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Messages And Manifestations The Continued Research For The Truth

Messages And Manifestations The Continued Research For The Truth
My adored sons and my adored daughters, I want to donate today's message to all of you, as a sign of my continued manifestation of myself as Love for all of you.
It's been a long time now since our adventure began and I am happy, I am very happy with the progress that so many of you have made.
When the adventure began, you often remember, had generated many questions for you, now in the light of this continuous experience many questions have found an answer; you remember the questions as if it was possible to have this contact, now that you understand the breadth of the light of Love, you understand that these manifestations and other manifestations are possible thanks to the Love and the light of Love that we emanate toward all of you my adored children.
Now I am reminiscing, it's been a long time, I spent a lot more time amongst you without any actual manifestations, however these children of mine encouraged me to take stock of the great difficulty that is to live on earth and listening to your own hearts and I listen to your needs, and with my thought I manifest my great Love toward you, like I am doing today.
Of course, as a Father I would have loved to welcome my children without a need for messages and manifestations, however now I realize that many difficulties in reaching me with your heart are the result of the many years away from our Paradise and I feel respect for you, my children, your need for a constant contact, as much as possible with your Father and with Love, to feed your own great Love.
My children this message welcomes one more time the experience of many of my children when they return here next to me; now I noticed the reawakening of all of their Love toward all of us in their own eyes when they can see me, this pushes me to remind you my adored children that often it's enough to just give a little flower to remember me and there is no need for very obvious manifestations when all you need is just a little flower to think about me.
My dear ones, the manifestations, they exist especially to remind you of what the Truth is because I am so sure that today, on earth, people talk about the truth a lot more often as opposed than talking about doing things that are inspired by the truth.
All of you are collectively and simultaneously exposed to lies and not the truth, the lies are very many, lies in your State people, lies in the Churches and in places dedicated to Cults, lies that are so difficult to discern, that sometimes they unfortunately they become truth for many of my children.
Now I am talking about this because the truth is very important to build a society in your world that expresses your level of Love which, I assure you, is much bigger than you think when you look around you; the result of these lies my children is that you believe that selfishness between all brothers is greater than it really is and this only manages to feed new separations, more lies and many emotions that make you doubt the Love that is in the heart of all your brothers. It's not like that my dear ones, some of my children have very developed selfish interests, but they are a small percentage compared to all of you.
These feeling of diffidence and keeping distances between yourselves are understandable, but do revert this tendency, go against the flow, instead of distancing yourselves from all of these sweet children, you will notice that Love exists in your brothers, an imprisoned Love that is only waiting for an opportunity to express itself like the sun, accept my advice, approach with all of your affection and Love and you will discover how that heart will react to your Love with just as much Love.
This is why I have come today, to talk a little with you my children, to remind you that this immense Love that almost all of you have rediscovered, which is a forming part of your own Being Love, this Love that is not expressed by your brothers, is actually very much present inside them.
Get close to them my children, push away those lies that make you keep your distances, get close amongst you and you will discover together the sweet result of your getting close, discovering, recognizing one another in your being Creatures of Love.
May this message bring you hope and encourage you to always get closer and closer to your brothers.
May the light of the Father descend upon you, may my light protect you from falsities and start your continued research for the truth.
An immense kiss to you, my children, immense just like the Love that I have for all of you is immense.
The Father, his great affection and Love in contact with your beautiful affection and Love, since always and forever.
Message transmitted from the Sky 13th November 2005
Title   Messages And Manifestations The Continued Research For The Truth
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