger toward your parents that bothers you, insomuch as the realization that you too did not listen to yourselves in all of these years and now it's difficult to all of a sudden forgive yourselves because you are discovering that you are the very authors of your silences, of your waiting, of your passiveness.
To us this forgiveness is extremely important, start from your heart, think of how many times you have given your sweet Love, think of all those brothers you have helped, think of how many times you have listened, think of how many types of problems you have listened to, think of how many types of problems you have been able to answer with your mind and with your heart.
Don't you think that all of this speaks of your wonderful affection? Don't you think that you have demonstrated over time to be able to handle your brothers in a competent manner? Don't you think that the value of your Love is enormous?
Sweetest brothers and sweetest sisters, this is then what the eyes of your heart begin to see when they look at you, this, my brothers, is what our eyes of Love see when they look at you.
Does forgiveness exist when in front of your eyes you see all of these wonderful manifestations of your wonderful affection and Love?
Just think my brothers that if you really listened to your own affection for you, inside of you, always taking your attention and your listening to your wonderful heart, think of how your existence would change; think my brothers of how much strength, when you are ware of listening to the truths of your heart, how much strength you could bring to others, aware of their own reasons and aware of your own reasons; think my brothers of how many changes you could tenderly bring to your brothers by helping them to listen to their own heart as an answer to listening to yourselves in your own hearts.
Now that you are aware of these real possibilities of change, don't you then think that the time has come to promise to always listen to your heart?
I am sure that now you will be able to forgive yourselves and I am also sure that as of now a new life will begin, an extremely important life in which your heart, your affection and your Love will always make an effort to express itself to you in first person and consequently to express to all of your brothers.
I know, Sara Luce is leaving, but this is your commitment for yourselves, your holiday homework, this is the school of Love and my sweetest brothers, you go to school of Love every day, there are no holidays for the heart that yearns to express more each day the wonderful Love that the Father has donated to you.
Just a few more words, it's a really wonderful experience leading you to this road of awareness of your wonderful affection and wonderful Love.
My brothers whom I love so much, my much loved sisters, we will always be so close, our sweet hearts together with your sweet hearts, and I am very happy thinking of my return with my sweet words, with my sweet thoughts dedicated to all of you.
My Affection is infinite for each one of you my brothers, my Affection is Infinite for each one of you my sisters; the wait is sweet, waiting only lasts a second, when we listen to our Love, aware of just how much, how very much Love there is inside our heart, we await eagerly our new meeting, confident that this new and sweet meeting will be a new and sweet opportunity for growth.
With tears in my eyes for the sweet nostalgia that I am feeling inside my own heart and looking forward to helping you again, I leave you, but only with my words.
Your enamoured and happy brother Jesus Christ.
Greetings from all of our Sky, the Angels are singing a song that speaks of nostalgia of a meeting that is longed for with the whole heart, and they sing about brothers who are singing about nostalgia of meeting again with us.
The Angels see these emotions in our hearts and in your hearts.
Message transmitted from the Sky 24th July 2005
Title Messages Of Teaching Waiting Passivity And Real Possibilities Of Change
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