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Power The Problem Of Power Feeling Of Non-Value

Power The Problem Of Power Feeling Of Non-Value
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, I listened to so many questions over the last few days and today I have come to you once again to teach you to use your heart instead of your mind when you meet with your brothers.
Let's begin by tackling a very common problem amongst you on earth, which is the problem of power.
Countless situations are linked to this problem, sometimes within a relationship as a couple but much more often within brothers who are in a working or institutional environment.
Sometimes, many times, very many times, you react with anger when you feel abused, you feel a non-recognition of your own self, of your own needs, and these are very common situations on earth and all of you have a high number of personal examples to give, isn't it true my brothers?
But exactly because you are learning to put your heart, your Love, in place of your anger, today you would like to learn to poise yourselves differently and to be different, a better person, better than in the past.
I could mention a million of examples, but, my brothers, Love expresses itself identically across these countless situations.
First of all ask yourselves this question, ask yourselves what is the unpleasant feeling that you are experimenting. Write down the answers on your note pad.
My brothers, all of these notes lead to the concept which we already expressed in a previous message, that of non-value.
Let's look into this feeling of non-value.
My brothers, when you look at a brother with a feeling of non-value in your hearts, can you notice the anger that you are experimenting, the violence, even if it stops at the level of your imagination?
The non-value that you feel always generates a feeling of revenge, of violence, of reiteration, of freedom from what you consider an attack directed at you, to your equilibrium, to your serenity and to your experimenting yourselves as Love.
For this reason I decided to accompany you inside your own heart to hear your Love speaking to you, brothers, it's saying "I am aware I am always able to love, but I am also aware that the feelings that I have in the heart make it more difficult for me to express my own sweet Love, I would like to, but I am not able to, overcome this feeling of non-value toward that brothers, it's hard, it's not impossible, please help me my loved brother Jesus to overcome this negative feeling that stops me from being pure Love", this is what your heart is saying, it's telling you that it's aware of not having lost the Love that is inside but it's also at the same time aware that it's difficult to express it.
Your heart asked for help and help is what I will give you.
First of all do you think that that brother is perfect himself? Maybe he is right? Maybe he is using a form of power to impose his thought? Maybe he believes he is acting in good faith or is he using power to force his message?
And this reflection brings you to look at the other person as he is or as he is projecting himself. Respect or no respect? Right or wrong? Good faith or not? Does he have a big opinion of himself or is he afraid of what you think of yourselves? Does he behave in a welcoming or oppressing manner with people?
These thoughts push this feeling of non-value away from you and from your hearts, my brothers by this I do not mean to say that you attribute this feeling of non-value to your brother, but it mainly serves the purpose of freeing your heart from the negative feeling.
At this point my brothers the negative feeling of your heart leaves room for your Love to express itself, so now what can your heart do?
Let's try to question your heart again.
And the heart replies "Now I no longer experience that feeling of non-value, let's look at this specific situation, is he wrong? Can I bring the truth by leveraging my affection to express this truth without making him feel non-valued in his heart? Is he imposing himself? Can I have a discussion with him without giving him the impression that I wish to impose myself? Can I be present and bring forward my points without giving the impression that I wish to impose my view on him; does he have the power to impose himself? Can I be present and expose my point of view without giving the impression that I am forcing it but instead it's only to share the truth; does he have a forceful attitude with everybody? Can I express my point of view with serenity and explain that these are discussions that are shared amongst us brothers.
You have interrogated your heart, now comes my own help.
The heart would always like to be able to express its own Love, the mind would always like to be able to produce truth; brothers, let your mind find in your heart the right methods to give you the possibility to express your thoughts in the best way.
Let your mind welcome the great help from the Love that you have, battles are a product of your mind, in your heart there is only Love and this is the harmony that your heart desires for itself and therefore for you.
With this help I will say goodbye again for today, go ahead and experiment, and experiment the harmony in your heart, when replying with Love and truth to power that is imposed by others, discover harmony amongst you and, my loved brothers, you will always and only try to reach this harmony inside of you.
Then, with time, you will witness the transformation of the other person, but this sensation of great harmony that you will eventually feel will probably have already made you invulnerable to any future feelings of non-value.
My dear ones, I always think about you and I feel in the heart immense Love for my sweetest brothers and my sweetest sisters, who, by experimenting, focus ever more into being always and only pure Love.
Your brother Jesus will help you achieve this path of Love
Message transmitted from the sky 22nd June 2005
Title Power The Problem Of Power Feeling Of Non-Value
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