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Truth Understands The Truth To Listen To Heart

Truth Understands The Truth To Listen To Heart
Sweet and loved brothers, sweet and loved sisters of mine, today let's begin to notice the heart in its many manifestations.
Only the heart, uninterruptedly, transmits us the truth.
I know that nobody taught you to listen to your heart, but on the other hand all of you, from the time you were born, were taught to put a lot of attention to what goes on in your mind. Thoughts, knowledge, all the byproducts of your education, of culture, of the observations of your mind on your reality and even the results of your fears, of your insecurities, of your experiences and problems.
While you continue to search for the truth in your mind, you notice that thoughts keep piling up on top of other thoughts, on top of some other thoughts, to be followed by new thoughts and you are noticing that truth, pure truth, can not be found, maybe you come up with hypothesis, maybe interpretations, maybe elements of truth, but when looking for the truth you notice that truth is nowhere to be found.
By truth I mean the answer to those questions you ask yourselves, to any question, which as truth has the power to reconcile yourselves completely, with the sweet sensation to have truly understood.
Let's continue with our topic, as I taught you it's your heart, in the heart resides the Love that the Father donated you, that can understand, that by questioning itself, once listened, understands the truth.
I taught you that with Love you can get in touch with us and at the same time with yourselves and for this reason today, through your Love, I want to teach you to listen very carefully to all the sensations of your heart to understand the truth.
With your thoughts you always grasp elements of the truth, but with your heart you arrive directly to the truth.
Today this teaching will help each one of you grab your heart and listen to it more each day. If you seek the truth, the truth is in your heart.
Relax, your heart expresses itself freely when you are relaxed, imagine you are about to see an important discovery, you and your heart can share every life experience, always understanding the truth.
Once relaxed, ask yourselves a question. That restlessness that has been haunting your mind for the last few days will do very well. You did not find the truth in your mind, it's to your heart that we will now turn our attention to.
Very well, your question has been formulated.
Let yourselves go, what sensation did you get by asking yourselves this question?
The feeling of turbulence, perfect, those are your fears.
The feeling of not understanding, (you did not understand yourselves), perfect, those are the fears of the other person.
The feeling is of bitterness, perfect, your hopes have abandoned you.
The feeling is of impotence, perfect, you no longer have any hope.
The feeling is of confusion, perfect, you must observe more carefully what you feel in that experience.
The feeling is that of being disheartened, perfect, you need the help of your brothers.
The feeling is that of being discouraged, perfect, you need to touch the passion of your brothers.
The feeling is that of waiting, perfect, your mind gave up and you spend your time hoping that other people will give you solutions, passively you await without searching for your truth. If you think that this situation will solve itself, a long time will soon pass by fruitlessly.
The feeling is of injustice, perfect, your brothers can really help you put justice in place of injustice.
The feeling is that of not having any roads left to take, perfect, ask for our help.
The feeling is discovery, perfect, in your heart you know that you keep the truth.
The feeling is tranquillity, perfect, in your heart you know that we are always at your side.
The feeling is hope, perfect, in your heart you have the certainty that to each problem there are not one but several possibilities for a solution, the truth can be applied in many different ways.
The feeling is happiness, perfect, you are so close to your heart to put your Love even in that specific experience.
The feeling is of understanding, perfect, congratulations, seekers of truth, your path toward the maximum achievable knowledge has began long time ago and continues thanks to your desire to understand, comprehend the truth.
Brothers and sisters, if many of you have experimented feelings that are very different from the many that I listed, it simply means that the meaning of your feelings has inside it all of the thoughts that you created with your mind up until then. The more thoughts, the more negative feelings.
Now you better realize that your mind, far from being of help to you, has changed the reality of the problem by charging it with so many questions to force you to impotence and desperation.
On the contrary, do tackle every problem right away, the solution is in the heart and by listening to your heart you will always know the truth.
If you face your situation as if it is possible to find a solution for it, by asking additional help to your heart to understand, for example, which are your fears or the other person's fears and all that I have indicated to you, you will see my brothers that the clarity will help you seek the most suitable path to permanently resolve that problem.
Despite the fact that today's teaching is about the heart, you often learn that the knowledge of the truth inside your heart can allow you to instantly recognize in a certain brother or sister the truth that is moving inside his or her heart, and you will immediately understand or intervene in the best possible way.
Now we will say goodbye, a big kiss donated to all of you as always with infinite affection and Love, I embrace you and I leave you to reflect and to experiment.
I see right now the interest on the experimentation, congratulations, by taking on this method I will see, my brothers, many more smiles on your faces and a smile is an opening of your heart and it gives your wonderful Love the opportunity to express itself a lot more.
With much, much Love
Your brother Jesus
Message transmitted from the Sky 12th October 2005
Title Truth Understands The Truth To Listen To Heart
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