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Lay State Or Not Lay State The Right Perspective

Lay State Or Not Lay State The Right Perspective
My loved brothers and my loved sisters, with today's discourse I would like to bring you in contact with the truth.
Many times, very many times we hear of apparent needs that belong to the Paradise; those needs belong to all of you brothers, who are now on earth because here with us Love ensures the absence of, or the complete satisfaction, of every our need.
We listened to the news on television, they all tell you that the Catholic Church has an argument for not accepting the lay state of your governments.
I am sorry but this is not fair, listen very carefully: Faith, believing, is something much more important than any organization that you give to your societies.
Faith is your Soul reflecting and learning, Faith is the acknowledgment inside your Soul of the truths of Love, available for all since always.
This is why it's important to understand that Faith is much more important than governments but this does not mean that importance is equal to desire for power.
Just imagine if our Father wanted to impose His power, I am sorry but Love is much more important than power. Having said that, it's right that power be administered in the interest of all brothers in their collectivity.
For this reason my brothers I am sorry, when I look at the many, numerous countries today, and I see that my brothers in many of those countries are suffering, they have great needs and the various governments are busy thinking of everything else other than to help the brothers who are governing.
Why a lay state? Many, a vast number of countries are governed in the name of religions.
A State's lack of religion is a choice of the individual States as opposed to a need for a better management.
And the State that declares itself a lay State is always an expression of the culture, of a religious creed or the inhabitants of that territory.
My brothers, for this reason it's not important whether the choice is between a government influenced by a religious creed or a lay government, what's important my brothers is the creed of all of the brothers of that individual territory.
For example, the existence of brothers who are very evolved in the Spirit can much more easily create governments that are very evolved and by evolved I mean government that truly embrace the many needs of those people who live in those territories, always looking for better solutions in accordance with international agreements but most importantly with respect for these citizens who govern, thinking not only of the immediate future but also of the consequences over time of each decision.
Evolution in the Spirit means evolution of societies.
My brothers, this is a very important point, your nature is your Spirit and the Spirit turns to the material experience of the planet earth, creating what the Spirit has achieved.
Religion or lack of religion in a State, my brothers, what meaning would it have anyway if we forget to consider your Spirit, your Soul?
This is therefore a false problem, so why is it that this problem keeps coming up?
My brothers do you think that the Church can really govern your territories? NO, this is not the choice that all of you have opted for and by 'you' brothers, I mean your brothers who were born before you, however this does not mean not listening to the problems that all of you have, however this does not mean not looking amongst the many solutions those best possible solutions in the current times and in future times, and this does not mean fighting a war just because the State is labeled 'lay State'.
This label is just what it is, a label, product of your evolution, outcome of your choices.
My much loved brothers and my much loved sisters, the solution to the forms of government is in the Spirit, Justice is in the Spirit, Collaboration is in the Spirit, facing difficulties lies within the Spirit, Help is in the Spirit and most importantly Love is in the Spirit, including all application of the same Love.
Brothers, let's look into this problem of religion or non-religion in a State by adopting the right perspective and my brothers the right perspective is that every organization always and only reflects the development of Love of the brothers in that territory.
Let's conclude today's message with another reflection, the lay State is often seen as an absence of Spirit, but brothers, you are completely made of Spirit, what lack of Spirit can there be when you are Spirit?
Can the lack of religion erase your nature?
For us lack of religion should be Spirit in action for the goodness of our brothers.
We believe that this is the right meaning to give to the term 'Lay State', with your heart you learn to be more and more Love and then the results of the growth of all of these hearts should find expression in the diverse social organizations.
I say goodbye my brothers with a very big kiss, my brothers we deemed it was important to reflect on what you are listening from your news, they say it so quickly that unfortunately almost all of you absorb it passively, without having a chance to reflect on it, not a second, and we believe this distorts the knowledge of your real level.
Again a big big kiss,
Your brothers Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 16th November 2005
Title   Lay State Or Not Lay State The Right Perspective
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