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Love Other People Like You Would Love Yourself Attention And Respect

Love Other People Like You Would Love Yourself Attention And Respect
My loved and sweet brothers and my loved and sweet sisters, today I want to talk some more about your Love.
I have seen you make so much progress over these last few days and because of what I saw, I decided to speak to you again of your great Love today.
Do you recall our last message? I told you that an important step to turn your unconscious Love into a Love that is conscious to you is to watch yourselves exactly in those situations where it was Love that was speaking instead of your words and your mind.
I noticed that many brothers paid attention how these situations that they experienced when in contact with their own brothers became important to knowingly understand the affection and the Love that is inside all of our hearts.
Today I would like to help you be aware of your affection and Love toward yourselves. Affection is talked about in many different ways for yourselves and these different ways fall within two specific situations, selfishness as 'taking care of oneself, of one's own interest in all fields without heeding the affection and the needs of your other brothers", and, on the other extreme, the complete fulfillment of wishes and needs of others without taking into any consideration one's own interests and personal affections.
Somewhere between these two extreme situations is where the majority of Love situations for yourselves falls.
When I came amongst you my brothers on your earth I taught you to reflect on this concept "Love other people like you would love yourself" and I invited you to put this thought into practice in your lives.
Over time many people interpreted my concept in many different ways and while talking to my brothers I noticed that the first part of this thought, which is "Love other people" is even at modern days still very much correct, however I noticed that this precision lacks when it comes to the second part of the concept which is "just like yourself".
My brothers, when I arrived, people talked of Love in a physical sense, over time the concept of Love migrated from the body to your Spirit, to the Love of the heart, however my thought, my brothers, always had a meaning inside both cases.
With "love yourself" I always meant the special respect for all emotions. Brothers, both in the sexual encounter just like in the meeting of two hearts, your emotions are active, remember how many emotions you experience with physical contact with the other person and how many emotions you feel when your meeting is primarily a meeting of emotions with the other person?
If you think about it those emotions that you feel set the direction of your meetings and determine whether or not these meetings will take place again in the future.
You should be aware of the respect that each one of you feel toward his own emotions and of the fact that he lets himself be guided by his own emotions.
"Like yourself" therefore means putting a lot of attention to yours as well as other people's emotions and mobilizing this special respect toward your own emotions just like the emotions of your other brothers.
This way Love and affection can express themselves in the best possible way, respecting the emotions of your heart and the emotions of the hearts of your brothers.
I will give you a very practical example to make you see this concept that I taught you put into practice.
Let's say for example that your wife is asking for a child, she has a strong desire to become a mother and wants a child from you precisely because she thinks of you as the companion of her life and this child can represents a concrete expression of your Love.
These are the feelings that your wife is feeling.
On the contrary you think that to fulfill her desire will have repercussions on the marriage in the sense of losing your freedom, it would mean a big financial burden and you believe that with a child you will lose your freedom to choose or not to choose your wife as the companion of your life, because with a child you feel you will be tied down forever with no more freedom of choice.
These are your feelings, so different from the feelings of your wife.
What to do? The attention and the respect of your own feelings will cause considerable non-attention and non-respect for your wife's feelings; if you accept with attention and respect the feelings of your wife, you will feel pain because your own feelings will not be respected.
As you can see this is an example that can be applied to a large number of diverse situations.
Let's continue with our example, since the process is identical.
Love can not manifest itself fully within the feeling of pain towards yourself or within the feeling of pain towards your wife.
In this case, in order for your Love to manifest completely you need to find the right way in which the feelings of both of you can obtain the right level of attention and the deserved respect.
At this point you begin to talk with each other and you bring your feelings to the table with attention and the right level of respect.
By listening to one another each one of you can bring his or her own affection and Love towards the other person while understanding his or her emotions.
You are taking the first step so that the attention and respect may help the sweet Love to express itself in the best of ways.
However while talking you are experimenting all of your feelings, those that bond you with one another, the sweet Love that you feel for one another and a sweet child would certainly be the expression of this sweetest bond and certainly a child would tie you together even more permanently however the Love that is between the two of you is so important that this bond is just what you want for yourselves from the heart, of course there will definitely be a limitation of your freedom until the child will be old enough, however it will be an opportunity to give Love and to help a creature grow up precisely with this beautiful feeling that you are experimenting and while talking, in your hearts you foresee sweet possibilities to give a piece of your heart to a young creature, your child.
We now arrived at a meeting point, experimenting your Love by talking, you have embraced with attention and respect the needs of one another and now you can make the best possible decisions while respecting your feelings and the best possible decisions while respecting the other person's decisions and at this precise moment is when your Love is free to express itself completely.
Understanding this example is extremely important to understand my concept of "Love other people like you would love yourself"
Remember that this concept's goal is the expression of your affection and Love just like the goal of expression of the affection and Love for other and by 'others', I repeat, by 'others' I mean each one of your brothers and sisters of the entire world.
With today's lesson I am sure to have helped you turn into action the attention and respect for all of your feelings and for all of the feelings of those brothers who are there with you to learn to express even more completely the wonderful Love that you have inside your stupendous hearts.
I leave you with this sweetness from the experience of Love of this young couple, can you feel my brothers what they can feel right now in their hearts?
Why don't you also teach your many brothers around you this important concept of Love: "Love others like yourself"?
This is an extremely important step my brothers, it's wonderful to see you right now and listening to your sweet hearts I feel emotions of renewed hope to use ever more often your affection and Love in your life and in the lives of your loved brothers.
I say goodbye to you with love once again today, certain that today's teaching will bring your Love to express itself more and more freely to everybody and to yourselves.
Your loved brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 19th June 2005
Title Love Other People Like You Would Love Yourself Attention And Respect
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