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Thanking Effort Feeds On Love Message From Jesus

Thanking Effort Feeds On Love Message From Jesus
My loved and sweet brothers and my loved and sweet sisters, I am taking advantage of this sunny day to talk with my heart to all of you.
My brothers, I always thank you profusely for what I see inside your hearts every time one of my messages reaches you.
I dedicate a vast amount of effort to you, an effort of Love that I dedicate to you, however this is exactly the result of the great affection that your brother Jesus feels for each one of his brothers who are reading and who will be reading these messages, the result of my Love for you.
Today this message comes from my heart, the concept of being thankful, think about it, your brother Jesus comes to you and thanks you with all of his heart and in turn you are aware that you are receiving and not giving, 'what do you mean by sweet thanking us, our brother Jesus, if anything, the thanking comes from our heart and goes to you', this is how your heart answers, but this is the thank you that I am donating you today and I hall explain to you why.
When a heart puts a lot of effort to send its sweet Love, do you think that the effort is worth the final outcome? Putting effort is a choice, sharing with Love, giving with Love, facing many questions with Love, dealing with brothers with Love, this is what the effort carries inside and this is why I thank you because effort feeds on Love and by watching you during those moments when my effort joins up with yours, when my Love contacts your Love, I see you light up just like the sun is shining right now, intense, your luminosity is so intense, the light inside your hearts has the colours of Love, vivid and very intense, my heart takes pleasure in watching you and your emotions reflect on my own emotions and your Love lights up my own Love even more intensely and your joy lights up even more intensely my own joy and your hope illuminates with a new light and feeds my own hope.
This is what happens to me when I am at your side and the effort that I put into it, that I donated you, lights up with your Love and stirs up new affection toward you. Just like a star amongst other stars, your Love lights up and shines over my own Love for you and just like a star amongst stars my renewed Love envelopes you and brightens you with light and illuminates you with my own great Love for you. Do you understand now what happens to your brother Jesus and do you understand the depth of my thankfulness?
Brothers, you also light up when your effort of mobilizing Love goes toward your brothers, when you are thankful you light up like stars and your renewed Love gains strength and replies by donating with more intensity and strength your wonderful Love that you keep safe inside your heart.
Being thankful has this important outcome, it lights up your affection and your Love in your hearts and as a consequence, you feel the renewed Love yearning anew to be expressed to its brothers.
Starting from today my sweet brothers and my sweet sisters, pay attention on how being thankful lights up your heart, notice the renewal of your own Love, notice the new and strong desire to donate your Love more and more and, my brothers, notice how it's kept safe in your own heart, when it expresses itself it seems to grow endlessly, there is never a regression, the infinite Love of your hearts can give you ever-increasing feelings of Love, time after time.
This is my teaching for today, I want you to be aware of the power of lighting up the Love of thankfulness, I want you to be aware of what happens inside your hearts every time someone is thankful to you, starting from today I want you to be aware of what happens in the heart of your brothers as a result of a little thank you from you. 'Thank you' and 'you are welcome', little words that have enormous effect to the Love of people's hearts.
Once again I say thank you to you, thank you with all of my heart for the Love that you have renewed in me today once again, thank you on behalf of my own effort that feeds on Love to give you new effort, and finally endless thanks because right now from your earth we can see a firework of strongly colored lights, they are your hearts who come to me with Love.
Let's enjoy the show, heart to heart, your enormous Love together with mine, our enormous Love, and your earth looks like a jewel right now, a reflected light of a diamond and this is nothing compared to if you look at planet earth right now with the eyes of Love, this jewel that is your earth is precious, precious because it consists of all of our Love, yours and ours, beaming, Love is precious and great.
Your brother Jesus says goodbye and looks inside your hearts at the new affection and Love that is renewed by my own affection and Love for each one of you wonderful and loved brothers and sisters within Love.
Message transmitted from the Sky 29th June 2005
Title Thanking Effort Feeds On Love Message From Jesus
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