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Heaven The Place Of Love To Get In Contact With Heaven

Heaven The Place Of Love To Get In Contact With Heaven
Here I am today my loved brothers and my loved sisters to help you once again to free yourselves from the many fears that have conditioned you about our Love and about what comes to you from this wonderful Heaven, the place of Love.
Let's clarify one thing first: many of the things that were told to you are false, they are only the result of the fears of those brothers who often have in their hearts terrifying figures and those are images created by their fears; for example, once I witnessed a presumed meeting between a person who had already left your dimension and a parent, a human being, the human being sees the departed relative, gets scared, does not know if this is real or if it's a vision, in his heart the fear turns into fear for his own welfare and when this departed person lovingly comes close to the parent, the human creature starts to run away, scared from his own fears. If you could have seen, or heard, how this person described this experience afterward, there is no need to tell you, you can imagine it yourselves, this departed relative only wished to be seen by everybody to encourage people to hope in forgiveness from him because during his own life, this human being and other people had caused him harm.
Do you understand now how your own fears, so important to you, can condition the meetings between our two worlds, our two levels?
This is why, my brothers, when listening to these stories I invite you to always ask questions that help you understand what fears can that brother keep inside his heart.
And now let's start with the experiences of those brothers who get in contact with our Heaven.
Brothers, everybody has in his or her heart the ability to get in touch with the Heaven and this is in answer to your frequent questions on the subject of why only a few people are able to contact us amongst everybody; brothers this is because the Father donated this little light to you and He put it into your hearts; that light is inside all of you, however some brothers actually activate it and some others don't, this is the only reason.
Now let's start to talk about those brothers who activate their little light.
The possibility to contact us is inside everybody's heart, however there are several reasons why some brothers want to get in touch with our Heaven.
For example, I can imagine, there are people who have a loved person who is here with us and would like to feel their vitality again, their existence; you can picture that brother researching for a way to get in touch with a loved person; there are many, numerous methods to help you, however the possibility to contact with starts only begins with the activation of that little light.
While I am speaking to you my brothers I realize that for you it's always difficult to talk of something that you can not see, the little light is inside your heart, it's visible to all of us but it's not visible to you; however you do feel the emotions, you feel it when your desire for affection, Love, pushes you to speak while looking in our direction, toward the Heaven, and you feel the emotion of affection, of the Love and the hope that guides you in this contact. This emotion that you feel corresponds to the lighting up of the little light inside your heart.
The little light has been lit, you are aware of the desire to rediscover a much loved person, there is no danger, because physical death, the transformation you go through at the time of the physical death, does not interrupt that relationship of Love, on the contrary it amplifies it because once you arrive to the Heaven your affection will speak for you.
Many techniques to contact our Heaven use tools, even complex ones, however my brothers our contact is always a contact of light of Love that adapts to the various tools and methods and lights up your Love at the same time as our Love during this contact, the light in your heart lights up and we feel we are being called and we always answer with our Love to a contact that is born from Love.
In this precise moment Sara Luce lit up her little light and we, with our Love, respond to the invitation of affection and Love from Sara toward us and toward everybody.
This is why, my brothers, only Love always corresponds to Love.
If you believe that Love can answer to everything you are wrong because Love answers only to the contact of Love.
Many people spend a period of time in contact with Love when they face the many fears that are always inside your hearts, but it's actually the contact with Love that gives them the courage to face all of these fears, small and large, and in order to overcome them you need courage, it's true, but it's courage that is powered by our Love.
And so I have cleared up the notion that the true contact with the Heaven comes only from Love.
Many people do not come in contact with Love but with curiosity. What happens of these people?
What do they come into contact with? Is it our Heaven they contact, or is it other dimensions, or other brothers, what do they contact?
Let's begin by saying that talking of dimensions is used to explain rather than to describe this reality.
When you think of yourselves, you define yourselves and you label as 'other' what you do define as not yourselves; you use many terms to differentiate yourselves from others and it's for this reason, brothers, that in order to explain it to you, we use your same separations, even though in reality these separations never existed.
Let's go back to the concept of dimensions, this concept is what you often use and for this reason we use it too, however the truth is the existence of one single dimension that sees all of us at the same time. A dimension without time, we are all brothers in the dimension without time. Time is your own method to organize yourselves, but it's not the truth, timelessness, because time expects an end and a beginning, and in our condition there is no beginning or end, we become without a place and a time.
Do you now begin to understand that these contacts can only take place at the same time in this single dimension.
That contact activates a part of our dimension, while the contact with Love activates Love, the contact with non-Love, such as curiosity or cultural research or need for proofs or need of brothers with specific powers, they activate certain abilities that are present in this dimension although they are not in an active state.
For example, is evil active? No, evil is a possibility, it's an existing ability but it's not active. Let me explain, when used in the right way, Love is active because it can create, with the help of the Father we can create, transform, utilize certain energies; evil, on the other hand, as an ability, can not be active, can not therefore create; it's people, who through their actions, can transform this ability into an activity; the human being is active, it transforms the human being, it utilizes human beings, evil can not create, transform, or utilize because evil is a non-active ability in our dimension.
Therefore those brothers who are aware of the fact that evil can not create, specifically in terms of possibility, non-active ability, must exert themselves to make active what is not active. However in this there is the concept of responsibility, enabling something through one's own actions is assuming a responsibility.
I have explained this concept to you because it's very important that to cause evil is one's own responsibility, evil does not produce evil, it's the responsibility of human beings that activate evil by actively doing evil things.
I am referring to certain phenomena that you often attribute to evil itself, often these situations are so complex to understand from the outside because not all of you are aware that the selfishness that determines these situations, from 'ritual Masses' to satanic or malicious rituals are not the product of evil, which is inactive, but of the activity of the involved brothers.
Now let's move on to the question of curiosity or of cultural research, as a research of similar or famous people.
Brothers, this possibility is also an inactive ability; actually the famous brothers are alive, those brothers who through their effort contributed to technological advance, innovations, etc, etc, do exist, they are alive at the same time in our dimension.
To activate it is always the responsibility of the human being, the creature that gets called will answer, but how does it answer? There is only Love as an active energy, what type of energy will mobilize when Love is not activated?
Destruction, this too is an ability, a non-active ability, destruction also needs to for the intervention from humans to be able to become active, sometimes it activates through the energy of the single brothers, energy, you are all made of energy, this energy can activate destruction, if you think of how much evil you can send with just one sentence, you can understand that destruction needs your intervention to take place and also in this case it's your own responsibility to activate a destructive ability with your energy, it's an ability that is indeed present but it's not active.
So this is how very often destruction can take place, your energy can activate it and this is your responsibility.
Phenomena of explosions are the result of your own energy utilized to activate a present, but non-active destruction.
Many brothers have observed instances of glasses that move on a table or on charts, please understand that this has nothing to do with Love as a manifestation, it's rather the product of a great energy that brothers are using to destroy and in fact instances of terrorizing or deathly or threatening messages are not uncommon, this is the result of the activation of destructive potential through brothers' energy.
Finally we will return to talk about the contact through Love.
Love is the only active ability, a possibility that actually creates, that uses energy and transforms it; and just like all energies, the greater it is and the more possibilities it has; in your heart you have that little light, the possibility to activate it and to get in touch with the Heaven; the greater the Love is in that heart, the more endless are the possibilities to access to the Love that is in that heart.
Sara Luce is asking me when the heart has a confirmation of the quantity of Love that is part of his contact.
Interesting question.
A confirmation of this can be given by feeling his own brother Jesus, for example, or hearing the famous messages of the Angels, however feeling the great Love inside, in my opinion, is the best confirmation.
When that brothers or that sister feels a great Love being born toward all of his or her brothers, without any distinction, then that brother, or sister, will know how great his or her Love is; for example our brother Jesus has awareness of His great Love exactly because in the center of my life I have a great Love for all of you, and I mean really all of you, my brothers, and when my heart feels it's being called for, I can not resist, it runs to help; this is an example to help you gain awareness starting right with you of the obstacles or of the freedom in your wonderful heart of the Love that is inside all of you.
Now we will conclude this extremely long message, as always it was Love that spoke with you, it helped you understand and distinguish the manifestations of Love from other manifestations activated by the actions of humans, but now, based on this clarifications, let go your false considerations often attributed to Love and let's repeat for the last time the principle of Love: Love only wants Goodness, all of the Goodness, for all of its children.
With great Love
Your brother Jesus
Message transmitted from the Heaven 26th October 2005
Title Heaven The Place Of Love To Get In Contact With Heaven
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