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Reflection Being Conscious Of Being Love Messages

Reflection Being Conscious Of Being Love Messages
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, it's fairly common for those of you on earth to experience moments of difficulty when you are trying to always Be Love.
For this reason today I want to help you with my reflection.
Brothers, I know that it's impossible for you to always think of yourselves as Love, but your Being Love is the constant reality.
My brothers, how many times all you need is a friend to reawaken your feeling of affection and Love in you?
Sometimes you need very little to recall your being conscious of Being Love.
Sometimes, in certain circumstances, it's not easy to recognize yourselves as Love in the person that is next to you, and who, through that specific conflict, has in his heart more of a tendency to distance himself from you than to come closer with His Love, allowing you, my dear, to express your affection and Love.
Getting closer and getting further away are therefore situations that allow to manifest your Love or the other person's Love, or can hinder that manifestation.
For many brothers, distancing means being left alone, with a lid on their feelings, waiting for events.
Many brothers have a tendency to distance themselves from the other person in order to question the power of the feelings that this person has.
Many brothers spend time waiting for encouragement from the other person before approaching them again.
Many brothers can even spend a few days without even speaking because speaking would mean making a change that was really brought on by the other person.
Many brothers question themselves while keeping silent with the other person as they pretend to ignore him because they believe that this change is not suited to their personality.
Many brothers put distance in order not to change, starting exactly from the feeling of Love.
Many brothers can not change because they speak very little of Love.
These are some examples of the distances that you live and that do not make it easy for you to Be Love.
And you sense a feeling of unhappiness, a feeling of defeat and sometimes even failure, you feel misunderstood, abandoned to yourselves, without any value, without any power to change.
Let's tackle these specific states of Mind, so great sometimes as to interfere with your own hope for a positive outcome.
All of you, at any given time, have the power to change every distancing situation by beginning to think that your brother is facing a sudden important problem.
What is the problem that pushes him to distance himself from you and from his own Love?
My brothers, often it's the personal power that is put into question and by personal power I mean everything that this brother believes is necessary to assure him all he needs; fears are some examples, for example that brother can be truly terrified to be left alone in times of need, many needs, from physical needs to survive to what he does as a commitment of work. The distance helps him externalize his fear of a potential terrifying solitude.
Many other brothers, through their behaviour signaling distance, have in their hearts other fears, for example these brothers are very afraid that the other person has the power to shatter many dreams that they had been harboring inside, putting that distance between them helps rekindling the contact with their own internal dreams.
Many brothers put distance because in many cases they do not understand the specific needs of the other person simply because they do not happen to be their own needs; sometimes distance helps them understand the other persons' needs and sometimes all it does is understand better some more of their own needs to ask for in exchange.
In every manifestation that puts distance there is therefore, my brothers, a manifestation of a problem, it's a search for equilibrium and a solution.
Brothers, the very fact of accepting the forced distance as a manifestation of a problem and the search for a specific solution allows you to look at this from a different angle.
I know very well that for you it's not easy to accept forced distance from a person who is involved with you on an emotional level, however this new vision, this new meaning of a temporary distancing in a specific conflict will help you give back value, help your eyes to this problem that your brother is having, instead of inverting the vision and experiencing internal impotence and alienation in a sense that you no longer recognize yourselves as carriers of that important Love that is in your hearts.
To recognize those determining problems in your conflict, observe very carefully the other person and ask yourselves: "What feeling was I experiencing when this conflict began?"
I very much have the impression that by doing this exercise, very simply, you will see clearly what you transmitted that touched, hit the fears of your brother thus causing the reaction of distancing himself from you.
As soon as you are aware of this chain reaction of feelings, do speak to him despite his silence and his distance, clarifying to yourself and to the other person the feeling that brought you into conflict.
I will give you an example to clarify this concept.
Amongst your many thoughts you find out that your companion has decided to take some time for himself or herself to cultivate a specific interest; in that specific moment your interest would like to free you from certain thoughts, but helping you should not mean carving out space for yourselves, with this feeling in your heart your reaction to the need of the other person can not be a very happy and welcoming one, and conflict immediately comes into play.
Discussion, distancing, suffering.
By doing this exercise you notice that your emotion were not exactly encouraging toward the proposal.
Now you can speak by explaining the reason for your reaction, my advice is always that of speaking from your heart of the feeling that you felt in your heart.
This way you will both take a step forward toward reconciliation and you will certainly find a better balance between your reciprocal needs.
Let's take another example, a much more difficult one to face.
Selfishness from the other person brings certain conflicts that are typical with power; in juxtaposition of power is often the concept of power as control over survival; why is power so important? Exactly because the fear for one's own survival is so great.
Fear for your own survival is not only terror of death but also and especially anguish for physical pain; it's an important anguish because you feel threatened at all times, and in every moment when suffering touches someone close to us, this anguish increases almost immediately at the thought of your own physical suffering. Selfishness is an attempt to eliminate this anguish from yourselves by addressing your loved ones with an attempt with every mean possible to secure a person who will do everything possible to keep your own suffering far away, as far as possible from you.
Sometimes selfishness brings people to make impossible demands and the frequent attacks and harsh tones only serve to put distance between them and the suffering which you believe will inevitably -and I hope this will not be for much longer- engulf the entire world, physical suffering but also suffering for a feeling, a Love, infrequently practiced in your world.
Just like physical suffering will be tackled, little by little, to ease the suffering for your brothers, at the same time, there are numerous brothers who are putting their own unconditional Love in the interest of the welfare of the entire world.
Let's conclude this message by adding a sweet hope for change.
Brothers, starting from your own feelings, you will notice that your conflicts, seen by the light of day, can be resolved, you will notice how your Love can put you in the position to eliminate distances and favor the shortening of distances and a new equilibrium.
Research and expression of your own Love, and always feeling able to shorten distances even in difficult situations. Love is very powerful.
My brothers I will leave you by singing a song for you that will bring you hope in your realization, in your project of continued experimentation and growth of your Being Love.
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted form the Sky 23rd November 2005
Title   Reflection Being Conscious Of Being Love Messages
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