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Incarnation The Limited Life Of Events During The Incarnation

Incarnation The Limited Life Of Events During The Incarnation
My loved brothers and my loved and sweet sisters, your body is like a box, it's inside that box that lies the most precious thing, your very precious Love.
Let's begin today's important message by bringing your attention to your sweet Soul, can you feel it? Can you feel how much attention you already mobilized by listening to these few words that I dictated so far?
Your sweet attention is the expression of the mobilization of your Soul, your attention for your brother Jesus who is dictating this message for you, prepared with all of His Love.
This is what's happening inside the box, your Love is mobilizing and is paying attention to the words, to the teaching that I am dictating. Are you aware of your attention of Love?
Today you are still inside that box, but when death will come, the box will abandon you and you will feel wonderful in your recognition of yourselves as Souls, as Spirits and by watching yourselves you will see all of your sweet Love inside shining bright and you will be astonished to see so many colours lighting up and shining depending on the emotions of Love that you are feeling in this Sky.
Now it's impossible for you to see them, you can only imagine them, but once you shed your clothes of human flesh, your box, what I am telling you now you will see with your eyes.
This is the truth, this is the reality, you are a Spirit that is incarnated inside a box, but you are still a Spirit, you are still Love incarnated inside a box.
Sometimes during your lives you forget that you are an incarnated Spirit and you give absolute importance to many events that happen in your existences and your daily lives.
This is today's message, remember that you are Spirit and remember that many of the situations, even difficult ones, that can happen in your lives caused especially by those brothers who are still learning to put their own Love for their brothers, are always and only temporary situations.
Your existence is ancient and you have already lived many experiences and you have yet to experience many more lives inside of physical bodies, but all of these experiences are contingent, they are limited, temporary.
Your duty as a Spirit is to know your lives by experimenting your affection and your Love in all of these difficult situations, most importantly starting with your own Spirit, managing to mobilize your Love even in difficult times, by bringing your affection and Love you are experimenting yourselves, your own affection, you experiment the Love that now is accessible to you thanks to those experiences, even the difficult ones, which you have lived also through your past incarnations.
This is what is truly wonderful about every path, when you are happy or even in difficulty, go ahead and experiment this affection and Love inside yourself and this allows you to have ever increasing access to the wonderful source of your Love.
For this reason I will remind you of the limited life of events during the incarnation, because when your incarnation terminates, what you carry inside yourselves, what constitutes your true teaching, is to have been able to mobilize your affection and your Love in all of the situations that you have lived.
Now that you are aware of what I am explaining to you, do begin to think of yourselves as a Spirit that is experimenting its Love, thanking every experience that you meet in your way because it is an opportunity for you to expand your knowledge of yourselves and of your own Love. Always, always pay attention to every movement of your Spirit, go ahead and face your various negative feelings tied to your personalities and over time do understand them and dissolve them, let your positive feelings expand more and more, those are the feelings linked to Love for others and at the same time let your positive feelings linked to Love towards your being a Spirit also expand, and this is how you will experiment the strength, the serenity, the lightness, the courage, the determination that constitute your Spirit when it's your Spirit that is talking through you.
Look at all of these experiences through the eyes of Love, look what an important part your expression, your awareness, of your being Love play when determining all of the events that happen to you and starting from your own Spirit, in every circumstance, experiment, donate, adjust with your own Love; this is experience for you, this is the most important experience of growth for you.
Sometimes you underestimate the strength, the importance of your Love and instead of mobilizing it, you shut yourselves up inside your box, but it's of no use to you, on the contrary, you impoverish the experience of experimentation of your own brothers, instead do go ahead and take courage to escape from your box and affirm your wonder, you are Love, show everybody the importance of your nature, you are Spirit of Love.
Now is the time to show your real nature, my brothers and my sweet sisters, you are Love, you were born from Love, go ahead and live this experience to recognize yourselves more and more in your own Love and some time in the future, all of us brothers will recognize ourselves as Love and we will be able to recognize ourselves within the Love of our Father with great joy.
This is the path that every sweet Soul walks and may the sweet Souls that are more aware than others of being Spirit, of being Love, by expressing their own Love, may they be of example to help all other brothers in discovering themselves in their same nature as Spirit, as Love.
My sweet brothers and my sweet sisters, by touching upon this subject, did you notice what happened inside of you? You completely forgot that you are a physical body and all of the emotions that you felt originated from your Spirit, from your Love; did you notice how you feel now? Your heart, only your heart listened to me, it thought, evaluated, heard and this experience all together today also helped you make you think of yourselves and feel yourselves as what you really are, the Spirit of the body, a precious thing inside a box, a wonderful affection and Love wrapped up in a body; this precious thing has always been with you, from the moment you were born, to the moment in which you adventure began toward the gradual awareness of your being Love.
I am sorry to say goodbye, we have a few more opportunities to meet, then Sara will leave for her vacation, but the time apart will help us as usual to experiment and experimenting ourselves and then in September, we will take up once again our path of help toward the growth of all of my loved brothers and sisters.
I am already really sorry about this, nevertheless growth continues also through this interruption. Holidays are an opportunity to experiment with much serenity and without your daily chores, the long hours at work, the commuting from one place to another within towns and cities. You are more relaxed and available to put Love into your meetings, in your relationships with other brothers and therefore this is also an opportunity to expand yourselves, to pursue that dream of having succeeded at experimenting yourselves as pure Love.
I say goodbye with a big hug once again today my sweetest brothers and my sweetest sisters. I kiss you one by one.
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 6th July 2005
Title Incarnation The Limited Life Of Events During The Incarnation
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