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Miracles The Reason For Miracles And For Apparitions The Faith

Miracles The Reason For Miracles And For Apparitions The Faith
My loved brothers and my loved sisters, once again I am with you today to help you grow even more by putting this beautiful Love increasingly into your everyday lives.
However as I look at how things are going lately I feel the need to enlighten you on a very important aspect of your hearts.
The important thing is the security in the knowledge that these messages, which are directed to you, are the messages that I have been dictating to you for a long time now and they are dictated precisely by your own brother Jesus Christ.
We notice more and more how, speaking as your brother Jesus, just as the Virgin Mary, just as the Father, often you demand not only our apparition especially for you personally, but you also ask constantly for miracles to solve your personal issues.
Today I feel the need to explain to you the reason for our miracles and also the reason for our apparitions.
The story is very long so I will give you a short version of it. In an effort to help you in your Faith, we decided to help you by giving you a gift, over the course of times, in the shape of apparitions and miracles.
Be aware that even in the event of a miracle, for example the healing of a person at Lourdes, is never really only for the benefit of that person only but it helps energize the Faith of all those brothers who are ill and suffering,
Today we speak of faith, but do ask yourselves, what is Faith really?
Is it to obtain everything you ask for?
Is it to believe as a consequence of apparitions?
Do you believe that the only time we exist is when one of your problems gets resolved?
Do you think that we only exist when we perform a miracle by removing your illness or pain?
Do you think that it is only through our answers to your prayers and many invocations that our existence can be proved?
Think about it, is this what you would call Faith?
Of course not, Faith is not conquered by touching with your hand, Faith is the acknowledgment of our existence, of the existence of the Father, of the Love for our Father, it's the recognition of Maria, of the Love of our Mother, it's my recognition, of the Love that I personally dedicate to you at all times, it's therefore the recognition of the Love, of our own Love and of the same Love that is kept safe in your hearts.
This is faith, the recognition of the great Love and of the All, this concept which we hear you talk about in so many different ways, is nothing else other than Love.
Inside this definition of Faith, and we repeat, Faith is the recognition of Love, apparitions and miracles serve to make our great Love and your great Love obvious.
Many miracles were not explicitly asked to us from you personally but from people who love you so much as to donate all of their love to us when asking for our intervention and you now understand that these miracles can exist as a direct cause of the intervention obtained by your own Love.
Every message that you receive, from various sources, is a miracle; every contact that you can have with our Sky, through your request, is a miracle; every event that your science is not able to explain completely is a miracle; however the sense of these miracles or apparitions is precisely that of sustaining your own Faith, not of manufacturing it, because what sense would there be in creating something that is already given to us: Love?
We could create something that does not exist, but something that has already been given to us, that exists already, why should we create it if it's already there?
A miracle presumes an already pre-existing Faith, therefore it presumes a recognition of the existence of Love.
Be careful my loved brothers and sisters not to attach the essence of the existence of our Love to these miracles and apparitions because if this is what you are thinking in your minds, many intercessions will just never take place, because this is the exact opposite of searching for our presence, we are not the ones who have to give you proofs, but it's you my brothers who need to give us proof of your recognition of your being Souls and Love. Therefore, the only way for you to truly claim 'I have Faith' is the concept of basing the recognition of your Love, which is the recognition of the gift of the Father to each of his children, also a recognition which in the eyes of the Father is recognition of being made from the same substance as Him. This is recognition, this is the only recognition which we support with miracles and with our apparitions.
This point is extremely important my brothers, always remember that the recognition from you is contingency for the recognition of Faith and consequently our manifestations only serve to give you certainty of being first of all Love, in the All of Love you are a like a little grain of Love, the All in the All.
I am happy my loved brothers and my loved sisters, to have dedicated my message today to the subject of Faith because all too often I notice that you set your own Love to one side, undermining its importance in the All, instead it's your Love that opens the doors to this Sky and the contact with our own great Love, donated constantly to all brothers across the earth.
Today is a special day to explain all this because from now on my brothers, you are now aware of the meaning of every apparition and of every miracle which you will witness and recognize and from today you will really treasure every manifestation from us to recognize yourselves as Love in our great Love, this is mostly what a Miracle is, the realization of our great Love which is your own great Love.
I will leave you for today my brothers, once again today I helped you better understand this sweet aspect of our great Love, our revelation to all of you.
Your brother Jesus who is happy because I helped you with Love to better connect with your great Love.
Message transmitted from the Sky 26th June 2005
Title Miracles The Reason For Miracles And For Apparitions The Faith
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