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General Energy Level Increase Of Love On Your Planet

General Energy Level Increase Of Love On Your Planet
My beloved and sweet brothers and my beloved and sweet sisters, continuing on with our last discussion, brothers, truly all of you have brought Love to your brothers, and what happened?
Despite the fact that just the act of existing on your earth and on our earth is always very difficult, given how focused you are on your job, on the countless problems that leave you with very little room to experiment your Love, each one of you brothers, has made possible for your brothers to experiment sweet experiences, thus allowing them to enter into contact with your Love.
In terms of general energy level, looking with my own eyes, the overall level, the level that sees all of us simultaneously, I noticed an increase of Love on your planet.
It's not as if all problems on your planet are resolved, but this is the right way to resolve them permanently.
Looking at our dimension, I noticed an increase of Love and I shall explain to you the meaning of it in detail.
With every gesture motivated by your Love, whilst from your heart your little light of Love lights up, from your physical body and more, you also emanate, how can I describe it, for example you know when you see a very strong light, like the light of your sun, when you look at it for a few moments, and then if you close your eyes you still see a halo? Well, this is an appropriate example to explain what the light of your Love emanates from your physical body and beyond the physical body.
This halo effect brings with it all of the traits of your affection and your Love, and those characteristics express themselves through the colours of this halo effect.
Even if you do not see this transformation of your Love through this halo effect, this is what happens to you when you mobilize your Love for others from your heart.
That halo, pushed by your desire to connect with that brother or sister, goes straight to his or her field, your diffused luminosity, luminosity made of energy, which is what you are made of. By embracing the other field a sweet reaction to your affection is activated. Your colours light up the same colours in the other brother and by activating them they bring you the effect of the Love from the other brother.
All of this leaves in the heart a sensation of sharing, which is real, even though it is invisible to the physical eye, this feeling of sharing in turn activates new affection and leads to a recognition of the other brother's Love and brings with it the possibility of the recognition of the other person as a brother.
This sweet recognition is a possibility that becomes reality if the Love expressed by the heart brings with it the recognition that you are brothers. As soon as this recognition of Love starts traveling to the other brother, it has the power to activate.
The recognition, therefore, that you are all brothers brings a new transformation because it activates the possibility to recognize yourselves inside the class of "all brothers". This possibility can be activated as long as it's thought about, as long as it exists in that brother and it's him who activates it in the recognition that you are indeed a brother.
Very many relationships stop at this point.
From the point of view of spiritual growth, this recognition of being all brothers activates the recognition of the Father as the creator of all brothers and it's right at this point that the thought of our Father activates the Father Himself who, with His great Love, sends His wonderful light of Love to all of his children.
All brothers are simultaneously enveloped by His light and the light of the Father activates down to the level of each single brother the possibility that Peace and Love on earth may be possible. So this is what is reflected when hopes are activated inside the heart of each one of his children and this light allows a very simple effect, feeling as if we are within the possibility of Being.
At this point you are able to understand that the individual gesture in fact does not only involve the people directly involved in it, you and the other person, but it involves simultaneously all of us brothers.
In the light of my discussion, brothers, do you understand that when Love gets activated it has a changing effect on us?
I believe now it is clear that even with a simple individual meeting, activating your Love and the awareness of that brother or sister that you are all brothers and children of our Father creates a growth of the possibility for everybody to Be.
And to Be is to shine as a Creature of Love.
Brothers, this possibility to Be is present in the heart of all of us children because Being was our initial status, it's our current status as well as our final status.
For us, reaching this awareness is the path of growth, the recognition of Being what we have always been all along.
Meditate on this message that I dictated for you because today, with the growth of your awareness, the impact of the Love that you carry with you and the Love toward all of your brothers, in every meeting, in every moment, will also doubtless grow. Acquiring awareness allows all of you to recognize yourselves more and more as an incarnated Being that brings his or her Being to the terrestrial experience and that brings his or her Being into the disincarnated experience.
Today is a very important day for all of us brothers, to truly understanding this concept is to give the simultaneous possibility to all of you and to all of us to grow in our awareness.
With tears in my eyes from this important moment that we are sharing now, I hug you with all of my Love, thus activating the Love of the Father, the light of the Father is descending upon you, stop one moment to feel it inside your heart.
"My adored children, may the possibility to always be Love descend upon you, my adored children, you were born from my affection, I created you with all of my Love, you are complete, you are Love, you are all Love, brothers, my children within the Love and my brothers, my children, of Love".
These are the words that the Father puts in His light, these are the words that the Father puts in your hearts so you can accept yourselves more and more in the Spirit, brothers, we are made of Love, we are creatures of Love.
A very big, immense kiss to you
Your brother Jesus Christ
Messages transmitted from the sky 6th November 2005
Title  General Energy Level Increase Of Love On Your Planet
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