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Experiencing Love Recognizing Oneself As A Being Of Love

Experiencing Love Recognizing Oneself As A Being Of Love
My much loved brothers and my much loved sisters, I come to you every time we hear your call here in Paradise, in every situation where I can help you, brothers, call me and in an instant I will be with you.
I am sad to think that you believe I am busy helping countless other brothers and that I have no time for you, because this is not a true belief, my help is there always and for everybody, my support is there always and for everybody just like the immense Love that I feel for you my brothers and sweet children of our Father.
For this reason, on the subject of what I just said, brothers, do go ahead and call me and in an instant you will find me next to you.
Experiencing Love is beautiful and it fills my heart to be able to help literally every one of you, because I learnt that only by giving my Being with all of my heart, can I recognize myself as a sweet Being of Love.
It's by donating all of my time, donating to my brothers, helping, rejoicing next to you, that I find recognition of myself as Love.
My dear brothers this recognition of Love is beautiful, recognizing oneself as a Being of Love puts a beautiful Peace in your heart, it gives great Hope and boundless Joy.
My brothers this is the fruit of my research into Being Love, a Being just like when I too was created, just like you, by the Father.
Experimenting myself as a Being of Love is beautiful, for this reason I thank every one of my needy brothers, because by helping them I can experiment Love. It's by donating that I helped my path toward an increased awareness of myself, of having always been Love and being forever Love.
In my eyes, when I look at you brothers, I see our commitment, with my eyes I see the Love that you donate, with my eyes I see the result of what was done for all of you by your Love and I think "Brothers, the garden of Eden will be full of everything that we will have built together with Love" and I think of the many difficulties that you face right now and you will face in the future and I believe that with ever more Love in the world the difficulties will greatly reduce in number, difficulties born from not understanding that it's exactly your Love that you experiment every day that is being tested, your goal to push yourselves sometimes creates only tension, but by resorting to your Love, your Being Love, your having always been Love, can help you eliminate these specific tensions, it can help you rediscover inside you the great Love that you have always been carrying with you and helping yourselves with calm to Be what you are, you are all just like me, sweet children of the Father, sweet children of Love.
It's by donating that you can recognize yourselves in turn as Creatures of Love, it's by donating that you can recognize yourselves as children of Love, it's by donating that you can recognize yourselves, brothers and children of our Father.
It's in the heart, that by donating, you can recognize yourselves, it's in the heart that by donating you can feel the sweetness and recognize it as a manifestation of your Being Love; it's by donating that you can feel in your heart how nice it is for your feelings to be touched as a manifestation that Love, that your Being Love, is at the same time active and activity; my emotion at having helped is beautiful because it's a manifestation of this Being Love that changed by activating Love even in situations you had previously deemed as impossible.
This is what experimenting yourselves as Love is, this is the recognition of being a Creature of Love, this is the joy, this is the hope that lights up the possibility of change for everybody and my eyes today are blinded by my hope in a possibility for change as the result of these messages that I donated to you and as the fruit of your recognition of your Being Love, recognition that activated in all brothers their need to donate and their need to walk your path on earth in the gradual recognition of your real Being, of your real Essence, you are Creatures of Love and really all of you want to experiment starting from this awareness.
Look at those brothers, they too are experimenting themselves and many errors are born just from the their not being aware that they too are Creatures of Love.
Do bring the messages that I donated to you to those unaware brothers, experiment by donating strength of change that comes exactly from the recognition of your being as a Creature of Love, born from the light of Love of our Father, in order to always be light, to always be Love.
And the messages are not exactly physical, meaning a sheet of paper, the message is your Being Love, this is the message that creates transformation, may you be light my brothers for these brothers of your who are seeking the light.
A sweet goodbye from me, once again today I spoke of my Being Love, the emotion I feel right now is beautiful, I gave you words to enable you with all of my Love to be yourselves messengers with all of your Love, messengers of Love for everybody.
In my eyes I see your faces, it's a great joy my brothers to have donated you today my Being Love, it's a great joy for me to have you as students in this discovery, in the recognition of your Being Love, recognition that is cementing in your every action or thought or project.
I say goodbye with a great, immense kiss
Your brother Jesus Christ.
Message transmitted from the Sky 9th November 2005
Title   Experiencing Love Recognizing Oneself As A Being Of Love
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