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Unawareness Understanding the Conflict inside Heart Impotence and Aggression Message from God Father

Unawareness Understanding the Conflict inside Heart Impotence and Aggression Message from God Father
With the heart full of Peace and Love, your Father is with you again today.
I would like to continue to help you understand the many brothers who through their many journeys are still unaware of the great Love that animates them and very often exactly in their unawareness instead of Love they express non-Love; the outcome is destruction, the outcome is conflict, the outcome is an existence for many many brothers in environments where Peace, Justice and Love are forbidden.
I am teaching you this to help you always see your heart as your reference point, to listen to me, so you can change by helping one brother at the time elevate himself to the direction of Love.
Even though time made you avoid conflict favoring an approach of wait and observation, conflict is always present in a part of you and even though you now choose this approach as opposed to replying with aggression, the conflict is still present inside you too.
My dear ones, this conflict is merely repressed, and to solve it, to melt it away, to distance it from yourselves, it needs the help that I am about to give you.
As a Father, I understand many things, I understand homicide, violence, killing of many of my creatures just like I also understand the anguish poured upon one’s self which is cause for suicide.
Understanding does not lead me to justification, instead I ask myself “Why does that child have no Peace inside his heart?”
Of the many questions I ask myself, this is the most important.
There are certainly very difficult situations, but not everyone grabs a weapon to use it against other people or themselves.
Inside their hearts Peace conceded its place to shock, impotence, impossibility and it’s only from that moment on that the mind can conceive these situations of aggression.
In that moment inside the heart aggression becomes the dominant feeling and impotence becomes aggression; this is what happens in the heart and this is what determines aggression, the impression of moving away from this state of impotence, of aggression toward oneself, of oppression, of uselessness, an impression that overwhelms the mind until the final consequence.
I know what you are thinking, you think that every person has the possibility to choose whether or not to put into action any specific behavior, and this is true only if the mind holds on to hope, the idea of a possible solution, but for many it’s exactly this lack of hope and of an idea of hope that creates the root problem; and while for others the answer is one of hope and a solution, this is not the answer for these brothers of yours.
And if now you are thinking that these situations are important, however painful they may be in the end, but that they mirror only a part of the conflicts of your world, I would like to now invite you to ask yourselves “why would that brother attack us if he had the same Peace as us inside him?”
Conflict is painful for every heart, contrast is pain for every heart, aggression is painful for every heart, why, my adored creatures, should a heart in Peace want to experiment pain and tension?
Shouldn’t it be easier to share, to seek in the other brother solutions and nourishment within hope?
But if inside the hearts there is no hope, there can not be Peace either.
Hope for what? For example, hope not to be alone, for example hope to be in contact with good men, for example hope to be helped, for example hope for possible solutions for enormous problems that a certain brother can feel and experience, for example hope in the help even from all of us, for example hope for a meaning in the existence that we lead, for example hope in the meeting with many of you who designated your heart to be the Lighthouse of your life.
Hope that reignites hope.
Many people have no hope left and the absence of this hope brings the individual to defend himself especially inside himself, protect himself from disappointments that could bring to complete destruction of their own hope.
Now, my loved children, are you still feeling anger or compassion in your hearts for those people that are stirring up aggression from your heart?
In my opinion you should feel compassion, question yourselves, is your conflict so important when faced with a brother who has only drops of hope left in his heart?
When a brother creates tension think back to my teaching from today and if the opportunity presents itself to express your hope you will have certainly helped him and if there are many opportunities in life where you are not allowed to help, accept the fact that this help may not arrive from you, however where you are not allowed to help, another brother may be able to.
Through your eyes, situations of conflict even when brothers other than you are able to help, it’s only because they were allowed to help, your Love is not being questioned, what is questioned is the permission allowed to that one Love to express itself.
Sometimes I witness this too, as a Father of my children, do you think that I would not want to be the first one to help you? Permission given by many of my children, permission denied by other children, but I am inside you to reach them even through you when this contact will be allowed.
Just like many of you are paving the road, I prepare the opportunity, and my hope and your hope travel together, is it really important that if it’s me that is doing the helping as opposed to one of my children?
The hope for Peace in the heart of every child of mine is the hope that is guiding me and I notice that, as you reflect, you are also in agreement with me.
Let’s conclude today’s message with a last reflection from me.
My sweet and loved sons and my sweet and loved daughters, this is the time to donate hope with increasing awareness, hope that Love will always strive to help his children, hope that from your heart Peace and Your love will illuminate the hearts of your other brothers, hope that even conflict and other opportunities for aggression that you may feel in your heart will be pushed away more and more often by an approach of Love: compassion, a hope that over time in your heart you will the increasingly stronger presence of Love that I represent.
With Love
Your Father
Message transmitted 22 October 2006
Title Unawareness Understanding the Conflict inside Heart Impotence and Aggression Message from God Father
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