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Awareness The Awareness Of One's Own Spiritual Identity

Awareness The Awareness Of One's Own Spiritual Identity
My sweetest brothers and my sweetest sisters, today I am here with you to talk about our Sara Luce.
Many of you write your letters addressed to the Sky and a reply was provided to each one of these letters.
Lately Sara Luce hardly ever answers these letters, with the exception of some very important ones; this silence however does not equate to her not doing anything for you, on the contrary, because for us who are observing her, she does even too much; we watch her putting all her infinite precision well into late in the evening to allow our brothers, in relatively short time, to have access to all of our messages and to all other initiatives that she has organized to help her brothers and sisters get closer to their own Spirit and therefore to the Love that is inside each one of you.
This enormous effort for her brothers will yield important results but it's out of the question that now she is extremely busy, even though she has help from her computer it's a different story all together to prepare every single message to be perfect for the search engines.
Sara is always alone when working, apart from the important effort from Michela in the United States to translate the texts in English, and you see how much a person, a single person, who has love in her heart, can do for her brothers.
This is the reason why you do not need to feel neglected, she is very busy and she is always busy for you.
Now let's move on to today's subject.
My brothers, my dear sisters, silence allows you to come into contact with your essence, your sweet Love.
Every time you can hear yourself in the silence, you can question yourselves, you can reflect, you can listen, like I taught you, to the impressions, the sweet words of your heart.
This is silence, a moment that is rich with you, a precious moment to listen to your Love, the reflections of your Love.
There are many of you who follow our messages, but you are all very busy and carving out some time to listen to yourselves is not easy to do, I know, it all depends on how much importance you allocate to your own Spirit.
Those of you who have already understood that the purpose of a life's journey is to grow in the Spirit, to increase the awareness of one's own Love and increase even more the awareness of one's own spiritual identity, these brothers are always able to carve out some time inside their own busy lives. Brothers, it would be fair toward yourselves, if all of you found some time, a moment for your thoughts, for your reflections, to listen to your own heart.
All too often I see you running, where are you running to, my brothers? To the grocery store? To a meeting? You are chasing time, unaware that time is precious, unaware that at any given time something is happening inside your Soul, your great great Love is recording every situation, every moment, every contact, awareness is being in contact with your own Love every moment of your life.
It's not necessary to change the rhythm that you chose for yourselves, you just need to add awareness, you just need to add consideration that every moment of your life you are experimenting your Love and by listening to your Love, at all times you are experimenting yourselves, your consistency, your Spirit.
This is my sweet invitation for today, be aware, be aware at all times of the Love that moves inside yourselves and in those moments of silence, take time to listen to your heart to grow in harmony with the great Love that is inside of you.
My brothers your life has no meaning if you fill your days with chores without ever experimenting yourselves in your heart, you just accumulate things done and things to do and things to complete, but the meaning of existence is not to write a life full of things done; what has meaning in your life is the Love that you mobilized, discovered, deployed in every single action and all of you are over there just to learn how to do this.
Awareness, awareness of your being Love, this is what you experiment at all times, every single gesture; awareness, this is the experience that you take with you once you depart from your journey on earth; awareness, this is what you carry with you forever as a patrimony of your Soul from your adventure on earth.
My brothers, do begin to be aware at all times of being Love yourselves, experiment in your awareness of the sweet emotions of your heart, experiment in your awareness on how to make silence.
Now silence will come, a few more words to say bye to you and then you will listen to silence, start right now to make a habit of listening to your Love for a few seconds, listen to the emotions of your heart and then, when listening to your heart, look at your lives and ask yourselves 'Am I always aware of my Love every minute of my life?'
Perfect, you are available, let's start right now to increase your awareness that Love expresses itself from the heart of each one of you.
One second to send you a long and sweet kiss, you are beautiful and I love you with all of myself
Your brother Jesus
Message transmitted from the Sky 13th July 2005
Title Awareness The Awareness Of One's Own Spiritual Identity
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