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The Conscience Of Being To Become And At The Same Time Be

The Conscience Of Being To Become And At The Same Time Be
My loved brothers and my loved sisters, today, once again, I come to you with all of my great Love.
The effects of my last message were very important; as I look at your hearts, the light of Love of your hearts has increased in intensity, it's the result of a greater openness toward your own Love and it's the result of having pushed away those fears from your hearts which had been there for a long time.
This is why the luminosity increased, the intensity of your heart, the light of your affection and Love.
With these hearts made more luminous from the truth, let's continue, my brothers, in our path.
Now many more things are understandable and just like the pieces of a mosaic, a mosaic made of truth, my brothers, do think of our dimension and of all that exists in it starting right from the truth.
Which is why, in the continuation of our program of help to all of you brothers, who are experimenting on planet earth, when you think of your earth, we would like you to imagine yourselves simultaneously busy by our side, within a simultaneousness that includes you and us.
Simultaneous because our contact is simultaneous, simultaneous because you and we exist on earth as well as many other places simultaneously and we are all connected collectively and simultaneously.
Our act of becoming is to Be simultaneously, the conscience of Being is to become, but at the same time we are, and have always been, Be.
The conscience of Being is our common path, the path that began from Being, continues through Being and ends in Being and our deeds are at the service of conscience.
Love is to Be, Being of Love.
I invite all of you, as part of this great and wonderful Being which we all constitute, so that every conscience, while recognizing itself in the Being, may become part, with its own Being, of the Being that all of us have always been representing.
In view of what I dictated, let's continue with our journey with the intent to continue to increase our awareness of our Being.
Today I thought I would take you by the hand and begin a discussion on the subject of awareness to help you truly be conscious of your own Being.
Let's therefore proceed with this exercise.
You are on earth, you are simultaneously part of the dimension that includes all of us.
What does this prospective make you think of?
Is there distance?
Is there separation between us?
Is there even so much as a veil that stands between us?
My simultaneous brothers, you and we, our actions and your actions, the simultaneous impact on us of what happens between those brothers who are experimenting on earth, and the impact on you of what happens between the disincarnated brothers. We are and you are at the same time, and brothers, all of us together make up one unique conscience, the Being, the Being which is the result of the contact of our finite Beings within an all that is an overall expression of our Beings and it's the Being to which all of us contribute.
This overall Being right now is increased in awareness and it's you, who by increasing your awareness, are also increasing the overall awareness of this Being that represents us.
This is an important subject because by increasing your awareness you have increased the overall awareness of our Being and this increased awareness pours over to all Beings, it reaches all elements, even the unaware elements, which form the overall Being.
This is to help you understand that, in our dimension, every single behaviour, or intention or project has an instant influence over all of us. Awareness is intention, employed energy or movement of energy that expands simultaneously over the all.
It's for this reason that today I would knowingly like to invite you to continue to be more and more fully aware that the borders between us are much more expanded than you have ever thought and this means paying attention with your thoughts, even before your actions, to the great meaning for the overall Being of the influence of even just a single thought or implementation or a conceived thought, or a implemented thought.
Referring to Love, based on what you know today of Love, you should already be able to understand and change even just one single thought that does not reflect the concept of Love; keep your thoughts focused on Love and evaluate through this thought every situation in the continuity of life and make changes starting from the concept of Love to every manifestation that speaks of non-Love to your eyes and your heart.
It's a constant effort, continuous, extremely important to your eyes and to those of your brothers who exist on earth together with you and also at the same time to our eyes, as we are part of the overall Being with our own Beings.
This is the important message that I want to donate to you today, important awareness to guide your next steps.
It's difficult for me to leave you today, what I taught you today is important, very important, and to leave you instead of beginning again by taking you by the hand and moving on, reminds me that time exists for you but not for all of us, who are always overall oriented toward increasing with each moment our awareness of our Being everything.
I would like to give you only one concept: do you remember the conditioning that you have overcome which has brought you to your increased awareness? This means that the conditioning no longer exists in you and this corresponds to a reduction for many more brothers of the conditioning itself of many other hearts, those of your brothers
And now I kiss you, all of you who live in time but also in the non-time.
A very large kiss with all of my Being
Your brother Jesus Christ.
Message transmitted from the Sky 30th October 2005
Title   The Conscience Of Being To Become And At The Same Time Be
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