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Love Means Doing Everything For The Good Of Your Loved One

Love Means Doing Everything For The Good Of Your Loved One
My loved brothers and my loved sisters today we will finally clarify a few things on the subject of Love, on the help that the Father and all of us continuously send to all of you on earth.
It was the Father who suggested today's subject because from your communications, also your letters to the communications from your hearts toward us, often He notices, we notice, that there is confusion in your minds about all that we transmit on earth.
Sara Luce herself notices that in her mind, despite all of the messages dictated since long time ago when our sweet adventure began, there are still thoughts, they survive still, thoughts about Love that do not actually speak of Love.
So today, with clarity, we will take up again the subject of our Love.
There are so many things that we should go over, but let's proceed in order, to aid clarity.
Love means doing everything for the good of your loved one.
This is the fundamental concept of Love, doing as much Good as possible for those you love.
And by "loved ones", my brothers and my sisters, I mean each one of you. Very often we repeat the word "everybody" because you are all loved by your Father and all of us here.
The manifestations of our Love for you only vary in function of the openness of your heart toward us; the more open your heart is, the more manifestations you are able to perceive, in any case at any given moment, whether you perceive them or not, pure and simple Goodness and Love descend upon you.
By Goodness we mean encouragement, support, our help during difficult moments in your path, we console you, we help you reach awareness, we infuse you with courage and our Love always envelopes you with light to feed and sustain your Love at all times. With the Angels at our side, we are always in contact with you and at all times we give you advice.
This is what comes from the Sky.
Generally this is our intervention to all of you, then there are of course specific situations that pertain only to you individually and your project of growth, however, Goodness, my dear ones, expresses itself in many different ways exactly because our Love for you is great.
In Paradise, my brothers and my sisters, only Love rules and this means, sweet brothers, that Love only expresses Love and for this reason nothing other than Love can come your way.
Brothers, so why is that that if this Love does everything that is necessary for your Goodness, your happiness, the achievement of your objectives of growth, it sustains you at all times, it cuddles you, it gives you advice, why is it that all too often, when faced with situations where there is no Love present, you think that we are sending all of you, or to other brothers, or to that brother or sister, something that is other than Love?
How is it possible to accuse Love of not being Love at all?
Situations with your physical bodies, ill or suffering or constricted in some important function, are they bodies created by us for you?
Do you think that Love wants suffering for its own children? Is this what you think of the Father and of Love?
Much as this seems absurd to us, since Love as Goodness only wants happiness, your own minds are full of false accusations toward us.
The body, my dear ones, in its condition, is the result of the mixing inside your bodies of two cells that carry with them in their DNA all of the characteristics of that body; there are many things that interfere in the mixing of these two cells, however this mix is guided by your own bodies, and not by the Sky, which only allows that Soul to be contained in that body, the Soul is assigned to that body with its project of life, that body is chosen by that Soul for that journey.
Suffering is not Goodness, limitation is not Goodness, constraint is not Goodness, even suffering due to an illness is not Goodness, but it's respect for your own choices.
Let's review this concept: to Love is to want Goodness for the other person.
Other situations, if you will allow me, tell you that Love wants what is Good for you, it's not easy to place people in your journey, those people, those sweet Souls with whom you have chosen, programmed, a journey together, for many reasons you have programmed this meeting and from the Sky this meeting is then guaranteed.
However, my brothers and my sweet sisters, this does not mean that every person you meet is that specific brother or that sister with whom you had sealed the choice for a meeting, many brothers are around you and every relationship is born spontaneously amongst you brothers, through your meetings, friendship, Love, professions, shared passions and much more, but these, my brothers, are relationships that are born from your meetings and are not the result of an effort from the Sky.
Remember this when someone you have met will disappoint you, acknowledge honestly that that brother crossed your path and it was you, my brothers, who allowed both of you to enter into a relationship. Yes, I agree, sometimes even the very people with whom you had indeed programmed a meeting often can disappoint you, but this is neither a responsibility of the Sky insomuch as the journey of life of these brothers, their fears, your paths of life and your own fears that can alter those meetings.
I am sorry, but suffering does not belong neither with the Father nor with this Sky but is more the product of the Love that you manage to mobilize inside your heart and the result of this mobilized Love is the situation in which you have all been placed; your Love and the Love of your brothers creates your contexts.
Let's review the concept of Love: Love only wants Goodness.
My brothers it really pains me to hear you thinking, and there are many of you who are thinking this, that Love is chastisement, punishment, mean intervention, revenge, tit-for-tat, suffering, why? What does Love have to do with any of this?
Love only wants Goodness, we don't even have Hell in this Sky because Love gains strength, grows, only when in contact with Love.
Brothers, this is the principle in Paradise, in order to grow within Love it's very useful to learn while in contact with Love; this principle of Love can explain also the reason why this is a school for all of you, Paradise is not a school, because when you are in contact with Love, you will all have the opportunity to confront your Love with other brothers and to confront your Love with the same great Love of the Father.
In this situation, where all of you are Angels, meaning that you exclusively speak of your Love and you confront each other with Love, go ahead and find out if 'revenge', 'punishment' and 'chastisement' can possibly be words appropriate with your situation.
If the Love in the Sky, just like upon your earth, only wants Goodness, how is it possible to think that Love can produce punishment, the law of tit-for-tat, suffering, retaliation?
Are you finally in agreement my brothers?
Let's review the principle of Love: Love only wants Goodness.
My brothers the outcome of these inaccurate messages about the Sky inside your minds unfortunately means that you voluntarily distance yourselves from the truth and from our sweet Love.
Once you understood this principle of Love where it's confirmed that Love only wants Goodness, go ahead and begin to notice that a few of your doubts have now been cleared up, let go of all thoughts of non-truth and your heart, supported by my words, will open up again to the real Love that all of us constantly, incessantly send to your earth.
Paradise could be a place where you learn, where you exchange views, where there is plenty of tranquillity and Peace, a place to rest from your fatigues of your journeys on earth and instead, my dear ones, all of us are always busy helping you so that your growth, your experimentation, your journeys and those of our other brothers of the entire world, can proceed further toward happiness, further toward satisfaction, toward affirmation of the feeling of Love and Joy.
My brothers there are many examples I could review with you, many, many, really many of them, however once you understood the real principle of Love, that Love only wants Goodness, if you based your thoughts on this true principle you will be able to write by yourselves, you will correct many thoughts that are distancing you from Love and your rectifying and correcting these thoughts will bring you ever closer to the realization of the truth of the principle of Love.
And I am now at the good-byes, I hug you with my great passion, because teaching you is to allow your hearts to accept the truth, to take your own responsibilities and to free your heart from the chatter of your minds, it can be more and more heart, it can be more and more Love.
Your brother Jesus, in His eyes is the joy of having helped you, in His heart is the hope to always continue together the journey toward the truth and the Love and inside Him the awareness of how much Love reaches you uninterruptedly from the Sky.
Message transmitted from the Sky 20th October 2005
Title Love Means Doing Everything For The Good Of Your Loved One
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