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Personality And Spirit Love For Others Love For Yourself

Personality And Spirit Love For Others Love For Yourself
My sweet and loved brothers and my sweetest sisters, once again I am here with you today with all my affection to help you find the right answer inside yourselves between your personality and your being Spirits.
I realize that it's very complex for you to explain to yourselves when it's the Spirit that's speaking as opposed to when it's your personality speaking.
It's hard but I will try to explain this famous difference.
Is it my Spirit speaking or is it my personality?
Let's try with an example.
Once upon a time there was a man, he was always busy helping other people, he lead a busy life and people around him saw what he was doing, until one day, this brother remembered about himself, so he reached a sweet balance, he would still work for his brothers, but every now and then he would take the opportunity to take care of himself, of his own needs, he would take nice walks, he would meet with his brothers and he was happy to spend some relaxing time with them, this was an opportunity that did not present itself very often because his brothers very often would ask for him to help them with their problems.
After a little bit of time his brothers began to feel neglected because that man was dedicating the right amount of time to himself and this meant dedicating a lot less time to his brother's problems.
What am I saying? Am I talking about his personality or his sweet Spirit?
My brothers I am talking of his Spirit; both Love for others - and just with the same level of importance, Love for yourself, belong to the Spirit. My brothers, the personality is completely focused toward other people trying to overcome the very same problems, the very same questions that the Spirit asks itself; the great Love that I have, that I experiment, is it an important part of my Soul or is it a very sweet feeling that I can have based on a behaviour that my brothers display to me?
To me it's very difficult to distinguish one from the other, personality or Spirit, but this question raises another important question in me: am I Love or do I react with Love?
This is the question that I ask myself because for me it's important to nourish my Spirit while increasing my awareness, but it's a lot less important to nourish my own individual personality.
And so it happened that our man in the story, while putting Love for himself and dedicating time to himself, discovered that there was Love inside himself and that this love was not produced only as a reaction to his brothers, but that there was Love inside of him.
What makes me sad, when I look at you on earth, is that often you confuse personality with Spirit meaning that you do not experiment the Love that is permanently inside of you, you only do that through the many opportunities that your brothers give you to experiment a quality that you have: your sweetest feeling of Love; you are made of love and when there are no brothers around you, you are still made of Love, and the feeling that allows you to experiment it, even if it is triggered as a consequence of the actions of your brothers, is also inside your own fabric, you are Love, when you mobilize Love you experiment it, but you are still made of Love.
My brothers, the correct interpretation is that you are all made of Love within the Spirit, your personality helps mobilize your Spirit, your Love, but you are made of Love, a Spirit.
My teaching today is very important my brothers because when I watch you, I notice that all of you are much more concerned about blaming your personality of standing in the way of your growth, then actually observing how your personality could be used as a base to experiment your Spirit; It's only by experimenting your Spirit, both through your personality and also through the lack thereof, you can experiment your Spirit and therefore experiment your being Love, just like you have been from the beginning of creation.
Love, you were born from Love and you have always been Love and your different personalities are your way of expressing Love and of experimenting your being Love.
Personality and Spirit coexist, the first as a way to experiment and the latter as a way to be, to exist, to interrelate; in a nutshell your real identity is having always been Love, from the beginning to the end of your journey, your existence is to be Love, while the evolution of your personalities is only the instrument to experiment within your being Love.
Even though today's discussion may seem complicated, I have explained to you today my brothers, I have explained the difference between being in the truth and being in the appearance; being in the truth is your being a Spirit, being in the appearance is your personality.
My brothers I will part from you now and I am sending each one of you, my sweet brothers and my sweet sisters, a hug from my Spirit to your Spirit, may it help you in the recognition of our common nature: we are all creatures of Spirit, we are all creatures of Love.
Your brothers Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 10th July 2005
Title Personality And Spirit Love For Others Love For Yourself
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