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Pride Right And Wrong Manifestations Of Your Pride

Pride Right And Wrong Manifestations Of Your Pride
My sweetest brothers and my sweetest sisters, once again today I am with you to help you with my words.
In a few days our Sara Luce will be leaving for her vacation and this will mean an interruption of our contacts, however I promise you that when you will give your Love to your many brothers, right then I will be right next to you to help you with my own Love.
Today I would like to talk to you of one thing that I see repeating itself many times in your lives, our discussion is about pride. In front of my eyes I see many right and wrong manifestations of your pride and this pushes me to help you in an attempt to clarify this.
My brothers, observe yourselves, are you willing to acknowledge that your brothers sometimes trigger in you feelings of aggressive assertion towards them?
Very well, this lesson will be extremely important for the many brothers who are ready to get to know themselves and to declare 'sometimes my pride can become aggressive'.
Let's continue then.
My sweetest brothers, my sweetest sisters, sometimes in your world this conflict between mind and affection is not able to resolve itself and your mind triggers a kind of aggression, this type of pride, that imposes, or would like to impose, your own thought on to the other person. As a result there is a lot of tension inside that brother and tension that is carried over when relating to other brothers.
Therefore tension, this tension, tends to impose its own thought, the presumed truth.
Let's look though at what happens in other persons that are engulfed in this tension.
Just like any brother, the other brother reacts in different ways to the oncoming tension, for example he could light up his own pride and bring his own tension, or he could 'succumb' by remaining silent, but my brothers, this does not mean understanding, or very often this tension could bring brothers to listen but also to judge the other brother as an aggressive person; my brothers, under no circumstance does the tension caused by this type of pride leads to understanding.
My brothers, understanding, the right understanding that mobilizes Love, can on the other hand mean understanding that brings to the recognition of the other person, of his thoughts, of his many reasons and this brings to change.
How can you tap into Love when there is aggression inside you, which is caused by the non-recognition of your reason, of your presumed truths?
We explain to you that at all times, always, inside the heart of each brother, there is our own and your Love; the recognition of this aspect already puts you in the position to lower the level of tension and, starting from your own heart, this recognition brings with it the recognition of a possibility for you to see the recognition of your thoughts and your presumed truths.
This lowering of tension inside you does not generate reactions of aggressive pride but it seems to produce a state of relative calm where you begin to truly open up to the help of your brothers.
Understanding why your brothers do not see the goodness of your reasons is extremely important; by opening up to the help of brothers in understanding, you offer yourselves, my brothers, the opportunity to discuss, to confront yourselves, to confront your own thoughts and ideas with yourselves and at the same time allowing other brothers to confront themselves with their own thoughts and ideas.
Understanding, my brothers, is the missing element in every form of conflict and it is to this understanding, to this help from your brothers, that it's important that you open up when your thoughts and ideas that do not seem to be shared or shareable by others.
This type of pride, born from understanding and leading you to express and confront yourselves with your brothers, is nothing but Love; think about a situation of conflict where you find yourselves, wouldn't you maybe like to feel that sweet sensation to have managed to speak, to confront yourselves, to clarify yourselves and to have helped your brothers clarify yourselves, don't you think that this sweet sensation could also be called Love?
Why don't you begin to listen carefully to the clarification of others with the purpose to reach this clarification, this explanation, toward those brothers who do not seem to share your views and your ideas?
Just like with every experience, you can learn not to impose your thoughts with aggressive pride and just like with every experience, the first times are not easy, you must overcome your own schemes that have accompanied you for years, but just like with every experience where the heart is expressing itself through Love, you will achieve results that will make you embrace this new method of resolving every conflict and this new scheme that I reminded you of, can replace the old one.
Right now I am proud to have helped you confront with my thoughts and my observations because I have allowed myself to confront with myself and I have allowed all of you to confront with your own schemes and your reasoning.
I am proud because Love guided me and gently, with no tension whatsoever, now that both you and I have confronted ourselves, we both feel great natural serenity in this exchange of impressions and reasons, natural serenity that is born out of truly recognizing one another as similar and motivated by the same intention to continue to love each other and help each other walk very close on the path to Love; my brothers what sweet knowledge there is inside our own hearts.
Experimenting your Love also means experimenting new methods to relate to your brothers by therefore always putting in the first place your heart, your sweet affection and your Love.
Since we are all here, hugging each other, like we are all feeling right now, I will tell you another little thing, a sweet experience of mine. Think about those little children brothers who died in a recent attack in Iraq, now they are all here next to me and they have witnessed this dictation and we are all hugging together.
With this sweet image, I say goodbye my brothers and my sweetest sisters on earth, we are building the basis to remove forever the conflict from the planet earth, so that the physical deaths may take place at the completion of a path of growth and not as a result because of selfishness or because of a very violent thought like a war being imposed on you.
My brothers, Sunday will be our last meeting before the holidays,
I will be waiting for you.
With all of my Love
Your brother Jesus
Message transmitted from the Sky 20th July 2005
Title Pride Right And Wrong Manifestations Of Your Pride
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