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The Truth Is In The Heart The Road That Leads to The Truth

The Truth Is In The Heart The Road That Leads to The Truth
My sweet, sweetest brothers and my sweet, sweetest sisters, today we will continue to understand the road that leads to the truth inside your wonderful heart.
We will sweetly take you by the hand, our hands joined together, one hand sweetly in the other, let's begin this discussion on the heart with the question that I want to ask you now: "how does your hand feel inside mine?"
Think back sweetly on those moments when certain messages from Us touched your heart, I wrote those for you and there were many a times when you thought "it feels like this message was written especially for me" and, my brothers and sisters, you allowed this message access directly into your heart, thinking "My dear and loved Jesus is here with me, it's a feeling, but there is a lot of truth in this feeling" and all of a sudden you felt as if from inside your heart a sweet warmth was radiating from inside of you. That sweet sensation was my answer to your question.
Every time your heart thinks of your brother Jesus, here I am, very sweetly right next to you, here I am giving you a sign of my presence, you happily notice your sweet sensation that fills your heart with Love, happy, you are very happy.
Right now, your brother Jesus takes your hands into His own, you can picture Him, now listen to your heart and listen to the feeling that I am sending you.
Now open your eyes, with your physical eyes you will not see me, but inside of you lingers a feeling of Peace, could this lingering feeling inside of you be the truth?
The truth is in your heart, it stays there, you can feel it, the truth is in the heart and your heart tells you that right now I am next to you.
Do you need advice? I will listen to you
Do you need help? I will listen to you.
Do you need a moment of Peace? I will keep on sending the answer to your heart, yes, we are together, yes, we are in contact, yes, we are also in physical contact, yes, all of this is truly happening.
How many times did you think that it would be much more difficult to meet your brother Jesus, how many times did you think that errors, mistakes you made could have pushed me away from you, how many times did you think that your brother was busy helping numerous other brothers and was too busy to spend a few minutes with you, how many times did you think that I was close to you and then you decided that I was not doing anything to demonstrate my vicinity to you, and how many times after that, then, very many times, did your thoughts say "impossible, why would He manifest Himself to me right now, why me? It's not as if I dedicate Him a lot of time. I am so unrealistic, expecting that He manifests Himself to me", and instead, my dear brother, I am always there for all of you, always, there is no brother or sister that does not know my presence, every time a thought for me is born from His heart, a thought of need, a thought of help, a sweet thought of Love, a thought is a calling message from your heart which says, that brother, that sister is thinking about you, go and tend to your brothers with all of the Love that you feel inside, it's important, every moment of meeting with us is sweetly important.
Listen to me, what do you feel now?
You can feel me inside your heart, there is plenty of room here in your heart to speak up, to help me understand you and help you with all of my Love.
Sometimes, you revisited the answer that you felt inside your heart, you felt my message made up of feelings, messages, sweet advice, ideas. Why is it that instead of being so sure of my presence at your side, you like to think that the sweet advice, the intuitions, certain thoughts of mine, are born from you, maybe from your mind, isn't it better to accept the reality of my help? Do you feel uneasy about accepting the Love that I feel inside my heart for you? Tell me, the answer is no, isn't it, there is no uneasiness, in sensing those feelings that since we have started to speak you have been feeling inside your heart, it's more of a happiness than an uneasiness, would you agree? Besides, what's nicer than being helped by the Love of a brother, if he could He would welcome me in His arms and would want to stay embraced together forever, but it's not fair, you experiment in freedom and you need to move around, to experiment your affection and you are learning to understand those feelings inside your beautiful heart, to understand that it's through your heart that you arrive at the truth.
Despite the fact that I know all this, be aware that my desire is precisely that of hugging you all the time. This great truth, my sweet truth, I wanted to share this with you to answer your questions on my supposed distancing myself from you.
How do you feel? Are you conquering the truth, many thoughts, born from anxiety, outcome of your fear not so much of potentially being abandoned but to have been abandoned since you came from Paradise and descended on earth and it's for this reason that over time I showed you my uninterrupted closeness through your heart, through your hearts, my answering your invitation to stay with all of you for a little while.
My sweet, sweetest brother, my sweet, sweetest sister, while we are still together, let's cement our reciprocal desire to spend some time together, I will wait for you until you are ready, you know that, by now all you need to do is to simply think of me and I will show up, with all of my affection I will hug you for at least a moment, then we will be together, you will talk and I will listen, and then in the silence of your heart I will know the words to say to you.
This is a great and wonderful truth, I say goodbye inside my heart, listen to me, or maybe you would like to take this opportunity to talk to me a little while?
Your Brother Jesus Christ
Message sent from the Sky 16th October 2005
Title The Truth Is In The Heart The Road That Leads to The Truth
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