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Guidelines To Understand The Intervention Of Heaven On Earth

Guidelines To Understand The Intervention Of Heaven On Earth
My loved sweet brothers and my loved sweet sisters, today we will continue the topic we began last time to understand clearly what our Love does for all of you, children of this Father of ours.
It's impossible to speak of every possible situation in which our sweet Love manifests itself.
Therefore we think it would be better if we dictated some guidelines to understand our intervention, just like we did last time; when you have assimilated the concepts that guide us, I believe you will be able to evaluate every single situation fairly.
Let's repeat the concept of Love: Love only wants your Goodness, yours and everybody's, every brother of the world.
Let's begin by taking up our discussion from the natural phenomena.
Earth, the planet earth, throbs with life, it is constantly affected by your actions and it adapts to your changes all the time: positive changes as well as changes that jeopardize earth's equilibrium, these changes bring your earth to adapting to the changes that are taking place.
It consoles me to know that you believe, and there are many of you who think this way, that we are of the opinion that earth is constantly attacked; and that you attribute, just like we do, the responsibility for all of these earthquakes and climatic phenomena to the exploitation of the resources, economical exploitation which does not respect either the people or the natural conditions; and just like us, you attribute the responsibility for very many disasters to which all of you are directly exposed to those brothers who live in exploiting Countries.
Your sweet earth is alive and the attitude of brothers toward exploitation is to think that earth is an immutable object available to their brothers only to give you what you need without getting anything in return. This lie is the consequence of the selfishness with which the problem is approached, both with respect to earth and also toward those people who, through their simple jobs end up making some other people much richer than they could ever be, or even by occupying with their power a simple little piece of land.
Selfishness allows those brothers to inflict that exploitation that affects all of you at different levels.
The earth's answer to this exploitation, my brothers, should make you think about the selfishness of your own brothers, selfishness that you can fight together by uniting your voices and beginning with yourselves by removing selfishness from your own lives.
My brothers our help in all of these situations is that of lining up our energy next to yours; every brother who comes in contact with those of you who want to erase selfishness from earth, will have us right at his or her side; if you think of the many situations that you have experienced, and you are wondering where all that energy seemed to have sprung up from, it made you talk to others, that energy that sustained you during those communications, that satisfaction that was so tangible, those compliments that you gave to yourselves, manifestations of our Love, a help toward Goodness for you brothers.
Many, numerous times groups of brothers have sent Love to earth, there are many groups who do this service for earth, for those who suffer, for those who lost all hopes, these brothers always recall such intense feelings of implosion, without limits, of every brother, of every sister, even inside those hearts, earth, the entire earth in its structure, in its elements, in its inhabitants, this enormous Love energy and affection is the result of the meeting of their energy with our energy.
Brothers, at your side for the Goodness of everybody.
Brothers who are suffering, brothers who are helping and we have always been and always will be at your side to help you, always, always, and always, next to your energy and your great and wonderful Love.
This too is Love, support, our help to reach the Goodness for everybody.
Many brothers, who can not perceive our presence with their own eyes, and in their heart is a lack of thoughts toward us, absence of awareness of our existence, we are always at their side every time a specific event brings Goodness for every brother. And even if the sensations of their heart do not match with the awareness of our help, the heart answers - I know you exist, I know you are Love, but I am convinced that giving Love is first and foremost my duty, I will manage by myself, just because I am alone does not mean I am alone in the Love, but it means I am with the Love of other brothers - this is what the heart of your brothers tells me all the time and we answer with all of our Love equally because your Goodness is even more important than the recognition of our existence.
Brothers, this is what Love is, focusing all of our actions for your Goodness.
Brothers, what I just told you has enough to fill a book with your observations, with your experience, with the emotions you lived inside your hearts. So why is it then, that we witness doubts in your hearts over and over again, isn't maybe your experience the element on which to feel the existence of the Love that surrounds all of you?
Are you beginning to understand that, when you contact all of us, your often misunderstood experiences bring you to ask for manifestations, when it is the actual understanding your experiences, my brothers, that brings you to be aware of our presence; why don't you treasure those feelings from your heart that you are experiencing more frequently; the truth is inside your heart and it's through the experience that you are feeling that the emotions that convince you of the fact that Love exists next to you and works always with you.
Let go of your fears because where there is Love the contact is only with our Love.
I am happy that you participate with your other brothers to associations that have as an objective the Goodness for everybody, and this achievement of the objective, since we are all brothers this means this is also our own objective, will see our Love united.
My sweet brothers, the next time we will continue our message from here, because I am noticing that one obstacle to the rapport with Love is represented by the many fearful messages that have been sent to you and I need to reflect a moment to be able to definitely help you in overcoming your own fears toward the messages of experiences with the Sky, presumed experiences, of your brothers who talk of fear and not of Love.
In order to help you with the due clarity, let's continue with our next meeting.
However, do absorb my sweet message for today inside your hearts, Love spoke with you, Love explained to you, Love helped you as it's always been the case and as it will always be.
With this Love that I represent, my brothers, my sisters, I hug you, finally I can tell you that you are listening carefully to the truth of your hearts, that truth that has been inside of you since always, Love inside of you, Love outside of you.
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 23rd October 2005
Title Guidelines To Understand The Intervention Of Heaven On Earth
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