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Light Of Love Message Love Is An Active Energy That Transform

Light Of Love Message Love Is An Active Energy That Transform
My loved brothers and sweet sons of our Father and my loved sisters and sweet daughters of our Father, with my eyes full of Love I look at all of you, it's a beautiful sensation for me because the eyes of Love allow me to notice the beauty that is coming from your hearts. A light so intense that I don't believe it ever existed before today; at the time of creation this luminosity, my brothers, belonged to all of us, then there was the important choice of experimenting as Love far away from our Father and today, my brothers, this luminosity so intense is once again expressed by your hearts.
This is a wonderful light show and today I am getting ready to talk to you one more time while looking at this array of very brilliant colors.
Today you are aware of the fact that the light that you carry in your hearts talks to everybody of your Love, visible or non visible, the light that you emanate, you are now finally aware, extends beyond your body and your brothers are enveloped with your light of Love when they come into contact with you.
Just like you surround your brothers with a lot of light, so your brothers at the same time surround you with their light.
What does this mean in terms of exchanges between you? Can certain attitudes bring you light or even shadow?
What does this mean, do light and shadow influence you or another person during the contact?
Let's explain.
By light and shadow I do not mean the quantity of your Love or of the other person's Love, I mean the level of Love that you bring to the other person or vice versa.
You are all aware that you have a reaction if the other person brings a certain level of Love, or even sensations of joy, of openness, of happiness flourish spontaneously when in contact with a very high quality of Love and affection, why don't you think of your own influence that you produce when in contact with another person?
You are a lot more distracted than you think, ah, how many times can you describe the beauty of the other person and how many times you yourselves were aware of having transmitted your light, in turn, thus allowing the heart of the other person such a pleasant experience as affection or Love?
Brothers, it's important to put awareness also in what you transmit yourselves because you too send information at the time of contact.
During the contact it's your Love that speaks, your Love envelopes during the contact, your Love speaks of you during the contact, your Love transforms the other person during the contact.
Do I still need to explain to you that Love is an active energy that, utilized, has the power to transform?
Very well, you all remember very well.
The result of your Love, my brothers, in every single contact is one of transformation.
This is the truth, just like you enrich yourselves with the Love from the other, the other enriches himself with your Love. Why is it that many meetings represent an extremely important moment of your life? The Love of the other enriched you; given the same situation a brother can live an extremely important moment thanks to your Love.
Awareness is to always consider the enormous power of transformation of the Love inside each one of us.
Aware of your affection and of the Love that manifests itself through you, go ahead and also look at your brothers, an indication would be a smile from your brother, the smile expresses something, a sweet smile, always expresses the contact with an important quality of Love.
My brothers, a smile can give all of you awareness of having donated your Love.
We are all smiling next to our Father, it's not strange, but it's the recognition of the Love that He donates all the time to all brothers, to us and to all of you brothers and sisters.
Today, aware of the wonderful light of your hearts, go out, bring affection and your Love to other people and reap as many smiles as you would like to donate to all of those brothers who are crying with you, who are laughing with you, who face problems and solve them with the help of their brothers, go ahead and donate, today you are aware of your Love, a smile of realization that we are truly brothers, a smile that is completely influenced by your desire to change, through a focus of Love, every contact between brothers.
I will conclude today's message with a big hug, go ahead and experiment Love inside your hearts for other brothers and experiment the reaction of other people to this contact with your Love.
Aware of this transformation, it will be much, much easier to understand how at a certain level, the overall level, each one of us can Be and can represent a stimulation to Be even for your other brothers.
I say goodbye once again with a renewed big hug
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 2 November 2005
Title  Light Of Love Message Love Is An Active Energy That Transform
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