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Love And Awareness On The Path To Awareness

Love And Awareness On The Path To Awareness
My sweet and loved children, I am your Mother, my son is here next to me and is waiting for me to extend my sweet greetings to you before beginning today's discussion.
Just a few words to send you this great Love that I carry in my heart at all times for all of my children, my creatures who are on earth today but tomorrow will be next to me again. May the light of my great Love for you, together with our help, guide you as you tend to your brothers in your world, with the same tenderness which you have for those people whom you love and who live with you; may my light illuminate your hearts and allow you to use all of the Love that you have inside your hearts, may my sweet light comfort you in moments of difficulty, may it console you and motivate you to face the problems that you are experiencing by carrying me and my Love next to you.
My sweet son, together with his effort, is a demonstration of the Love that we continuously send to you from here in the Sky and it's also a demonstration of how much love is next to you at all times.
Children, our Love is important, you know extremely well what your world would be like without our manifestations both in the shape of help and in the shape of Love for all of my children.
We continue to guide you with Love, but children why don't you help yourselves by looking at our Sky and thinking of how much sweet Love comes all the time from this Sky for all of you? The most important help that you can give yourselves is precisely this awareness of our wonderful and great effort to constantly help you. When in difficulty, look at your physical Sky and think of every cloud that you see, or even the sun itself, as nothing other than an expression of all of this effort next to you, Love is always with you; do you need help? Look at the Sky, look at the sun, right then your eyes will ask for help and right away, very quickly the Love will descend to help you.
Now my son is tired of waiting, His Love is so great that waiting in silence brings him to desire with even greater intensity the moment of contact with all of you, this is the Sky, this is the Love from all of us, we do not wait for any other opportunity than to express our Love for you.
Wait one more second- my children, my Love accompanies you always, always, be always aware of it, always, aware of my sweet presence next to all of you.
The Virgin Mother Mary
My son comes to you I waited so long to be able to speak to you again that now every second I am not able to use my words feels like an eternity.
Now it's my Affection and my Love that's speaking and I am happy for this Affection and great Love for you; I am feeling a great joy my brothers, a simply great joy, my Affection, my words, my sweet advice, my help, every manifestation from me, every form of contact from me, they all talk only of my Love and this concept makes me joyful in its simplicity.
Just like you feel a lot of joy when you help a person, a brother or a sister, as you help with all of your Love, do you feel how much joy immediately swells in your heart? You feel like sweetly helping with your Love and gradually you feel the joy pervading more and more your heart. Do you remember how you feel in those moments?
Well in my case this joy is constant because my mission is to help you constantly and while helping you with my Love, I feel that I am helping you with my heart and this sweet joy overwhelms me, my heart is just like you; just like you, my Affection can help with Love; just like you my awareness of having helped truly with Love fills my heart with joy; just like you in those moments of joy I thank our Father who donated Love to me, his own Love and my experimenting, this fills me with joy and many emotions that make me feel alive and finally free to experiment this wonderful gift that He gave us back then.
Only Love could donate Love and the Father, in His infinite Love gave us the meaning of life itself, to exist within Love, to experiment yourself in Love, to be yourself like being the Father within the Love.
Our Father donated us His own very essence, so that in turn we could be within the joy just like He is all the time. What more precious gift could He have given us if not experimenting ourselves just like Himself?
Love donated, Love that fragments for all of his children, Love that grows through all of his children, Love that takes shape again through all of his children, this is our Father, this is the Love of the Father and our own Love; every fragment is the Everything and it recomposes itself in the Father; every fragment is Love and it recomposes itself in the Father as Love; every fragment experiments itself and it recomposes itself in the Father to experiment itself all the time.
Every fragment, which is you my brothers, contains the Father, contains His Affection and His Love, every single fragment contains the All.
So, so much Love is contained in the smallest fragment and by small I mean those people who are not yet aware that they are similar to our Father; this is a small fragment, perfect but not yet aware of the perfection that he has in himself.
But you, my sweetest brothers and my sweetest and dear sisters, you are on the path to awareness; Love is also the purpose of your journey; recognizing yourself within Love, experimenting yourself as Love, recognizing yourself within the complete Love of the brothers and in the equal Love of the Father.
This long discussion today my brothers is to tell you that we are always next to you, because whenever a single fragment has reached the awareness of being Love it can not do anything other than donating all of itself with Love to helping every single brother in recognizing themselves in our own Love.
Very many words that I dictated in this message begin precisely with the letter capital L, Love, this is the beginning, L of Love, the beginning and the end, the beginning of everything and the purpose of everything, the beginning of our journey and the purpose of our path.
So my brothers we will part again today, raise your sweet eyes, look at the Sky, look at the clouds and the Sky, you will look at our Affection and Love while recognizing yourselves within the same Affection and within our own Love, aware in a moment, my brothers, that it's the same fragment that is the life in our sweet heart and your sweet heart.
Let's part as we are, aware.
Your fragment of Love Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 17th July 2005
Title Love And Awareness On The Path To Awareness
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