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The Recognition Of Being Brothers In The Truth

The Recognition Of Being Brothers In The Truth
My sweet and much loved brothers and my sweet and much loved sisters, today brothers I have returned to talk a little with you with much joy in my heart.
When I observe the Love that you express today, the joy that I feel in my heart is immense, the Love that I am now reversing upon you is intense, your hearts show so much light, so much Love is expressed in my own heart.
Right now my heart is exploding from Love and the colored light that I am now expressing from my heart has the recognition that we are all brothers amongst us.
This is the nicest feeling that I could feel as a brother because recognition, my brothers, is recognition of being brothers in the truth. Acknowledgment as a result of our constant being in touch, result of the truth of our constant exchanging affection and Love, fruit of your Love and of the Love of all of Us.
My brothers this acknowledgement is very important for me and when I look back in the past, if you remember, I remember many hearts that needed light to wake up, to be able to express all of their sweet Love, I suddenly remember moments while I was next to you talking to your heart with the sweetness of my Love, encouraging you to express your Love, experimenting your affection and putting your Love as a guide of your experience on earth.
It has not been a long time, however, my sweet and loved brothers and sisters, I have tended to your hearts which, once supported, have began exactly the sweet adventure of experiencing themselves just as hearts, carriers of Love for themselves and for others and for your entire world.
Now brothers we have reached the point where we truly recognize one another as brothers and we are conquering a full awareness of our also being children of the same Father, Love, as well as our being brothers
This acknowledgement in the heart, brothers, is born from the acknowledgement of the same Love as ours into the hearts of each one of your brothers.
My brothers, to help you recognize yourselves as carriers inside your heart of the same Love in every brother and sister, I will begin to explain to you, to teach you how to recognize it inside each brother.
Imagine a sudden danger overwhelming you, picture this danger; many people are in the same position of danger; think of what your reaction would be; you decide, despite the danger, to secure your own survival, you also think that you have brothers who are asking for your help, would you turn your back, and do you think that, just like you decided to help as much as you can, do you think that you would really be the only one to provide help?
Very good, very good my brothers, I listened to you and I heard many brothers remembering how many of them there are and they have always been those brothers who, in reality, in real situations of danger, have helped as much as possible and even forsaking their own safety to help those brothers who were pleading for help.
Your Love my brothers is easily visible, it's evident when a situation of danger creates a significant closeness between you, and even when the danger stops, this closeness endures over time.
Closeness is acknowledgment
Closeness is sharing
Closeness is Love.
Brothers, in this example I talked to you about a danger, brothers, why is it then that in situations of peace, of lack of danger, you put such great distances between you?
What is the meaning in adding distance between you if this distance stops you from experimenting yourselves as a brother among brothers?
At the beginning of our journey, admit it, how many of you really felt as brother amongst brothers?
Not many, actually very few; today, on the contrary, by rediscovering your Love, and experimenting your Love, cutting distances with your Love, getting closer, even without any danger or threat, you are rediscovering many more brothers who you often call brothers in your hearts, your mind will arrive at the point of pronouncing, verbalizing the word brother soon, the time spent getting increasingly closer to your brothers, the time spent discovering inside their hearts your same Love, the same great capacity to transform starting from Love, the same yearning or desire to be brothers between all of you.
May the example I just gave you guide you in your getting closer as a brother to your brothers and thanks to this approaching you are observing, my brothers and my sisters, how much Love was mobilized in every single life, when you will hear that brother speak of his Love, of how he takes care of this or that, listen to how much warmth he is sending you while talking of that experience, it's his Love that is speaking right then, the same feeling of Love that you know and that you are happy to have rediscovered so greatly in your heart.
Get closer my brothers, get closer to all of your brothers, by sharing you will experience touching your Love within the Love of that brother and the acknowledgement of the Love of the Father comes right through the acknowledgment of your own Love in your brothers.
Concluding today's message, with tears in my eyes blinded by the light of your hearts I want to give you one last thought: remember those times when many of you thought that there were only very few of you who were listening to words of Love and there were only very few of you who desired for this Love to be in the first place inside your societies, my brothers, do you feel the same way today? I don't think so, if you help brothers become themselves, aware of the immensity of the heart, of Love, it's because you are convinced of this and getting closer to them brought you to convince yourselves that there are many hearts out there which right now are beating just like yours, there are many brothers who are increasingly aware and there are many more brothers who are beginning a journey of discovery of their Love, of the heart.
I have your light in my eyes, my brothers this light is extremely intense and I hope that with my help, the path of all of you brothers will be much more rapid than what I could have imagined at the beginning of our great adventure.
With my current observation, my brothers I kiss you with all of the Love that I feel for all of you, my much loved brothers, my much loved sisters, inside your heart my same Love is pulsating, right now my brothers, let's all see each other as children of our wonderful Father, Love.
The Father is speaking....
It's with you children, all of my children, that Love has just spoken and told you the following from inside your own heart ... this is our Father, this is the Love that created me, I am Love because I am born from Love, I spent so much time in doubt of the existence of God, when all I needed was to look at Love from the first day of my life when I opened my eyes.
Today, however, conscious of this I can now recognize myself as child of this Father because my own Love is His and especially my Father is the example, He has always been example of Love for all of us his children.
My children, these words are spoken in your hearts and it's a great joy for me to listen to your words of Love to your Father, Love, Love is all that there has ever been between us and your awareness is making me understand, my much loved children, that this great project of my son Jesus allowed all of this and I am very happy, for you children, to rediscover yourselves as Love, the recognition of your Being Love is extremely important because it's taking place during your journey of life on earth.
For this reason my children I am proud of all of you, proud of all of my children
The Father
One last goodbye from my
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 20th November 2005
Title   The Recognition Of Being Brothers In The Truth
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